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[WIP] New Kind of RP

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I know I'm new to this forum, but I've done a lot of RP'ing, i was wandering if anyone has interst in doing a new type of RP, based around some of the D&D mechanics, that beeing one (or more if this gets popular) "DM's" who controll what the "obstacles" do or are, as well as controll what the players find on their journeys.


The general story of this RP:

In a war between a lot of different races, many died and their souls where taken by the demon lords, a group of surviors, mostly humans went into the woods, through the desser and over the mighty mountains, hoping they could settle down in peace in on the great plains. however, nobody had noticed they where beeing followed.


The idea:

Everyone who wants to join has to fill in a character sheet. With those sheets you can start building your own character.


Some features:

- You have an x amount of Ability points to spend yourself.

- You can choose x amount of traits out of y amount of possabilities.

- Forum actions will be preformed daily, each IC/IG day is cut in 3 parts(morning, noon and eve, the morning will recieve the updates of over night stuff) example: person x chops down a nearby tree and cuts it into (planks or firewood or something else), if you where to do this with someone else you can also have some interaction.

Note: Keep in mind what your character can and can't know, example player x who is mining in the mines, does not know what the conversation between player y and z was about who where chopping wood, unless this is tolled later in the village.

- A mostly player made story.

- A lot of ideas are accepted (example: new religions, new building for in the village, ect.)

- Possabilitys to add new people in the story

- A DM to keep OP(cheating) Role Playing at bay

- [WIP] Time-Reward: Idea of implementing Dice rolls as messurement for failing and winning, if you tell an awesome story around your action, you can either get buffs to your roll, or you might not even have to roll at all.

- Customizable spellbooks.

- Everything of your emagination can become reality in here.


NOTE: due to the way this is setup it is possible that some ppl will not be able to join. Some form of realism is here, and having a group of for example 20+ runaways and have them all survive is just not realistic. however, it might happen that there will be new spots open later on, for example as lown refugees who wish to join the village.


NOTE: This is so far just an idea. There has NOT been done any work on the character sheets, the Dicerolling mechanics and the basic setup. If you are interestes in this, make sure react and if there are enough ppl interested it will start.



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Ridaskadri, please don't necro-post (revive dead topics),  This topic was last posted in over a year ago.  Posting in a topic even a few weeks dead is considered necro-posting.  Thank you.

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