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I think I saved the file after the battle because it said that i need to continue with the party from 35 level.i have 1 saved file before but is one hour before.i tried with both:without patch version and with patch version.

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Hm, this problem came up once before and the easiest solution was for the person to copy a pre Act II finale save file into Act III and continue playing. That's certainly one option. If you don't want to have to replay the last bit of Act II, feel free to send me your save file and I'll see what I can do to fix it as well as Identify the problem so we can upload a patch to fix it!

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Make sure hidden files are checked off....If not go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View tab.

Under the Hidden files and folders click on the circle in from of Show hiidden files, folders and drives.  Close out of that.

Go to your e-mail program and enter the send to addy/subject and then click on Attachment

Go to:

Find out where the game is located.  The save files are in the game folder


Hope this helps

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