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Elementalizers:Elemental Dissonance

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The game is crude because it's my first game finished,so if you have bad comments,just leave....
If you have suggestions please do,It may help me in the future.But still thank you for those who downloaded this game!

Years ago before the modern civilization lives a mysterious race called the "Elementalizers".
They were kept a secret for such a very long time so that everyone could live with each other peacefully.But alas,the secret was revealed and they were treated as a threat.Anti-Elementalizers;the race that vowed to kill all Elementalizers,started to make their move and a war sparked.
The Elemental Spirits awakened and bothered about the war so they summoned the Holy Elemental to stop the war and it caused to materialize Elements into Magical Orbs.
The war stopped and the Orbs were kept.The Elementalizers,again,hid their race but the Anti Elementalizers are stillon the go.The Spirit foresaw the Void Elemental will rise and conquer the world together with the Anti's.The prophet that a Hero will be soon born and save the world from Devastation....
And there where the Game starts....








*Monster and Items Collecting Quests
*Numbers of Monsters and Creatures will ascend upon you.
*Different town to Stay to.
*10+ Dungeons to Explore
*Many Secrets to reveal
*Surprising Aftermath(Extra Storyline after the game)

File Size:
Main Game:12.0 MB
RTP:180 MB +
(Install Both)

Special Thanks to:
A Girl....

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Hi there!

I just downloaded this game tonight, and I'm enjoying the concept! There are some issues with grammar and punctuation that you can fix!


Also--when visiting the Mayor's house, you receive 5 potions from a cabinet in the kitchen. However, they did not show up in the inventory!


Items in the inventory disappear suddenly too! I don't know if this was intentional, but after I finished the water quest from the man in the kitchen, my remaining 2 earth essences vanished.

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I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I think I forgot to edit the link so I will update the game plus the Item Quest you're talking about really meant to vanish all Items if they don't meet the required number so you must bring all at once :).

Sorry again but still,thank's for the comment.


I'm a Filipino and I'm so bad when it comes to English but I gave everything I have to polish the Messages and texts in the game so please understand :)

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Has the link been edited? I can't be sure!


I think it was just that quest that had the issue, because all the other ones have been OK. None of the excess essences have vanished so far after that initial quest.


HAHA I am actually loving having all the characters on the screen at once! And the maps are very nice :D



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Haha I'm happy to see that you are enjoying the game so far!I wish you will enjoy more as you progress and Yes,the link is updated just download it and the errors found are fixed!Good luck at the game and thank you!

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