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Aveyond: The Lost Orb Build C [Revised Gameplay]!

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Hi everyone, I've made some changes to the first half of Aveyond: The Lost Orb to tighten up the story and reduce the amount of back and forth you need to do. If you would like to play the revised version of the game, you can get it here:




If you find any bugs, please list them in this thread.



Amanda :)

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Not sure if this counts as an issue, but...




After getting the "put leopold out of business" quest, that Gart guy just flew right over to that dark corner :S


Also, even though Leopold is still in business, there's a second Leopold saying that the bistro has closed:




ETA: After the cutscene of Lydia's coronation and Gyendal's escape, I'm thrown back to the Eldrion ferry dock? I was at the bridge near Stonetooth earlier before the cutscene started:



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Has the link of build C been updated yet?


I've been checking my mail and I think I might have got this game from here. Will see if I have some spare time next week to poke around a bit. :) Been a long time!!


Edit: Figured out that I have the game, but I bought it through Big Fish Games where I cannot even find the game anymore!




Edit 2: Nevermind found that I'm stupid, found it. Somehow I ended up on the dutch site... Anyway, any news on if and when they'll carry the updated game? Thanks a bunch!

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