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The Last Memento (Open RP)

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Hello~ This is a Treasure Hunting Role Play. It's open for anyone to join, just follow the RP guidelines and rules. The setting is in a Pirate Ship. I don't have perfect knowledge of the Pirate genre so help will be appreciated. Please bare with me. ^_^



(The below can be subjected to editing and refining as the story unfolds):



o You may enter only as a new crew of the ship.

o Joining as a "crew" will automatically put your character to the Labour Group (cleaning, errand boys of the ship).



Here's how the story will flow:

1. Signing up as a crew along "The Crystal Magpie" ship

2. Taking the Treasure Map from the First Mate





"Prison Oakley." He spoke his name clear and firm, leaving a strong impression on the recruiter. They called it "The Crystal Magpie", a relatively new (read: relatively newly stolen) ship from the English. It was an impressive shade of cobalt and black, with crystalline light blue lines going around it. Prison fancied it suited him well, as he liked shiny things as much as the next thief, and it seemed to promise loads of that.


But it wasn't the ship he was keen on---it was its Captain: Moody Mister Mord. He knew the name better than he knew his own.


"Prison" was an average word turned unusual name, as far as Pirates names went, but it wasn't his real name. No surprises there, since he'd been orphaned from very young. Forced to fend for his life---thieving and then piracy---he's had his fair share of the prisoner's life. One could say it was his home, even, though he would very rarely get caught recently and he'd like very much to keep that up. He did not like his would-be "home", his would-be "name" or his would-be "life". He did not like "himself", and it was all that Moody Mister Mord's fault. That Moody Mister Mord who abandoned him.


Though he knew this name better than his own he had no intentions of knowing more. Prison would kill this man, instead. He will take his life, take his ship, take his crew and take his treasure. This he swore by his code as a Pirate, nay, his code as a Man.


Character Information (Post #3)

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