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19 hours ago, moonpeace said:

Hey @kneeltogreen, I saw you on the Discord server. Welcome to AK :) Ooh, what's your Let's Play channel?

It's KneeltoGreen on Youtube :D It has other stuff than just Aveyond but my current series is the Aveyond 3 games (although, I'm not that far into the first game yet). As I just hit 100 subscribers I recently got a custom URL! :D [here]

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Hello! My name's Darwin. I actually found this site about nine years ago back when it was Amaranthia, but I haven't been on it for ages and figured it was a better idea to start fresh. My friend introduced me to Aveyond and I looked it up online - the rest is history!

I'm a college student from Florida, studying urban and regional planning. I'm really interested in cities and environmentalism and combining the two! I adore maps. In my free time, I like to draw, game dev with RPG Maker (XP, I'm partial to its mapping style), and play Pathfinder, lol. Other interests include Pokemon, Zero Escape, The Adventure Zone, and Dungeon Meshi. Mostly, though, I'm honestly just a dedicated student and a huge Aveyond fan who draws fanart in her spare time.

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