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Font Patch


Use this patch to correct your fonts if text does not show up correctly in Ahriman's Prophecy.


1. Download the patch here: http://aveyond.com/downloads/font_patch.exe

2. Put this patch in the directory where you have Ahriman's Prophecy installed. (same folder where RPG_RT.exe is at)

3. Double-click on font_patch.exe to run it.

4. Re-open game.


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I know this is an old thread, and if there is an updated version, please point me to it. I downloaded the font patch and followed the instructions but no font change in game. I've run the installer and it is in the correct location. I've tried reinstalling the patch and the game several times with no luck. I downloaded the patch from this forum and the game from the aveyond website. I've looked everywhere I can think to make this work. I am running Windows 10.

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