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Bite, kick, hug, kiss....etc the person above u :-P

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Ok you are all wrong:


1) Gyendal can attack and cast 3 spell and Curse of Despair curses and Zombie Touch berserks. 

2) I'm talking about charmed in Aveyond: TLO not berserk.

3) Gyendal can't stone. Unless he summons the grey toad which is impossible.

4) You put Galahad??? I'd rather put Ulf in battle because his attack power is stronger with the Istorm.  

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Actually it was nt in TLO. My mistake. In GoN galahad had the medusa sword so gyendal put berserk on him & etc. Well I did stone stella & gyendal 1/2 times which really helpd. Doesn't charm make berserk state?? *confusd*

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