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Yewtree Soundtrack?

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I saw this soundtrack on YouTube so I exlored the Music folder of the game a bit to locate it (yewtree.mid). But it does not resemble the YouTube upload at all. It sounds exactly the same as Peace3.mid and unicorn.mid. And to add up to that, I've played the game multiple times on multiple PCs, and I don't even remember hearing that track.


Why is that? If it doesn't appear in game's file system, why does it appear on YouTube, how did the uploader find it? How do I get the actual .mid file of Yewtree? YouTube quality is bad so I'd love to have it to render it as MP3.

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I have the same question as yours. But it didn't occur to me to ask the question here. haha...

No, the music itself doesn't appear in the game Ahriman's Prophecy though the Midi file is in the Music folder. And it isn't the same as the one in YouTube. Not sure bout it... maybe it wasn't meant to be in the game or maybe the composer / developer accidentally got it removed and renamed?

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