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Okay here is the plot:

One day, Azeal was going out of the village to explore out to the world, on her way, a cloaked man, ask her to meet him at a nearby cave, When she entered the cave, the man said "Please find and say to a Fortune-teller in Silverdawn Village, that Nemari sended you" As the cloaked man said this he disappeared into thin air, Well now she traveled a long road to Silverdawn Village, as she arrived there the village was in ruins, "What happened here?" She said. She talked to one of the villagers, "What's going on?" She said, "Th-The Demons stormed this village!" The man replied shaking. "Do you know a fortune-teller here?" she asked, "Sh-She was ki-kidnapped by them! She was probally taken to the mountain here" The man said.

"Okay, Let's save her!" Azeal said with excitement.


How to signup:

You must have a character made in this forum


And copy-paste your character here in the forums

This is an open RP for everyone!


People that signed up

None signed up yet, SInce it just begun!


My character!

Your Username: Rich_Wind18


Your Character's Name: Azeal


Your Character's Sex: Female


Date You Created This Character: December 31, 2014


Your Character's Class/Job: Master Ranger


Your Character's Species: Elves


Your Character's Age: 18


Your Characters Abilities:


1)Physical: Speed, Accuracy, Strength, Hunting


2)Magical: Lightning & Wind Spells


3)Other: Hearing, Using a bow



Your Character's Strengths: Adapting to her surroundings, Hiding in places, Hunting


Your Character's Weaknesses: Invisibility


Character was last edited on: 12-31-14

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I want to sign up.... :lol:


DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: It was today, just now   :lol: 
YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: hero for rent.(everyone with a good cause can rent her services, as long as its for good things)
YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: a mermaid that can walk in dry land.
YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: She uses water spells and ice so cold and strong that can put out any fire attacks  of any kind!  :lol:

a)Physical:Thouch of the medusa, punch of the hydra, Leviathan´s rath and Poseidon´s tale slap.
b)Magical:Soul wave, Mermaid´s chant and Ocean´s heart
YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS:Strong against water, ice and fire and air
YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: weak against earth attacks.

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I want 2






DATE I CREATED: 2nd January, 2015






Physical: Speed, Accuracy, Intelligence

Magical: Shape-shifting, telepathy, Invisibility, Elemental Spells (fire, water, air, earth)

Others: Using a sword & bow, sympathetic, honesty


MY CHARACTER'S STRENGHTS: GOOD DEEDS, Good at magic with or without stick & orbs (of course those mean something), Good leader

MY CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Dark magic (she's practicing resisting it of course!), Dreamy.


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Your Username: Specter


Your Character's Name: Specter !


Your Character's Sex: Male


Date You Created This Character: 25/3/2015


Your Character's Class/Job: Reaper, killing people, (if you pay the cost) mercenary etc.


Your Character's Species: Undead/Ghost


Your Character's Age: 1000 years


Your Character's Abilities:

a)Physical: Uses a powerful scythe, is immune to poison etc. and is afraid of light.

b)Magical: Can curse, causing the person to drain, curing himself.


Your Character's Strengths: Sheer physical strength and power.


Your Character's Weaknesses: Afraid of light.


Sent from my Aqua HD using Aveyond Kingdom

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Your Username: LHMH2015

Your Character's Name: Ryan Nate


Your Character's Sex: Male

Date You Created This Character: Today ^^ 

Your Character's Class/Job: Farm Boy

Your Character's Species: Half human, half sorcerer and a little bit of elf


Your Character's Age: 13


Your Character's Abilities: Can do physical and magical attacks and some other special attacks.

a)Physical: Can use a knife, bow, very stealthy and sneaky. Attack: normal, defense: normal, speed: high,

accuracy: mediocre.

b)Magical: Can use basic elemental magic and some heal/light spells.

c)Others: An introvert, sometimes stutters, love the color blue, sometimes hate being alone

Your Character's Strengths: Can resist to elemental magic and can dodge physical attacks

Your Character's Weaknesses: Weak to dark magic and high-damage physical attacks.


Character Was Last Edited On: 26 April 2015

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Is the roleplay will be available? Seems like fun! How long since I played a Roleplay?

May I join? Here's my character data. :3


Your Username: thha_luth

Your Character's Name: Lavinne

Your Character's Sex: Female

Date You Created This Character: May 06, 2015

Your Character's Class/Job: SpellBlade 

Your Character's Species: Noel (An elf which being cursed by demon spells, causing them to have child body with having tails and horns like demon) Refer to this link: http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Noel

Your Character's Age: 23

Your Characters Abilities:


  • Rose Blade: A blade that imbued spells with nature magic. A rose is shaped on the hilt of the sword.
  • Secret Sword-Bouquet Dance: Attacking enemies with gracefully using her sword. Everyone who sees it feel like she is dancing using her sword.


  • Divine Dance-Petal Storm: Cast a spell that makes storm of rose petal to attack enemies
  • Nature healing: According to her nature magic, she could do some minor healing by borrowing some nature power to herself or her allies.

Your Character's Strengths: Due to her small body, her agility is quite strong. Also cause of her thin sword like rapier, she could slash her opponent efficiently and could using flash techniques on her sword skill.

Your Character's Weaknesses:

  • Due to her small body her stamina is not too strong. She would be exhausted more easily than usual person. That would be make her lose advantages against an opponent.
  • A cockroach phobia (lol?) xD

Character was last edited on: May 06, 2015

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