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IndineraFalls - Laxius Power Trilogy

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Developer: IndineraFalls



this is a fairly old trilogy of old school freeware PC RPG games, with many secrets, unique characters and stunning length.

The english can be wobbly at times especially in the earlier games because the author (me) is not using english as a first language.


Laxius Power Forums:




Laxius Power I


Laxius Power is the first chapter of the epic trilogy of RPG Games. Introducing the characters

that gamers will get to play throughout the full saga.


Laxius Power has earned a massive recognition as an old school RPG (FF-like) full of side quests

and secrets.

7 years after its release, it is one of the biggest freeware game when it comes to

length and replay value.







Laxius Power II


Laxius Power 2 (Destinies) features all 4

destinies of Random, Sarah, Luciana and Coryool as they take courses to learn and become promoted into new classes.







Laxius Power III


Laxius Power 3 (The Final Terror) is the massive and spectacular conclusion to the epic trilogy of RPG Games.


More open-ended than ever, featuring 200 hours of gameplay, this new game is one of the biggest freeware RPG games of all.


In this new instalment, Random and his friends are engaged against ugly, gruesome creatures in atmospheric, creepy settings.


If you enjoy classic RPG like Final Fantasy 3/6 or Breath of Fire, you should definitely give

this game a try. On the other hand, if you're fond of open ended RPG with a strong linear feel like Morrowind, Daggerfall, Baldur's Gate or Might & Magic, do not miss Laxius Power 3 too! With stylished anime style characters, and huge exploration sequences in a vast world, this game should be a great experience.









If you haven't played those games already, I hope you will enjoy them. ^^

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I already liked the game by just looking at the screenshots.


I wanted to play it, but my computer suffered a sound damage that it couldn't run certain software or game very well.


Nevermind if its old school, just as long as the story is interesting.

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I like old school RPGs too. XD

Which is why it makes me wanted to play all these games made with Rm2k/3.

Which also reminds me to finish my long dead project that I left off due to college and all. T_T

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LAst time I played the third one it had a bug and when lucy`s party defeated teh monster it crashed i downloaded it agin but i had teh same prob i hope its fixed now ...

1 and 2 were great :D

althugh teh third really annoyed me because i had to play for hours and my game crashed not once but twice!!! :P:P

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