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Knitting is a mystery for me. I don't how to knit, let alone how it work. I just thought you just take a ball of yawn and move the two big needles and you will get like a scarf or something like that (I've watched too many cartoons). :P But knitting is kinda relaxing, I have to admit that even though I've never knit in my life.


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My hobbies are to make stuff tho not too much these days i guess

But before i used to make lots of stuff once i made a doll but couldnt finish up the face but mom sow it and got scared and threw it away ;^; and from that day on i stopped making lots of stuff and got lazy..


I also like to draw tho am bad at it.. but once i was good.. or so i would like to believe.. with practice i would probably be good ... maybe


I also sometimes write fanfics on my computer /never share them just writing them/ so that maybe i drow them as mangas one day u.u


Idk what else is my hobby..

I wanna drive super fast but idk a good place to drive and i wanna try a racing car but am too scared o.o


Hmm I tried knitting before but my fingers started hurting idk i felt i did something wrong

And no matter what idk how to finish it off so i gave up.. u.u




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I do a lot of things that requires handiwork, but I mainly draw. I draw and draw and draw and draw and there's never enough time :P


The other stuff include origami, knitting, crochet, sewing.  Sometimes I cook weird things.


I have the attention span of a gnat and I no longer can handle prose, unless it's REALLY interesting (I've taken a liking to Japanese detective novels and theology books). So nowadays the reading I do are mostly just "otome games" (dating sims) and manga. Particularly food/cooking manga.

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