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Unfortunately the links of the maps doesn't work but I do have the walkthrough of the game and I can put the map here, hope this isn't against the rules or I'm gonna be in big trouble XD, and thanks tiniponi for making this map. :)


And I advise you to have 4 party members. ;)



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First get the sunscreen and then go to Harburg. :)
For more detail:



When you go to Shadow Woods North, Galahad will join the party and he says we need to save Te'ijal. Go to the tower and you will have to fight 2 vampire, obviously they are too strong so Galahad kills them with stakes (I think you will need to have 1 or 2 party member dead for that to happen) and go up to the tower save Te'ijal, gives them the sunscreen and BOOM you have 2 more party members.  :)


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Ok here are two screenshots of the shops, please excuse my amount of gold (didn't cheat) and my well-dressed Lydia. ^^


(And I'm playing Aveyond: Gates of Night so the items on the tables are gone because I bought them all :P)


The shop is behind the donation box as you can see:




And the dynamite is on one of the table in the shop:




Hope you like it. <3

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