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agas draws things (fanart/original/everything)

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I'm making a new thread for my stuff because the old one is old and some of the codes are wonky because the new forum has a different HTML format. I don't feel like fixing the codes one by one, so I might as well just start up a new thread.


Also because I don't draw Aveyond as much as I used to do... One thread for everything is good enough.


So... let's start with FOOD ART


It's not really drawing, but... eh...




(Toyotomi Hideyoshi, based on historical depiction)





(Taira no Noritsune, from the game Destiny Ninja)





(Oda Nobunaga, from the game NInja Love)


'Cause agas sometimes cooks and stuff. Each takes about... 2 hours to make? That is counting all the cooking and prepping and stuff. The decorating itself is around 30-ish minutes at most?

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That is freaking so cool!!! I see you love ninjas.


It's like a drawing to me because it's art and it's beautiful. :D


Keep doing what you love to do. :)

Thanks!! I don't actually love ninjas. I prefer samurai, but the games both happen to have "ninja" in the title :P

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I'm practicing my soft-shading colouring in Paint Tool SAI:




When I colour pics, I tend to colour in a painterly style, so...trying to do one of those softer anime shading style and everything...


And more samurai...




Happy birthday, random samurai dudes!!


And more samurai...




I'm not gonna explain this, LOL. Just Google it.

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Will you post some of your Aveyond fanart? I have always liked that. For instance the alternative covers for Aveyond 3 or the Amaranthia guilds wallpaper. (I hope I'm not mistaking it for someone else's!)

Oooh, you remembered those! Yes, "Aveyond fanart" counts.


By the way... The newest Aveyond pics still show up properly in the "This universe makes no sense" thread, so there's still stuff to look at in the last pages. Everything else in the pages before are all screwy, so unless you have the patience to highlight the links and copy-paste them to your browser... it's better to just leave them alone.


I rather feel bad about posting old material, but since you wanted to see them again... 



(AV3 LOT cover styled after the Twilight novel covers. The hands are supposed to be Gyendal and Mel. Why yes, I painted the hands myself. Dunno how I managed to draw dirty hands like that, but I did)





(The Darkthrop Prophecy covers made for fun because I didn't like the official cover)




(Gyendal, Evil Queen Mel, Uma and Nox, and Yemite)



(The daevas as the Amaranthia guilds. Agas = Brotherhood, Saurva = Dragon Lords, Zarich = W&W, Indra = Enchanters, Nanghaithya = Druids)




(Some lulzy fake cover for a non-existent game about the daevas. It's not real. Don't worry about it. It's a VERY old picture from 2010)



(AV1 alternate cover just for fun)

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I love the RPG Maker VX samurai pack. Not sure why people got bored of it. I haven't seen anyone use that pack in forever. I mean, if you make commercial games, don't you have to do some editing and making custom art anyway? So the limited size of the pack shouldn't discourage anyone from using the pack. Does that mean the developers are lazy or something? Or maybe they're just too under-budgeted to pay someone to tinker with the samurai sprites... 


Anyways. I'm just here to drop some of my edits because I'm trying to make a game with the samurai pack and stuff, and I don't have a detailed plan yet so I don't want to make a development thread just yet.




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Oh, he does have many expressions. I'm just showing you the default face because you don't need to see the extra emotions right now.


And yes, it is. Haven't you heard of Singapore's iconic merlion? This is the monster version of it :lol:

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Rhen has muscles. :o


I am always amazed by your artwork. Keep up the good work!

You call that muscles? She's thin as a stick! XD

Old art anatomy-derp aside, well... yeah... even wooden swords are pretty weighty. Rhen should have at least some muscle after swinging them around for a year at Shadwood XD And since she got to use actual steel swords in the travels, she probably bulks up a bit more during the quest LOL :D

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looks really professional and realistic


Realistic? The two dudes from the above post? Definitely not! :P I'm glad you think it looks professional, though! Thanks :D


But if by "realistic" you mean the Lars picture, then that's a different case, LOL :D

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