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agas draws things (fanart/original/everything)

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Out of those 4 which is the easiest to draw? :D


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So... this shouldn't be a big secret or anything, and it should be okay since I'm not just posting stealable raw image...






I was the artist for the facesets and title screen of Midnight's Blessings :D

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What a marvelous faceset!


"The days are quiet beautiful, the difference is- past days can't be forgotten, future days can't be avoided".

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After a long time I'm beginning to miss drawing Aveyond stuff again... 

Here's Agas. 

As of AV1 (too lazy to draw armour):


Agas is half-human half-hellhound-shapeshifter-something demon (I should come up with a species name at some point...)

The demon half being Saurva. Complicated father-son thing. 

As of AV3: 


Long story, it was meant to be a fanfic, but I never got around to writing. But basically the daeva were just manipulated by Ahriman and once Ahriman is gone, they're let go. So they're just minding their own business off-screen in the Demon Realm during AV3 😁

I dunno if there's still old members who still remember the Old Old Old version of the daevas that I used to make... uh... around 2010-ish?


I don't know I ever got around to posting this Te'ijal. It's old, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the thread (or I just skipped past it somehow):


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Did a random Gyendal awhile back... 


IDK just felt like drawing Gyendal all out of a sudden I think his shoulderâs not right but oh well Replaced his lame shirt with kariginu-like attire, except with less huge sleeves.

And another one + Agas 


As previously mentioned, Agas is Saurva's son so... 


It was easier to draw 'em mostly human/elf-looking and super pretty but, well, to be fair they ARE "demons". 

Compare to the "old design" of Saurva LOL:

Warm up doodle before I draw other things The reason why I have a fascination on characters with wavy hair and hooked nose LEL⦠I designed this incarnation of Saurva based on Alan Rickman, and I donât remember if itâs because I thought he looked...

On 4/30/2019 at 7:15 AM, Queen-of-Ice101 said:

Aaaah awesome to see you back on the forums :D

These are awesome as per usual!!  I love the three daevas, are you planning to bring back the whole storyline you had around them?

... Wow, old message that I forgot to respond to 😥

Trying to write something with Agas at the very least. Writing progressing slowly just because I can't concentrate :'D 


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@LHMH2019 (Lemmy)

Yeah. The Agas that I first designed coming into the fandom 😀

I did draw him once a few months ago, but when I did the latest doodle I didn't have my old drawings to reference from so I just drew from memory, but as it turns out I cou;dn't remember a bunch of things so...  

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