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I remember the devas fan art and also some alternative Aveyond cover art you made, I think one of them was with Yemite (and now I see they're also here on the first page!). Great style, I have always enjoyed it also when you were posting them on the old forum. 😃

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Had a doub;e nostalgic moment. I was recently fooling around with Wizarding World (ex-Pottermore), and I found this old Hogwarts AU of the daevas. 

The old gnag are more or less entirely different people, so I did a quick sketch of the new cast's Sorting.


Nanghaithya: Has always been a sneak mad scientist, though he’s even more nuts now. In HP AU, he’s almost 50-50 Slytherin Ravenclaw, but he demanded to be put on somewhere that his cousin isn’t so he can show him up, and his cousin is Ravenclaw, so Slytherin he went. Personal hobby is raising an army of moving cacti as pets for some reason. ALSO WITHOUT HIS PURPLE HAIR HE LOOKS LIKE ALL THE ANIME FANARTS OF SNAPE I'VE SEEN ONLINE yeeeesh. But... that's really just what he looks like... sans the dreadlocks. It's a daeva thing so I got rid of it in this human AU.  

Zarich: Used to just be a dorky almost airhead kid. Now is also kind of a mad scientist, just in a different way from Nanghay. Far less sneaky, so Ravenclaw it is. Zarich is a Grim Reaper in my Aveyondverse headcanon, but that don’t work in HP-verse, so I’m not sure how to translate that... Divination? Oddly has a very strong investment in researching Dementors? You can't be a half-Dementor in the HP universe...

Tawrich: The idea was he’s smarter than he looks. In the original AV he’s literally a skeleton, so he’s mostly just chaotic. Now he’s more of a loud piratey sort of character, so off to Gryffindor he goes. Has too much energy, probably plays Quidditch.

Indra: She... used to be an animal rights activist for some reason. I'm pretty sure I was just being random. Now she's kinda a menace, and actually the sort-of-power-hungry one. Hence the obvious placement? As she can see visions I guess she's good in Divination in this AU. Probably good at Charms and DADA, and has invested interest in dangerous non-hex spells. I really have no idea how HP categorizes hex VS non hex. But I imagine she's into modifying benign spells to have unpleasant effects without going into outright "dark" territory. 

Saurva: Used to be 75% the reason why I made the HP AU a thing in the first place. His old design used to be based off Alan Rickman, and it was really funny to imagine if he was around in the actual story timeline. Now... well, not really. He was a Gryffindor for being a dragon nerd who wants to be a dragon wrangler. He still is into dragons. The only difference is that he's more obnoxious in this incarnation. He's a bit like Gavin in AV2. 

Agas: I honestly prefer to have the daevas all in more or less similar grade level. He gets to be sort-of Saurva's distant relative in this AU I guess. Old!Agas is a prat. I imagine he's somewhat similar to Sirius Black in some sense. Without all the pureblood baggage. This new Agas is mostly mild-mannered and nice... sort of, outside of the Ahriman business. That's an entirely different story. So Hufflepuff. Is it just me or does he look kind of like Malfoy, but not a snob though?

Aesma: So uh, way back when I don't have much impression of Aesma, even in my completely made up headcanon. Just that Aesma hates everything and is a bit of an elitist, so that's why I sent him to Slytherin. Now Aesma is... a she. And a bookworm. A very grumpy bookworm. Agas's tutor in the Aveyondverse, because Agas is the baby of the group there, but in the HP-verse they're probably just very good friends. 

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