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Seri Tournament Tips?

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I'm on the fourth round of the Seri tournament, fighting against Ravensong Starlight. How do I defeat her? I'm going to be truthful and tell you I'm level 99 with Masamune (I've played through the games tons of times without goodies, seeing how well I do with them :P), and I still can't beat her.
Can I also get some tips for Terrible Trevor, since he's the next one? Please and thank you. c:
EDIT: I also have the armor goodie, so all armored up.
EDIT 2: Wow. Right after I post this, I win. That's some weird kind of luck. I still need tips for Terrible Trevor though, please~!

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Oh, I mean her. Why didn't you defeat her??? You have max health, max attack power and defense. How much damage did she hit you???

Have you read my edits yet? I beat her pretty much right after I posted, and I'm now looking for tips against Terrible Trevor.




I've successfully beaten Terrible Trevor. "Thanks" for all your help. All of it.

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