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Ok so I've tried the free one-hour demo of the game and this is what I thought of the game.


*I really like the concept of running your own tavern and having to go out on missions to improve it. I also liked how your pet follows everywhere you go and gets to fight with you.

*The option of saving the game before entering the forest is a big plus because I know many people *cough* including me forget to save before going to fight.

*The graphics are amazing! The colors are vibrant and everything feels secluded, yet magical (if that makes any sense?). And I really like how the main character looks, so fancy~

*I think the forest music should be different from the tavern music, or unless they were and sounded really similar. The forest music should have a "be careful" or "get ready to fight" kind of vibe.

*When I first opened the game, a file was already open. It was 36 seconds in the game already and I was in the bedroom. So I don't know if the beginning introduced the main character or gave some type of background of everything. If not, I'd suggest that the character would talk, wondering where he is since he didn't know.


*Like EsmeAmelia said in another thread, walking is really slow and laggy. It was painful watching my pet fight without me lol, I easily died because it was going so slow. It's really weird moving and so is the background according to where you're going, and it's slow going to another room.

*I saw a typo when the character got his first quest of getting the first drink. The spirit said "misplced" instead of "misplaced"

*I don't know if its how the game is but no music was playing in the beginning. It only started playing when I entered the forest for the first time.


Yup this is my review, pretty lengthy I know >.<

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I started to play this game but to me it reminded me of Madam Extravaganza or Dark End - constantly going into the forest to proceed with the game - the characters moved too slow and sometimes the pets did  not fight or they got in the way - the scenery was beautiful and mystic -like- and the music suited the game - but it did not seem to have an overall storyline- really not my sort of game

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I like this game but it could be so much better. It needs the following patches:

1. I hate games that don't give me the option to turn off the music. No its not annoying unless you are playing for a long time like I do.

2. It also needs a minimize option. It also doesn't let me Alt+Tab.

3. The monster fighting is awful. Stop the nonsense and make it like a RPG because the pets and hired help die to quickly including the main character.

4. Speaking of main character why does the female look like a pale ghost. It would be great to have the option to design my own character or have ability to buy upgrades or different looks. By the way I also don't like the way she/he was snatched out of nowhere like she/he didn't have a life before and basically said you will work and live the rest of your life here. Make it more realistic. The old Tavern keeper should have been a close relative like a father and the son/daughter takes over.

5. A journal is needed to keep up with everybody and everything that is needed to choose a deity. I wish I didn't have to choose. I want to accept both it's a Tavern afterall.

6. I don't like the random pets. It would have been better to purchase and upgrade to a stronger pet to go on those "impossible" quests. Rather than buying high priced eggs hoping you hatch a strong pet which doesnt happen.

The pet are supposed to fight but I am able to level up and get more rewards if I kill the monsters myself. But I die quicker. When the pet kills them I get no rewards or level ups. Nor do the pet themselves get stronger.

7. To many quests and not enough Tavern managing I would like to hire someone to go get my items unless they are rare. I wish all the quests weren't necessary to continue the game.

8. If it's not necessary for me to hire everybody remove the "can I hire you?"

9.The controls for the magic abilities is weird. I mean keyboard letters "F, P, G, and C." Really!


So I had more suggestions than a review. Oh yeah fix the lagging between screens when she walks; it freezes for a instance and give ability to run.

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