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Wanda - Simply an Adventure

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Hello! It's time we become active in this thriving community! We like to share the progress about our upcoming game "Wanda", and indie graphical adventure game. Please check it out! :D


Proudly Presented By








Story synopsis


A short and simple, yet unforgettable tale of two wanderers on their adventure in search of the meaning of their existence in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.On the same quest, the two form an unexpected and peculiar bond as their simple tale of survival turn into extraordinarily gripping moments in this lonely place.



- A graphical adventure with a tangible storyline

- Light mini-games and puzzles

- Custom sprite art

- Fully-customised maps

- A simple yet touching story



The big one: Big-one.png The small one: Small-one.png











Fan art

By Winston KZT:10934011_846190985424061_718755545969493By Rick Winters: 10917283_10205839184800499_8471208315459









Please support us on Facebook:


Please feel free to share your thought about this project. :)

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My first thoughts upon seeing the poster(is that the correct term? x3x) was "OHMASGOSH THAT'S SO CUTE!" >3<


The bots look really well designed and the sprites complement them quite nicely. Two of the cutest bot characters I've seen in a while. If the big bot was any fatter, he'd look like Baymax :lol:  So which one of them is Wanda? Or are their names undecided yet?


Also, the plot kinda reminds me of a mix between Wall-E and 9; it sounds very interesting.


Looking forward to your game, and best of luck with development! ^_^

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It's.. it's.. "SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!" I can't resist this cuteness overload! xD


I am guessing Wanda is the big one (Since the big one is the main character I assume)? Looking at the scene, It reminds me too about Wall-E's scenery. Is the story about the earth in the future then? O.O


Looking forward to it, good luck with the game development! ;)

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Just looking from the first picture I already want to buy it. Now. Where can I get it??? :D

The custom artwork and sprite are very detailed and it's my favorite so far. I'm a sucker for futuristic things.  :wub:

Actually I think Wanda is the small one for some weird reason, maybe because Wanda is a girl's name and I think red is a passionate and romantic color for a women??? I'm talking nonsense right now. :P

Good luck with the game and I hope you can get it release very soon because I really want it. Lots of love from me. :)

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Thanks, everyone!

It's great to see that you all like the game so far! This is our very first attempt at fully-custom graphics! (^__^)~


And yes, Wall-E was one of our main inspiration! But we can assure you that the story will be very different from it.


As for bots, they will not be given any names throughout the game. It is up to the player to find out! :)


Please check out our website to keep updated! Thank you~



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That's cool, seeing that games of this kind are generally about 10-15$


Sent from my Aqua HD using Aveyond Kingdom


The game is going to be very simple and short tho. ^_^


We've made some progress with the project. Here is the latest screenshot from a scene in game. I hope you like it :)



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Awww... They are gazing the stars, how cute!!!


Sent from my SM-G360H using Aveyond Kingdom



Wow...its....its....soooooo beauuutifuuuull!



Omg its so beautiful and cute ♡

I wanna play it *-*



Sent from my SM-G900F using Aveyond Kingdom

T-Thanks for the support! :D


Here are the latest screenshots! Please enjoy :D







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