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Just Survive!

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Just Survive!!

An Arcade,Survival,Rouge-Like(Or is it?) RPG Game!From the Greaper Games!



Stranded in a Deserted Island?Don't know what to do?!Don't just stand there!

Do some thing!Start Scurrying Resources!It wont walk right for you you know!

Plant Crops!Chop Trees!Mine Ores!Do all of that before the dangerous Dark





Randomly Generated Map and Resources!



Crafting System!



And Cooking too?!



Time based as well?!There is Dusk!


Dark and Dawn!Ang all back to day!




Just Survive!Come play now!


Game Links:

Without RTP:http://www.mediafire.com/download/b9edhye8kw2ruly/Just_Survive.exe

With RTP: https://www.mediafire.com/?h1ipij2g0n0ehn1


Special Thanks to:

CP's Random Dungeon Generator Script (Made everything possible!Thank you so much!)

MOG's Pickup and Throw Script (Made my game even better!Thanks!)

Tsukuhime's Random Event Position(Thanks!Your a Life saver!)

Raizen's Lune Ultimate Anti-Lag!(Done so much!Thank you!)

Mr. Bubble Crafting System Script!(Another Life saver!Thank you!)

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