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darkthrope games

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i have all the original darkthrope series and am stuck on all of them cannot figure how to get to any of the keys in the twilight lord or gates of night and keep dying in all fights in the orbb on elerion island what am i doing wrong




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First of all, I am kinda confused of which game are you questioning? Is it Lord of Twilight or Gates of Night?

If it is about quarter keys you are talking about, refer to the link here: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7037-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr/?hl=keys#entry190800

And do you mean the Final Battle in GoN? If so, refer to this link you'll find strategy about how to beat the boss: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14688-near-the-end-who-should-i-take-into-last-battle-with-me/

Next time if you wanna ask something about the game, kindly posts in the place it should be. Thank you, hope that helps ^^

Here's the link for each Aveyond game's forum if you couldn't find it lol.

Aveyond 3-1 Lord of Twilight

Aveyond 3-2 Gates of Night

Aveyond 3-3 The Lost Orb

Aveyond 3-4 The Darkthorp Prophecy

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