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Azura's AV1&2 (for now XD) Art Gallery .:。* .

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Hello there! I found this old account back and decided to reopen my gallery.

I'll update on #1 and the newest comes the first.
I'm also willing to do art for RPGs! If  your're interested, do contact me.
Have a seat, lay back, enjoy! \(●°∀°)/
Didn't see lots of AV2 fanart around, so I decided to post a few of mine here. ^ ^ I used to post them in the Collegium where fans could share fanart, fanfic, all sorts of things, at the old Amaranth website.
Here are Iya, Jack and Nicolas.
1414130283094501877.png 3850296206525324173.png
Oh and before I forget, here's a quick sketch of Dameon! (^ ^ 人)
Not sure if the links work out well. Let me know if you spotted a broken one! Thanks! (X
Lars5-2.jpg?ssl=1 %E8%8D%89%E7%A8%BF.jpg?ssl=1
Another doodle of Lars. I’ve always imaged a giant painting of Lars looking all dashing and pompous, hung on the wall in one of those spacious basements of their house, for his descendants to look up to. LOL Hmmm... I don’t know about his nose though. I couldn’t figure out the perfect shape yet.
A doodle of Lars I made waaaaay back ago. Yep that's the kind of expression you would expect him to have XDDD
And below are some earlier fanart I made for AV1&2 characters. ^ ^
Feel free to browse too if u like! ❤️
Chibi Te'ijal. I personally like how the gel-ink pen gives her some sort of blue, cursing-ish glow. lol
Chibi Dameon. 
kira kira Lars 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。
Rhen <3 in her ball gown holding her magic stick haha!
Loli Rhen ♥
I've been a loyal fan of Lars since forever XD. This pic is honestly my beginning of doing all kinds of fanart, not only those of AVE series.

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@moonpeace Hehe! Lars practically made history by — other than defeating Ahriman together with the hero party — being incredibly beautiful lol I'd say he's the star boy of Aveyond series (; 

Glad you like these stuff! ❤️ Thank u!!

(Btw, do u happen to know how to insert hidden content in a post? I wanna put those earlier drawings in a hidden content box... to help people not get distracted by them, hopefully XD)


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@BlackPrincess I remember the old Amaranth website and there was this Collegium (?) place where fans shared fanart, fanfic, etc. I spent quite a lot of time hanging around back then! XD What characters are you fond of btw? (: Lars would be my all-time-favorite, except that Edward is slowly gaining more and more of my attention XDDDD

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It was called the Collegium ^^

I just saw the Aveyond 2 fanart and oh my gosh, the world needs more AV2. Iya and Nicolas are some of my faves from the whole series so I'm really glad to see them!

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