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Characters, Aveyond.

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Cute girl, look her cheeks, nose and her mouth, wears a ribbon top of her hairs. Smooth black hairs. Green coat have a white top under it. Looks perfectly like a thief but cute.


Her descendants were sorceress, she had to become nothing. In the darkthrop prophecy, finally, she have the blood of magic. Enough. She is tough, cute, retired theif, mage, she broked and used all the orbs. Finally she saved all the world with her funny but helpful friends.


She had the choice of ruling the world, but she didn't. After all she is that kind.





Stella had been her best friend from the LoT to the whole life, known she doesn't helps in the TLO, she was unsure of it is just a trap or the really the Orb of Death does exists. She have been her best friends for life. She helped her in every moments. She thought trap in the TLO. But, she had found some another friends replace of the Stella and guys. She and Stella have a very fantastic and awesome relation.



Unknown of what will happen, Edward goes to help Mel, he wants to become her friend, he became her friend, then he saved the world together with the Mel and party. He can be the life partner of the Mel, if she chooses, so. They have very closer relationships.



A vampress from Ghed'are, who was bored living in the dark areas without adventures. She saved Mel from the Gyendal's trap. Gyendal is her brother from Ghed'are, too. Mel and Te'ijal have a nice relationship. Though, Te'ijal calls her rabbit, lamb, etc--, she and Mel are very closest friends. After all, she saved the world too, even she is a vampress.



Mel and Galahad have no special relationship, he saved her going on the demon realm and fighting the demon. He helped the party to saved the world from the Gyendal and the Mordred Darkthrop.



Mel and Ulf are good friends, she rescued him from the cage. He joined the party and saved the world from Gyendal and Mordred Darkthrop. He and Mel are nice friends.



She and Yvette are nice friends. They don't talk so much together but, she helped them to get the Orb of Death. Mel likes to say she has a dangerous kind of fun. Mel and Yvette are good friends in the Aveyond; The Lost Orb and she helped in defeating Gyendal.



She and June were not too good friend at the first time they met. Mel thought she is a irrational child and doesn't mind taking her. After knowing her secrets of the magician, she needs her to open the door in the sewer to know the secrets of the Orb of Death. They become nice friends and she helped Mel finding Orb of Death and defeating Gyendal. She got the magician card after defeating Gyendal.



Spook helped Mel in very things and puzzles to win her heart. Mel thought he likes her. They were very closest friend. But, at last, known, he was actually Gyendal. They had to battle him without Mel. He had failed Mel from battling.



She is a darkling from the Underfall, a city of darkling which false prophecy said it will the capital of the Dark Empire. Yemite thinks Mel as her Queen of the Dark Empire. To rule the world. She is not that bad. She do every command what Mel says. She helped Mel in the Demon Realm and Stella in the real world. She and Mel are friends but not that enough.



Uma is the future daughter of the Mel and Edward (if they marries, so), or Lars. Uma was sent by Oracle to help Mel in the Demon Realm. She is a kind girl opposite of her twin sister, Nox. She wears everything white and eyes are light blue. She is unpleasant of the Nox's nature. And she wants to turn her into good. She helps Mel in the Demon Realm.



Nox is the future daughter of the Mel and Edward (if they marries, so) or Lars. Nox was sent by Oracle to help Mel in the Demon Realm. She is an evil girl opposite of her twin sister, Uma. She wears everything black and eyes are light blue same as Uma. She loves playing pranks on Uma and wants Mel to rule the world. She wants Uma turns into the side of badness. She helps Mel in the Demon Realm.



Mel hates Lydia. As Lydia hates commoners and Mel hates nobles. They don't have matches. Lydia joins the party at GoN to find and break the Orb of Light and use the Orb of Life and break the Orb of Darkness. Lydia defeat Gyendal in a battle. She uses Gyendal in the later game to rule the Thais only herself. She was successful. Then, Mel cages her in the Underfall and the Thais and later Orc Prison.



She have bitter relationship with Gyendal as it is the second main antagonist. He became Spook to win her heart and reach the Orb of Death, but he failed and Mel broke the Orb of Death. She broke all the three, Orb of Darkness, Light and Death and used the Orb of Life. Gyendal then planned to make Mel rule the world as rebirth as a real Darkthrop girl. He failed every time and went to the Demon Realm.


Mordred Darkthrop.

His descendant who was alive and used Mel to rule the world on his own. He was in the Demon Realm which Gyendal rescued him. They finally defeat the Mordred Darkthrop and saved the world and brought peace again in the world.


Tunsten and Rayina Darkthrop.

One of his old descendant. Who defeat Mordred but didn't full. He was sent to the Demon Realm. There is no special relationships with Mel.


She saved the world from the Mordred Darkthrop.




"The days are quiet beautiful, the difference is- past days can't be forgotten, future days can't be avoided".

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