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Here's my story.



"So, Rhen, how are you this morning?" Rhen rolled her eyes. Lorad was sweet talking again. "Master Lorad, I already told you, I'm not helping you to woo out Mistress Ghelda!" But Lorad was really resistant. He begged and pleaded. To a student! "Rhen, you're my only hope! YOU know how I feel about her. And the school Prom is coming up too!" "Prom?! You have Proms here?!" Rhen stared at him. "As a matter of fact, yes. You are going too aren't you? I need you to supervise me! How many times have I saved your neck? You owe me!" Lorad was whining. Rhen looked over her shoulder. Could there be a student lurking behind the door of the empty classroom?


"Okay, okay. I'll help you. On one condition." "Name it!" "Hmm two conditions. One: Get me a date too. Two: Don't put me in detention - EVER!" Rhen exclaimed. Lorad groaned. The things you do for a date!





"Thank you, oh thank you!" Lorad couldn't be more happy. "My deal?" "Yes, yes, here is the boy." Rhen couln't believe her eyes. In front of her stood a green haired boy. Wearing a sorcerer's robe. LARS.



Lars didn't know what to do. He stood nervously before his big time love. Rhen Darzon, sword singer. "Lorad, you got Lars?!" Rhen was shocked.

"The best I could do. Well, Lars, how about I go and leave you ALONE?"

"I'll get you for this," Rhen muttered.





Rhen looked beautiful.She had let her hair down. Every boy abandoned their date so they could see the lucky one. And there, beside her stood Lars. The 'couple' walked to the dance floor. The song suddenly switched to a romantic, slow song. Lars pulled Rhen really close to him. "Hey!"

But he couldn't resist, The song was perfect for the occasion. He had to tell his feelings.

"Rhen I have something to tell you. I...I...I...L-lo-love....somebody."

"Who is that?"

"She's beautiful and she's got....purple hair."

"ME!?!?!?! You more like hate me!"

"No I don't. I love you."


Rhen was astonished. Dumbfounded. Lars loved her.

But then....A soft warmth pressed against her lips. There and then, she did not feel anger. Or vicousness. She felt bliss, happiness, love. When they broke apart, four words escaped her lips. "I love you too." And she meant it.

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It's very nice:)

But it's parody... Then Lars can laugh at Rhen and say he

bet with his friends and it's only joke and his truly love is Pirate John :)

i want to write something but i so bad in english :/

But I like your story :) it's so romantic... Mmm:)

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thank you. i know lars is supposed to laugh at rhen but i wanted a twist. like the oracle being evil. thank u soooo much iron maiden! anyway, the inspiration is from different stories, not just one. so thats how it made it a little more interesting. for me atleast. lorad was funny wasnt he?

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Yes, Lorad is very funny :) I never thought he can be so lovely :D I wonder he date with Ghelda or not?

Lars is so cute and romantic... If Dameon see it he will broke his staff and kill yourself ;]



My nickname sound stupid, I know :) But I like it, anyway.

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yeah i liked it. its not stupid. it's unique. and a bit weird, but its nice. and yes, in my next story, lorad is gonna date ghelda. and in the next one dameon will join. i am imagining his face....too funny! and my nick is a bit weird too dont you think? well i love sparkly things. A gemstone will be perfect for a name. but ppl say my eyes get misty and im too.......u know wat i mean. head in the clouds. diamond-mist. thats how the name got invented.

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Elini gathered Rhen, Lars, and Pirate John at her tower in Veldt. Over her pink diamond-encrusted intercom, she summoned all of her husbands into the living room.


"Don't tell me I have to join them," said Pirate John. "I am NOT singing 'The Sound of Music' to you again, especially in front of these people."


Elini gave out a tingly laugh. "No, not this time, dear. Maybe tomorrow. Today, I will tell you the reason why I married all of you."


"So we could all clean, cook, and work for you."


"So you could all be extras for Veldt's newest smash hit stage show, starring me. Note that everybody, including you, is wearing matching purple sequin outfits, all designed by the famed seer Talia Maurva. My husbands are quite athletic, suited for dancing a long time."


"THAT was why you threatened me with a giant Ahriman plushie unless I didn't wear that dumb dress!"


2 hours later


Pirate John and Elini's other husbands shyly lined up on the rocky stage, constructed with Lars's magic. They linked arms and began doing the can-can. A few minutes later, Elini herself gracefully lifted the curtains, revealing a golden evening gown, and a hearty plate of fruits and vegetables atop her head. She swayed from side to side, a pleasant finale to the Isles' best attraction yet.


Even better than the broomstick rides offered by the witches of the swamp, or getting blown out of a giant teapot by talking cats.

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Lars decides to help Rhen with her quest. And Rhen defeats Ahriman. But then Lars turns evil. Before Rhen can use the sword of shadows on Ahriman, he takes all his powers and uses his powers to kill Pirate John and Mad Marge when no one is looking. He then tells everyone that Ahriman killed them. But he has an evil plan. He wants to kill the oracle but before killing her wants to absorb her powers and then rule the world. But he knows he has no hope against her alons. So he devises a plan in which he will take the love potion from Elinis bag and pour it on Elini, Rhen and Teijal and using their powers combined with his, he will kill the oracle and be the supreme ruler of the world

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Rhen and Lars were alone in the Penninsula. Dameon, was going to take a shower, because the party was complaining he was smelling terrible. And along with it, new clothes. His robe was like Michael Jackson's from '80.


"So, have you watched pokemon lately?" Lars asked stertching his arms.


"No, I was busy with Blood +, now seriously, that girl copied my hairstyle!" groaned Rhen looking at the sky.




"Lolz why?! What's so funny?! I tought we, people from Aia, we can't speak so. o_o"


"Rhen," Lars said pointing his shoes. "GO CLEAN OFF MY SHOES!"


Before he could something else, Rhen kicked Lars's ass to I-don't-know-where.


"YOU @#$%^!!!"


"GOOD WAIT FOR MEHH!" Lars yelled in the sky opening his arms.


(Kinda werid, huh? XD)

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Story Continued

On the way back, Lars asks for Elini's bag because he wants to drink some water. He takes out the love potion and keeps it in his pocket. Lars then decides to torment the oracle by putting the love potion in front of her and killing her. They reach the sunshrine and the oracle comes forward. He then realizes that Ahriman has duplicating powers and now he has so as well. He duplicates the love potion and pours it on Rhen , Elini, Teijal, Daena, Eithera and Talia. They all become admirers and servants of Lars. Lars commands them to kill the oracle. Rhen cast Shadowsong, Elini summons Aesma, Teijal bites the oracle and the druids unleash their full power. The oracle is weakened and Lars takes her powers. He then kills the men and other druids. He orders his slaves to give their powers to him and kill each other. With this power, he destroys the sunshrine and sets out to rule the world

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First, Lars goes to Veldarah where he takes over Shadwood Academy and creates an army of sorcerors.He then goes to Halloween hills and promises the vampires human blood of Sedona for help. The vampires agree and wipe out the witches. Lastly, he takes over Ghalarah.Lars now has complete control of the Eastern Isles and prepares for an attack on the Western Isles. Hector from Thais decides to betray Lars. But Lars finds out and he follows him to Thais. He goes to Thais alone and uses Absolute Zero to kill the guards. He then uses Annhilate and gets to the time masters. Before impaling the time master, he absorbs his powers and makes the town age. With this done, Thais becomes dead and Lars has to face no problems from them. He also kills Hector before he can warn the isles about the attack. Lars now has a few years to create an army and become the supreme ruler. Little did Lars know that when he consumed Ahriman's and the oracle's power, he came under their control. And now that the oracle and Ahriman were fighting Lar's mind went crazy. He killed himself and Master Lorad took control of the army and prepared to attack.

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Hm.. Quite some update. I wonder if I should continue mine


Rhen walked out of the library and went straight to her Hentai Group's secret hideout, which is in the storage room right next to the principal's office.

Lars came in a while later with a pile of porn magazines and handed one out to each member.

The model cover of the book was Elini, one of the current top models. For a while, the members were so busy admiring her that they (almost) forget that next to them was the principal's office.

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Okay, so this isn't exactly mine... It's sent to me by gamefan. So gamefan, if you don't like me posting this, tell me and I'll get rid of it.



It all stars when rhen and her group are going to the dreamland to find the dreamers tear.


They enter the dreamland


Rhen: hey guys why don’t u go left to see if there is anything that we can use to defeat Ahriman and I’ll go right to find agas and the dreamers tear.


Dameon: but how do u know that agas is in the dreamland guarding the dreamers tear?


Rhen: because your mother Talia said so.


Dameon: oh right. I’ll come with u then


Rhen: no! I mean no I can do this alone it my prophecy right.


Dameon: fine. But don’t die :D


Rhen: don’t be stupid Dameon I won’t die I’m stronger than u


Dameon: whatever


The group sets off to go left and rhen heads right towards agas


Rhen gets to the castle that agas is in, he is standing in the middle of the room, rhen runs up to agas and hugs him.


Agas: rhen! I have been waiting to see u


Rhen: me to


Unaware that the rest of rhens group are just about to enter the castle following Dameon. Rhen raps her arms around agas and kisses him.


The group enter the castle.


Dameon: RHEN!


Rhen jumps back in surprise.


Rhen: Dameon, why are u here, i told u that i would be fine


Dameon: oh yer i can really see that you’re fine


Rhen: no it’s not like that, i am fine


Dameon: what has he done to u, did he put a spell on u or something, tell me rhen tell me.


Rhen: no!


Dameon: well im putting one on him


*sun fury*




Rhen jumps in front of agas and gets hit by dameons sun fury.


Rhen fly’s across the room hits the wall and lands on the ground.


Everyone runs over to rhen


Agas and Dameon both get on one side of rhen and get on the ground next to her. The rest of the group stand behind Dameon.


Dameon grabs rhens hand.


Dameon: rhen! Rhen! Rhen! Wake up rhen.


Agas grabs rhens other hand.


Dameon: don’t touch her.


Agas: hey i didn’t do this to her it was u that did this.


Dameon: yer so but i can heal her.


Dameon heals her. But it doesn’t work.


Dameon: why is this not working, i can heal everyone else but rhen?


Agas: because can’t heal someone that u love without a great sacrifice


Dameon: that can’t be right. Let me try again


Dameon tries to heal her again but it doesn’t work


Agas: move over shortie, let me try


Agas tries to heal rhen


Elini: i think its working


Rhen wakes up


Dameon: what how can u heal her but i can’t


Agas: because i made a great sacrifice


Dameon: oh yer like what i don’t see any thing important disappearing


Agas: i gave up my life for rhens


Rhen: what! No! You can’t! Why?


Agas: because i love u and i want u to live


Elini: awwwww how cute


Everyone look at Elini


Elini: what it is cute


Rhen: no u can’t die


Agas: i have to i....


Agas falls over backwards


Rhen: no! No! No! Noooooooooo! You can’t die agas i love u, u cant die


Rhen starts crying and puts her head on his chest


Dameon: rhen


Rhen: no Dameon this i all your fault


Dameon: no rhen it’s not my fault


Rhen: oh yer then who’s fault is it, just don’t talk to me


Dameon: but rhen


Rhen: no Dameon just leave me alone don’t talk to me


Dameon: fine


Elini puts her hand on dameons shoulder


Elini: you know what u have to do


Dameon: yes i do but im not going to


Elini: why not?


Dameon: because u heard what rhen said to me she wants to be left alone


Elini kicks Dameon in the leg


Dameon: owwww fine ill do it


*revive exortra*


Rhen moves her head of agas


Agas stands up and rubs his head


Agas: owwww what happened to me


Rhen stops crying turns around to Dameon


Rhen: Dameon thankyou but why, i said all of those things to u


Dameon: because it was the right thing to do


Rhen: thankyou


Dameon smiles at rhen


Rhen: AGAS!


Rhen jumps on to agas pushing him against the wall and kisses him


Dameon: rhen we have to leave now


Rhen: no! We can’t leave yet


Elini: he’s right rhen we do have to go the priests might get suspicious


Rhen: ok then let’s go


They all walk back to the middle of the room and say goodbye to agas then they leave. Rhen is at the back of the group with Dameon. Rhen stops walking


Dameon: rhen we have to go


Rhen: i know but we forgot the dreamers tear


Dameon: oh yer, right


Rhen: ages


Agas: yes rhen


Rhen: can we have the dreamers tear


Agas: oh yer sure here catch


Agas throws the tear at rhen. It lands in her hand


Rhen: thanks


Agas: Dameon


Dameon: what now


Rhen: don’t be mean


Dameon: fine, yes agas


Agas: i know that u will do the right thing in the end


Dameon: ohk


Rhen: what is that meant to mean Dameon


Dameon: don’t worry rhen


Rhen and Dameon both leave and catch up with everyone else


They all leave the dreamland in silence and go to the mysten far inn for some rest.


At the inn:


Elini: so rhen when were u going to tell us about u and agas?


Rhen: ummm... i don’t know i guess when we had defeated Ahriman


Elini: but what about when we would have gone tovget the dreamers tear what were u going to do then, im sure that u wouldn’t kill him


Rhen: i was going to do the same thing but u guys were meant to be gone longer so that we could pretend that i had killed him


Elini: oh, well sorry for ruining your plans


Rhen: that’s ok this way i don’t have to tell u


Elini: ok, well u should get some rest you’ve had a long day


Rhen: ok, good night everyone


Everyone but Dameon: good night rhen


Elini hits Dameon on then arm


Dameon: owwww, fine, good night rhen


Rhen: good night Dameon


They all go to sleep


A few hours later...


Rhen hears the faint voice of agas


Agas: rhen, rhen, rhen is that u rhen


Rhen: agas, yes it’s me


Agas: im sorry rhen i did not know that he was watching me


Rhen: what who was watching u?


The room is silent, but then rhen hears a loud thump


Rhen: agas! Agas! Agas!


Elini wakes up and hears rhen yelling for agas in her sleep


She wakes rhen up


Elini: rhen what’s wrong?


Rhen: agas, i think something has happened to him, i herd is voice


Elini: but that’s impossible


Rhen: no its not, he has the ability to communicate with me in my sleep


Elini: ok then what did he say?


Rhen: ummm... he said “ im sorry rhen i didn’t know he was watching me” and then i heard a thump and went silent, but i don’t know what he meant


Elini: ok, well let’s try to figure out what he meant


Rhen: ok


Elini: now agas is one of ahrimans daevas who is meant to be evil and working for him right


Rhen: yes that is correct


Elini: so maybe he didn’t know that Ahriman was watching him when you were there with him and is shocked to see that one of his daevas has betrayed him. And then taken him to his lair and going to do something to im to punish him for betrayal


Rhen: you could be right, if that is the case then we have to save him


Elini: don’t worry rhen we will


They both go back to sleep.


A few days later...


The team is about to enter the lair with Ahriman in it


Rhen: are u ready to do this team?


Everyone: yer


Rhen: ok then let’s go


They enter the room and find Ahriman standing at the back of the room


Ahriman: well, well, well if it isn’t agas’s little purple haired girlfriend


Rhen: what im not his girlfriend, I killed him to get the dreamers tear


Ahriman: oh yer that’s why he is still alive


Rhen: u properly brought him back to life


Ahriman: oh yer then explain this


A large TV comes down from the roof and plays a video of rhen and agas kissing when Dameon brought agas back to life.


Rhen: ok so maybe i am but what are u going to do about it


Ahriman: ummm i don’t know why don’t u tell me


A small section of the wall behind Ahriman turns around. Agas is on that side of the wall with his head down and his arms in chains on the wall


Rhen: agas!


Agas puts his head up


Rhen runs over


Agas: no rhen don’t


Ahriman throws a fireball at rhen to stop her


The fireball hits rhen and makes her fall backwards


Dameon catches rhen


Rhen: thanks Dameon i know that i can always trust u to be there for me


Dameon: yes


Ahriman: well u shouldn’t trust him; he has been lying to u this whole time


Rhen: what’s that meant to mean Dameon?


Dameon: oh nothing


Ahriman: come to me sunpreist


Rhen: what! U have been working for Ahriman this whole time


Dameon looks over at agas


Agas looks at Dameon and nods


Dameon: no! Ahriman


Ahriman: what u can’t say no to me i control u


Dameon: not anymore agas has helped me see the light


Ahriman: noooooooooo this can’t be


Dameon: im afraid it is, prepare to die Ahriman


They all go into battle.


Rhen and the team win (of course)


Rhen uses the sword of shadows on Ahriman. He gets sucked into the sword


Dameon frees agas


Rhen runs over to him and hugs him


Rhen: are u ok


Agas: yes he didn’t hurt me that much


Rhen: ok good, but is this what u meant in the dream


Agas: yes it is rhen, oh and Dameon u did the right thing


Dameon: u said that u knew i would


Rhen: wait u knew that Dameon was working for Ahriman


Agas: well yer


Rhen: then why didn’t u tell me


Agas: ummm... i don’t know


Dameon: i can answer that


Rhen: ok then why


Dameon: because when he was standing with Ahriman and I came into to talk to Ahriman agas was there but I didn’t trust him so I put a spell on him so he could not talk about that conversation we had.


Rhen: ok that would explain it


The roof starts to rumbling


Elini: ummm... guys I think we better get going this place is going to collapse any minute now.


Rhen: ok, everyone lets go back to the sunn temple to deliver the news


They all leave and fly back to the sun temple


They enter them temple


The oracle screams because of agas


Rhen: oracle it’s ok agas is good


Oracle: are u sure


Rhen: yes 110% sure


Dameon: rhen and agas have been a couple for a while now


Oracle: seriously? How long have u all known this for


Dameon: yer serious, about 5 days now


Oracle: that’s a bit strange but ok.


The team deliver the news of ahrimans death, then they all go back to their home town except for rhen and agas they go to Thais and become queen and king of Thais.


And they all live happily ever after except for Dameon who is still upset about rhen choosing agas instead of him.


The End.



Kill me now

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