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Planning for the Future *no spoilers please*

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I have just beaten the first game in the series, however I am worried about who Edward will marry. I am impartial toward both of the girls, however I DO NOT want his parents to pick a bride (sounds like "the bad ending"). I have yet to get any attraction points for either of the girls, so I have two questions:

1) Will it be possible to get the two points I missed in Gates of Night? (IE, the sonnet and the flowers) If not, I can redo the final boss again, so that's fine.


2) Which marriage gives the best ending? Like I said, I like both girls for different reasons so at this point I'd just like to put my effort toward the girl who will give the best ending.

I tried to look up the answer for myself but everything I looked at had spoiler tags, and I am trying to avoid spoilers for the most part. So if you answer me here, don't tell me the endings... keep it vague and no details please! Thank you to everyone who responds! :)

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