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Demon Hunter

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Creator: Fernyfer775



Demon Hunter is an old-school Turn-Based styled RPG game mixed with "monster capture" elements similar to games like Pokemon and Persona. The game features a simple, yet effective alchemy/crafting system with 50 different recipes to learn and master. The game also features a weapon/armor randomizer, where each drop can roll randomized stats, ranging from very common items to super rare legendary items with boosted stats. The game features 65 capturable demons. 



Demon Hunter's story revolves around a young boy by the name of Alex, who is chosen by the Holy Order, the Demon Hunters to partake in the Demon Hunter Trials, where youth from around the world are sent on a journey to defeat the evil entities known as "Legion". Alex soon finds out that there is much more to his mission than just destroying demons and saving towns...will he succeed in liberating the world of the Legion, or will he fall like so many before him...?





Download Link:




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WOOOOHOOO TURN BASED!  Downloading this right now--it's the perfect time to try a new game...while in the middle of midterms ahahahaha!   :wub:



One quick question! Are there other furniture stores throughout the world that you discover as you continue on your quest, or just the main on in PonPon village?  I remember the Home Decor tutorial saying something about finding furniture in other places, but I haven't found any other spots so far (and I'm at Accu City), so I wanted to know my options before I buy something and discover that there was something I liked more!

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