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I am wandering around in here endlessly to the point where the game has ceased to be fun. I have fought my way through every room repeatedly to the music room where Dracula was playing the piano and he has since disappeared.


There is a little message when you look at the now empty keyboard. I can't figure out where to go from there and I am tired of fighting my way through each and every room because I've leveled up as far as I can so there's no point, however so many bad guys are just too difficult to outrun.


Since I am so close to the end I would appreciate any help anyone could give me here so that I can finish this exercise in frustration and at least see the ending and have done with this.



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I'm going to assume you're looking for the organ keys to unlock Dracula's final battle?


If so, you still have to fight three bosses to get the keys. Two of them are upstairs, in the large room where Diana revealed herself, one on the balcony, and the other in the Master Chambers (check the doll in the corner).  The third only appears once the boss on the balcony is defeated, and can be found in the Garden. Once you beat these three, return to the organ and replace the keys, and the door to the final boss will appear.


I hope this helps!

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I'm stuck here too. When I interact with the clock all I get is the 3-5 scratched out message. How do I enter 7?


edit: So I came to realize the first grandfather clock had nothing to do with opening the first gate.

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