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Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

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I'd love to test, Amanda :D
I don't know if it's needed, but here are my previous testing experience:

* Sweet Lily Dreams
* Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals
* The Princess' Heart

* Escalia (free)

* Stock Trader Hiyo (free)

* Astral Transparancy: Cole's Gate (free)
* Valiant/Asteria
* Midnight's Blessing
* Midnight's Blessing 2
* Edolie


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Yes please! \^o^/


Since Slim did it, I will too--games I've tested below (most of them will look extremely familiar, haha)


Gypsy's Tale

Curse at Twilight

The Darkthrop Prophecy

Energy Drive (Non-Amaranth)

Children of Liberty (Non-Amaranth, this was actually more like alpha-testing, I am also a staff artist :V)

A number of small maze games for a QA testing job in college

...and some tabletop games as part of my Senior Project class.



Looking forward to seeing the list! :D

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