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Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

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I would really like to beta test! 
As I said on Facebook, I am 'researching' how games are made for a school project (specifically with RPG Maker). This school project is something you do in your last year and is thought of as very important. Therefore I think to see how beta testing works can be a very interesting thing for the research. For this research I'm also making my own kind of game (well, just the beginning anyways). But it's not like a real game. This would be such a great opportunity!! :D

Another reason why I'd love to is because I hope to do a study game development at HKU next year. It's hard to get in, so the more experience the better. :)

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I would love to be added to the beta list!


On a slightly unrelated note I started a YouTube channel 3 months ago, and would LOVE to play and record Aveyond. I am still only small, 5 shy of 200 subscribers, but I have been a huge fan of Aveyond since the very beginning. When Aveyond 4 is released would you mind if I recorded it? 





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