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Tile set help?

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I'm guessing you're using RPG Maker--but which one, XP or VX/Ace? The answer will significantly impact the responses you get XD ...and we ARE talking about AV1 Witchwood, right? Because I seem to recall the witchy towns in later games looking much different.


Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor set, or both? Are you looking for a nighttime set, like the AV1 Halloween Hills? I don't know if the HH tileset was ever released, but if you're just looking for a nighttime village tileset, you could edit one of the defaults (either Farm Village or Forest Town would be good for something like Witchwood, I think, and something like Post Town could be used for Ghe'dahre.) I can try to help you out with this, if you need it, or I can walk you through it.


If you're using VX, RPGMaker Web has this Halloween Resource Pack, it looks like interior only and it's $10. However, it's absolutely gorgeous, so if you're willing to spend the money, go for it. Other than that, though, I'm completely useless at VX, so someone else will have to help you XD




PS--in the future, try directing questions like this to the Resources and Offers forum. You might get a wider response! :)

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Firstly you might want to clear up from which game are you referring to. Aveyond 1, 2 (Yeah, I know, it's Bogwood here) or 3? Because each three are different.

Secondly free or commercial use tiles? Because Celianna's tiles are wonderful - http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/22-celiannas-parallax-tiles/, PandaMaru's tiles are also fabulously gorgeous http://maruresources.lonewolflab.com/?page_id=1361

Candacis and Lunerea also have some great tiles, not specifically for a witchy area though. You should also sign up as a member on the RPG Maker forum, the restaff collections are monthly and there's some halloween stuff there that might suit your purpose. 

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I'm using XP :x

Course i just got it so I'm kid of flopping around trying to figure out everything still and Av3  ^^

As for the indoor/outdoor set question, it's both  and A night time set would be wonderful :o

Also I don't know how to edit tiles yet >.<


Help would be most appreciated ^^


Thank you both and I'll see about becoming a member on the forum asap ^.^


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Few tips about tile editing :


1. If you're using non-RTP tiles, make sure that the creator allows edits.

2. Adobe photoshop and Paint.net are two useful programs for tile and sprite edits.

3. Take note of the style of resources that you are putting together. Not all artists have the same style, and sometimes, when using two or more different tileset styles, clashes can occur and look weird.


Few tips about using Non-RTP resources :


1. Create a main folder and sub-folders to store your resources in. You can divide them on the basis of artist names so that later on, it's easier for you to recognize who created what.

2. If you're working on a game, make a credit list asap, and as soon as you use one kind of resource, include the artist's name in the credit list. This method will save a lot of confusion, because there are many amazing artists and resources out there.

3. Always read the terms and conditions of the resource creator, and note them down in the specific subfolder if necessary. You won't have much to worry about for a non-commercial game, but it better to be safe and organized.


After you familiarise yourself more with XP, I would recommend looking into parallax mapping. It's not in everyone's comfort zone, but it does offer a mapper a lot of flexibility.

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oh wow, that's way different from the AV1 Witchwood XD Look at me, haven't played AV3 in a while, haha.


Looks like i have something kind of like that in my collection, but it's from a site that's no longer active. I see no reason why it wouldn't be available for use, since it's mostly an edit of the default (RTP) sets.


Editing tilesets is actually not too scary! If you have a program like Photoshop, Gimp, or Paint.Net, you're good to go. It can even be done in good old MS Paint, but having a program with layers and things like hue/saturation sliders is a huge help.


As you can see when you use them, tilesets are built in a grid of squares. These squares are 32 pixels. Tilesets are 8 of these squares (or 256px) across and can be as long as you want. To export a tileset to edit, open the materials base, select the tileset you want, and export. To import resources when you've finished editing them, it's the same thing--Materials Base, Import. Make sure you import to the right folder (in this case, Tilesets.) To mimic the AV3 Witchwood, I would probably use Forest Town or Mine Town as a starting point, and edit the colors, add witchy decorations like spiderwebs and pumpkins, and some autumn trees.


Most (all?) RTP tilesets are for daytime maps. Night scenes can be done either by using a Change Screen Color Tone event (within the program) or by making a second tileset that you've adjusted the colors on. Change Screen Color Tone is easier, but I think that having a second tileset looks nice, if you have the patience. You can make lit-up windows and such things that way.


Like Valkyriet said, make sure that the stuff you're putting on your tileset looks nice together. Not all artists have a style that perfectly matches the RTP (and that it's made for RMXP, as VX resources look much different and often clash.) Lunarea and Pandamaru are both incredible artists whose style matches the RTP very well, but make sure you read their terms of service! Crediting is very important, as Valkyriet also said.


RPGMaker Web has resource forums, HB Games has resource forums, and CreationAsylum.net still seems to be online.


@Valkyriet, XP supports parallax mapping? O.o I've been using it for eight years and didn't know that. I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about that, if you've got the time XD

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Thank you! :D

Also i have a quick question about sprites, how do you make them? >.<


I mean I was able to get Jensen305's sprite maker but it doesn't have a few things (Witch hats, elf ears, tails/wings and such)


How do others normally make sprites? :o

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I've never heard of Jensen305's sprite maker, but it looks neat! I'll have to check it out sometime.


I personally use Game Character Hub a lot these days because it's convenient, but you can use any graphic editing program (photoshop, gimp, paint.net, even MS Paint in a pinch.) Game Character Hub has a database of pieces (including hats, yes :) ) and you can add your own pieces to it. It's usually about $15, but I think it's well worth it. If you can't buy it, that's fine--spriting will just be a little more labor-intensive. (It's also worth noting that GCH also has a tileset merging function.)


Much like tilesets, you can export character sprites from RMXP, and use them as a staring point--that'll take care of your witch hats and wings. The sites listed above have sprites as well a tilesets--again, check the terms of use. Another great resource is Sithjester's Sprites--her terms of use are extremely relaxed, and her spriting is phenomenal.


You can always take the sprites you make in Jensen's maker and add the hats/ears/wings/etc to them in an outside program--I did it that way for a very long time myself, albeit with a different maker.

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Yes it does! XD Funny thing is, even though you don't even need a script for it, it can be quite tricky. You already know that an XP tileset has no defined length, therefore, it can support an entire map (no matter how big it is) if you only divide it up into pieces.


This is what I normally do :


1. When using photoshop to create a parallaxed map, you need to separate three basic layers -

     a. Base : for the ground, roads, and anything else that the player can walk on.

     b. Water

     c. Decorations : this involves all buildings, trees, and anything that the player cannot walk through.

I normally don't merge any layer together unless it's absolutely necessary, because you might need to make changes later on. Instead, keeping them in sub-folders such as, say, "Building 1" or "Flora" or "Light sources" is less messy.


2. Once you're done with the map itself, create a blank tileset (set the length to a really high number and just crop once you're done).

    a. Go back to your map, and turn off visibility for everything except what needs to be on the Base layer. Then, copy-paste what you see on the map onto your tileset. This is form layer 1 when you're using the engine editor.

    b. Go back to your map, and repeat the same step above for the Decorations layer. This will be your layer 3, and on layer 2 you'll need your water tiles.

If you don't have any water tiles on the map, however, you can easily keep buildings on layer 2 and experiment with layer 3.


Normally, when working on your parallax map, keep the grid view active (if you're using photoshop). Since you're using XP, you'll have to adjust the passability manually, so it'll be frustrating when you actually put it up in the editor and have passability issues. I'll send you an example of a parallax map done in XP :3

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@Tei: Haha, I thought people realized you can do Parallax Mapping (back before the term "Parallax Mapping" actually started going around) when Rainblood: Town of Death released. It garnered a bit of attention back in the old forum because it was done entirely in custom-made art.


@Valky: So basically you just toss your entire map onto the tileset? Let me see too, LOL.

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