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A few years back (I think), my mom bought me this game and I had no problems. Now, I have reinstalled it and I am having issues. I entered the information correctly (I double checked twice), and the game keeps assuming I did not purchase the game at the startup of the game. What's going on?

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It was Plimus.


I'd suggest you email Amanda/Bryce at admin@amaranthia.com, and let her know the problem.  Put something like 'code no longer working to activate Av3-4' in the subject, so she'll realize it's something important.  You could also message her on this site if you like, but I think the email will be sufficient.  She'll have a record of your purchase and activation code and can help you.  It's possible she may make a new one for you if you can't get the original working with her or Bryce's help.


Remember that she is really busy alpha-testing Av4 and fixing problems found, as well as having a very small child, so she may not see it immediately.


Good luck!

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