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Destiny of a Wizard [Commercial]

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Game Plot:


Since the dawn of time, the power of the Blue Wizards 
has been known to all folk. Life was peaceful for many years until an evil being known as Darklin came into the realm of the Vale Islands 


This was known as the "Darkest Hour"
Many perished...men...women...and childern. 
The battle between the powerful Blue Wizards and the 
force known as Darklin waged on for many, many years. Until finally, the Wizards drove off Darklin and he was banished to another realm.

Even though he was defeated, he was not dead. 


The Wizards sealed him away. The only way he could be brought back is by sacrificing a Wizard.  By sacrificing a Wizard, their power could be used to release the powers of darkness. 


This would break the seal that binds Darklin
Knowing this knowledge, the Wizards decided to shut themselves away from everyone. 


They decided to live in secret so that no force, good or evil, can know where the descendants of the Wizards lived. 


Our story begins here, where the Wizards reside in peace and in secret....


Game Features:



* A linear turned based RPG spanning over five chapters.

* Old school style retro fast pace combat.

* Comedy references full of derpness including "4th wall" ones!

* Over 50 various monsters to do battle with!

* Experience voice overs from over six different characters!

* Unlock magical spells as you seek out the four elemental crystals of the Vale Islands.

* A 28 page instruction manual in .DOC and .PDF formats included with the game.

* A special unlockable sixth chapter which includes several features not from the main adventure!


Info and Links:


Official Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ultimacjproductions


Official Site:  http://ultimacj.wix.com/ultimacjproductions


Download the Game Demo here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/lai6grnxhhg1ujn/DOW_DEMO200.exe?dl=0


Download Sample Guide (Walkthrough):  https://www.dropbox.com/s/bsgkeufdzm98k7v/Official%20Game%20Guide%20Sample.pdf?dl=0


Where to Purchase:


Aveyond's Site:  http://aveyond.com/games/destiny-of-a-wizard/




UltimaCJ Productions BMT Page:  https://secure.bmtmicro.com/cart?CID=8867&PRODUCTID=88670003


Purchase Official Game Guide:  https://secure.bmtmicro.com/cart?CID=8867&PRODUCTID=88670002


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:  ultimacj@gmail.com or you can send me a PM here at Aveyond!  Thanks for viewing!

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