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Parallax Mapping Help (RMVXAce)

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I am in need of some help. I made this cloud map for a cloud village (still thinking about what to do for a cloud forest) and I want the parallax to stay still as my character moves around. I am only having the ground as the parallax because I am not very experienced yet. At the same time, all the tutorials I have found when they get to the script and importing parts, I just get lost cause I have no idea how to call or summon the scripts for the parallax or how to even get the images in the way they need to be (the trees especially look tricky).


So yeah, not only do I need a form of "keep the background still" script, but also what I need to do with the script.


Here's the parallax map for those curious as to what it looks like. And by the way, it's also my first one.


My Parallax Map for a cloud village: http://i.imgur.com/2d4Mu5k.png

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