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Resonate ~call out my angel~ [Greenlight / Freeware]

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a short game by JosephSeraph




This is a rather subjective game, as such it is suggested that you try to look for meaning beyond the obvious and interprete it. It also ended up being a much more personal game than I had planned for.

3 young ones are tasked by a mysterious voice to grow The Tree-- Having no memory and no knowledge of how they got to this mysterious forest, it is up to them to find the Miracle Water needed to grow The Tree. Why they are tasked to do that, what they are doing there, these are questions whose answers lie nowhere but within themself.



In Resonate your party of 3 characters explore different Realms in search of said Miracle Water.  Equipment management is a heavy emphasis of the game, as magic is dictated by the cards you have equipped in your six [other] slots. They are not only for spells but for equipment/acessories. As such you want to have spells suited for each scenario equipped in each character, as well as equipment that emphasizes their strengths. There is a fair lot of freedom, however, in you you manage to build that up.















Contest Entry








Thank you for playing the game! I hope you do have a good time. smile.gif

Please-ease-easy, I'm looking forward for feedback! It is very much treasured as I slowly polish the game for its 1.0 release!


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