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Who is doing whole Aveyond playtrough?

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I'm going to play from Ahriman Prophecy to Darthtrop prohecy, as Aveyond 4 is coming soon ;^)

I have all aveyond games :)

I'll list how long I played each game. :),


Ahriman Prophecy (Aveyond 0) -

Rhen's Quest (Aveyond 1) -

Ean's Quest (Aveyond 2) -

Mel's Quest (Aveyond 3) -

      Lord of Twillight -

      Gates of Night -

      The Lost Orb -

      The Darthrop Prophecy -


Annnd that "Mel's Quest"... I just niknamed all chapters of this game like it was one game.

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Ok so first game had no timer, but still I'll try to estimate that...

Ahriman Prophecy (Aveyond 0) - I think it lasts around 25 - 30 hours. Killed Ahriman at 62nd level.

Rhen's Quest (Aveyond 1) - It lasted 25 and something hours. Pendragon family line includes fairy.

Ean's Quest (Aveyond 2) -  18 hours. Shorter than AV1. Stuff happened 200 years after AV1.

Mel's Quest (Aveyond 3) - 300 years after AV1. Darkthrop did their stuff 100 years before AV 2.

      Lord of Twillight - 8 hours so far. Heptius didn't learned his lesson from end of Aveyond 2.

      Gates of Night - 19 hours so far. Gyendal is ez, when you use all level eggs you collected on end.

      The Lost Orb - 31 hours so far. Death Scroll > Gyendal. Already longer than first game.

      The Darthrop Prophecy -

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