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Aveyond Screenshots.

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Did you noticed something funny, weird, interesting or something else? Well post screenies here.


Ahriman Prophecy:

Some names never got old. (Lydia and Stella :P)




k. Well marriage delayed raid on Ahriman one day too far. This wizard will have too much fun anyway.


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Here's some of mine XD this is in no way edited, ahahaha!!!


How I achieved this is to not recruit Te'ijal, Elini or Mad Marge earlier in the game. Then finish the game and choose to marry Dameon. Put on the dress and use the runes to "escape" then go recruit them! #squalgoals #galpals XD

Best part is, if you head back to the manor, choose Elini as Leader, AND THEN remove her from the active party. The sprite automatically changes to Rhen, but the dialogue remains as Elini's, then you get this:



HAHAHA! i'm having way too much fun with this

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