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Download Aveyond 4! [Latest Build: Dec 14, 2015]

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Players who have purchased the game:

When we upload a new build, click on the link in your order email to re-download the game. If you have problems, contact us here: http://aveyond.com/help/order-support-form/ 


New Players:

A whole new cast of characters!
The longest Aveyond yet!
The BEST Aveyond yet!
(at least, this is what our beta testers tell us. ;) )

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Please don't post in this topic if you have questions regarding the game. Make a new thread for that.


Do you have the teddy bear quest? If yes, then that is known to cause crashes so just don't open your item's menu until you finish that quest.


You should also download the latest build and install since there have been fixes since you bought the game.

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