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I wasn't really disappointed yet i won't be gushing about this one, hmmm...that would be green then?


It took me a long time, around 30-ish or something and i feel sore and bone tired. You have no idea how many times i've missed having a handy speed crystal. I hate walking, really hate it.


My favorite character would be Robin, isn't he just adorable? that i wanted to buy him a new collar and a kennel (insert evil laugh here) but seriously he was just so pure except his obsession with kidnapping but that was funny as hell.


What I Like:


First and foremost: Having the ship at your beck and call.

Yep i was one of those dippies who got stuck because i forgot where i left the skudder or just forgot i left it on the other side of the world and i now have to repeat the whole game *shiver* because otherwise this will be the sucky ending.


No more shovels (HURRAH!)

It was really annoying to have to make a note on all those dig-ables because you can't have the shovel early on and to have to make an effort to come back to them only to find out that its just (then) useless covey balm or some other cheap good. Though i feel sorry for Myst. Isn't she the most abused character in the game? In my opinion more so than Boyle. I mean she's been thrown around, transfigured to slither through cracks and made to dig out holes, poor thing.


The darn MPs

Oh goodness, i'm just so happy that i don't have to spend so much on MP restoratives. In fact i don't think you have to spend anything on it. There's enough free covey balm to last for the entire game and for once covey is actually useful.


Eye Candy

So far the most visually pleasing Aveyond yet except the Shadow Isles, i really hated the constant downpour. It was just so alive and vibrant and it really kept me motivated throughout the game. The fact that the characters have alternate expressions is a nice improvement (less weird and makes for better believability when characters are feeling strong emotions) and the way they pop up on screen during certain exchanges is great because it makes the conversations harder to miss.


The Plot

Well this certainly felt like a more mature Aveyond. Well not in a sleazy kind of a way thankfully. It had more emotional weight and complexity than the previous ones. Its not just about having a choice to raze and rule the world in darkness or to fight the long arduous and expensive boss battles. It was less linear and more fleshed out and the conversations held more important knowledge than the usual banter and posturing exchanges.


The MC

Boyle. I love that he was so loyal to Fang and very sentimental about it and his relationship with Ingrid does feel like Galahad and Tei 2.0 and this time around i actually love both characters individually and as a couple. Galahad just felt more like an accessory and i never actually used him in the main party.


What I don't like:

The bugs & glitches

I've never encountered something this bad or this many throughout the previous Aveyond games and it was just a little frustrating.


A losing battle

Some people were saying it had the hardest aveyond fights ever and i beg to disagree. See, i somehow got it into my little brain that Hercules was just a sub-boss and all my characters were under level 50 except Boyle at the time. I didn't get to fight Ice Tooth (not even his kid) or Crystallus and yet I beat Hercules granted it was just Ingrid left standing at the end but i really wasn't prepared, i had very few restoratives and yet i didn't get to use my myrica and tinctura but please in the first aveyond when I was this level it was a struggle even to beat those monsters in Ahriman's lair. Heptitus was more like Crystallus and i was also caught unawares but it was also tough to get through and i lost and had to gain more levels before redoing the battle. To my horror it just went a little bit longer until that boss demon got stoned and then it was already rolling into the final cutscenes and the credits and i was just left confused and very bummed out.


Going places

I thought there would be more cities and towns even likkle villages and different realms even biomes. There were just so few places to go and as ironic as it sounds even though i hate walking, i love exploring new places and it was a bit of a let down to know there were just few cities and it felt like Wyrmwood had so much unrealized potential. Variety in the places would've been great. The bulk of non-hostile non-humans were even smooshed between Ulrock and Wyrmwood which was such a shame. I really liked all those supernatural towns.


Familiar Aveyond stuff

Look I get it, it doesn't have to be about another prophesied chosen one for it to be Aveyond but there were so many nice Aveyondish things (that were common in the previous ones) left out. The versions of express travel for one thing (did i mention i hated walking?). The mist realm is ok but it can get confusing and i have to go round and round to find the right place so even if its free i'd still prefer the former as a means of traveling. The training schools and universities not for Boyle but for say Rowen. I wish it was a bit more challenging to get all her skills or at least more elaborate than clicking on a gold statue. The maps, okay they weren't all very useful to me but the world map was kinda and it would've given the whole thing more adventure-ishness. Oh and among other things Dragons! it was not fair to tempt people out when the characters would imagine riding a dragon and then providing not the coolest ride ever but more of a blow torch.



Hercules' being a human here just isn't in keeping with the series. It would've given the series more legitimacy if it had parallels plot-wise with the old games. I don't mean the Pendragon connection but just you know i hoped there it was more consistent especially in the little things.


I need closure

Whatever happened to the old guy in the house in Briar Woods if you chose to convince him to go to Windshire. I looked for him but he never did show up and that Wanted girl, i thought i'd see her again if you refuse to give in to the bribe. Oh and who is Scar really i didn't seem to have figured that out and it was a shame that Boyle and Ingrid were right about the mystic by the end and the badger he just disappeared all of a sudden. I know i said i liked the plot but there were just a few loose ends.




All in all it was good game i just had different expectations and well it also had its flaws. I wouldn't be fangirling but no regrets here.



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Secondly, and I don't mean to sound defensive when saying this, but I've seen a lot of people complaining about how long they had to wait for the game and I really don't understand the big deal about this. AV4 is just another side-quest in our life, albeit a very enjoyable one. I know it's a common occurrence that when some video game companies fail to release a new game every once in a while, they lose fans. Understandable. But really, making this an issue doesn't really seem like a very mature thing to do. Also, I don't think the game has been in development for five years. And I realize the game still has a few bugs that need addressing, but I was surprised to see some statements such as "Can we even trust amaranthgames anymore if they cannot meet the release dates they publicized?". Personally, I feel there has been a lot of pressure from some fans this time around. For argument's sake, try making a game yourself and see how closely you can estimate the release date.



I did understand why Pixel Pygmies was not released. Ever since "The Dragons Among Us" (which refund i still  yet to get) debacle i have adapted a "wait and see" attitude. It may not have been an Amaranth game but it was advertised on this site. So, i can fully empathize with those people stating the bolded part. 



My only gripe with this game is the tediousness of some side quests. All the back and forth getting items really gets old fast!

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First and foremost I have to say the game overall was awesome. I enjoyed it very much. I loved the humor that has always made the Aveyond series what it is. Each character was distinctly unique and made them very life like. I LOVED the appearance of Galahad and Tei'jal. Once with that being said, once I finished the game, I found myself feeling a bit let down. I think this was partly due to being so attached to the other characters and towns from the other series. I also loved how each area and town was so unique and different.HOWEVER, once I reached the ending and certain things where said in the final fight, I am hoping what I am thinking in regards to the lost Pendragon ends up being true.If so, my hat's off to you Amanda! Bravo!


Please keep in mind that I have never written a review before as nothing struck a cord enough with me to do so. This is strictly my opinion and I mean no offense to anyone. :)

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You should probably mail the people in charge and ask yet again. It wouldn't really help to just wait and watch. I understand your mixed opinion, but being unnecessarily rude doesn't really solve anything either ( referring to those who were rude, not you). I think you really should inquire after your refund though.

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I have played most of the Aveyond games and have loved every single one of them.  While I loved the beginning of this game, I am very frustrated at the moment.  I have asked for help and was told to look through the forum and still can't find a fix for the issue.


My issue is the game character is stuck in the doorway in the castle in Halaina, I tried to uninstall and redownload, still there.  Tried starting the game over, still got stuck, opened a different save slot, still got stuck. 

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That is a known issue. You have to remember it is the holiday season at the moment, so may not get a quick response. Just be patient at the moment.


Also, if you're using the mouse, try using the keyboard controls. People are having trouble with the mouse it seems.

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So I have been waiting for this game for many years now, and maybe my long anticipation made me a little skeptical and judgmental though after I got into the characters I quite enjoyed it. 

Characters: 9/10

I thought Boyle, Ingrid, Robin, and Myst could be really fun and amusing. The others were a little boring but that was understandable because they all came in so late in the game and they lacked character development. Honestly, I was most excited about Galahad and Te'ijal coming into the game and was disappointed when they didn't have a bigger role. Also I really love the squirrels it made me feel so nostalgic. 

Art: 7/10 

At first I really did not like character art at all. Buuuutttt then it grew on me, mostly I was disturbed by their eyes for some reason. I really liked that they had various expressions though.

Music: 9/10

I liked the music there wasn't anything in-particular that stood out to me.

Plot: 9/10

The plot was pretty good, I especially liked the part of getting Fang back. What can I say I have a weakness for pets. I did feel like the majority of the game time was spent on side quests. Also I wasn't really crazy about the attraction point options, because they were only for Ingrid. There were some really funny moments that kept the game going.

Graphics: 5/10 

This is what I had my biggest issues with. Though the graphics have improved sooo much I found that all the maps/tilesets were really boring. They all looked very similar and really natural, which hasn't been the case in the other aveyond games. Where are my purple grasses and blue trees? I had always been so excited to see each new location in all the aveyond games and honestly the maps in this game left me a little sad and disappointed. Also the maps themselves are a pain in the butt to navigate and I'm sure a lot of the game time was spent walking and getting lost. 

Overall enjoyment: 8/10

Though the game wasn't what I was expecting after all these years I still really liked it. I would recommend playing it and it is well worth the money even though its not my favorite aveyond game. 

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I absolutely loved this game, as with the entire Aveyond series! I loved Boyle's character and the humor of this game. The design of the game makes the Aveyond 4 game world cozy yet adventurous. I finished the game in a week, and I'd say it was worth every penny. I am so grateful to all of the staff that contributed to this game. Thanks!

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Finally finished the game. 



Firstly, with the negative stuff, since there's very little of it and I like to end reviews on a positive note :P


  • The story was very linear at times. In every previous Aveyond, your quests do mean you don't know exactly where to go, there are multiple locations you could go. In this one, it's pretty specific, go here, do this, go here, do this
  • Rowen's a swordsinger? :D 

    And that's the problem, I found out on this review thread, will be replaying to find out where, but that's seriously, something like that should be more easily noticeable like the Covens were, you were given info on the first one, so you knew you had to look out for it
  • The ending. No offence, but it felt forced, it didn't feel like it was supposed to end there. Not to say it was a bad ending, it was just completely unexpected. It made the game feel short even though it was anything but that, since it took me two weeks to finish thanks to exams. It just didn't feel like an ending, I was sure you'd have to fight the other demon too
  • So yeah, not the best Aveyond in the World


On the positive side, well, everything else

  • Boyle= Awesome!
    Myst= Double awesome!
  • I didn't like Ingrid as much as these two, so she's a distant third but she's still an amazing character. The rest were also a lot more fleshed out than previous side characters in Aveyond.
  • The story was good and not forced until the end. Very greatly developed and thank God for the Oracle not being able to bore us this time, my usual reaction to her is the one Myst had :P
  • The battles were amaaaaazing. I loved the system with its new way of fighting. I'm actually glad we didn't have a character whose only job is healing. Myst probably did the most damage attacking wise in my party (Without using spells that is), so her role as a healer was definitely secondly for me
  • The art, that is gorgeous!
  • The music is amazing


And well, overall, very good game 8/10. Not my most favourite Aveyond but a top game, nonetheless, on a new engine, and with so many new things, I can't wait for whenever the next project is released whether it's Aveyond or not.

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I loved it! I've been waiting for this game for so long, and it didn't disappoint. So much fun, and so much to do! Just head and shoulders above anything else in this RPG genre.


Where to start? I don't remember my exact time, but it was about 28 hours, only because I had to start over halfway through on a different computer after my laptop died and I was able to get through the first parts again very quickly. Otherwise it probably would have ended up being closer to 35 hours. My characters were between 52-59 levels at the end. I chose to have Ingrid end up with Boyle, because I think they suit each other perfectly, but if I play again I might choose Phye instead.


The characters were really well fleshed out, and their interactions and dialogue were excellent. Boyle was a refreshing change as a main character, and I loved the friendship between Myst and Robin. But I think my favourite character was Rowen. I loved her backstory and the tension between her love for her family and fulfilling her own dreams. I also liked that each character had unique and sometimes complementary abilities, so you had to choose your party carefully. I didn't have a favourite party, but I used Hiber'u least often--except in the final battle, where I found him really useful. Did anyone actually find Ingrid's transformation spells useful? I barely used them at all, and never in the second half of the game (I had her join Lorelei's coven, so she never got any really useful ones).


The storyline was perfect, for me. I loved that the main focus was on rescuing Fang and Myst's brother, and then, oh yeah, I guess we should save the world too. I get very tired of the same old bombastic plotlines where you are forced to read pages of backstory to understand what is happening. This was straightforward and let us just get on with playing.


And so. many. quests! Anyone playing an Aveyond game knows there will be tons of side-quests, some of which will help you later in the game, and some are just for the fun of it. I admit I came to the forum for help with a few of them. I especially enjoyed the Night Watch quests, and the ones that don't show up in the journal and you just sort of happen upon, like the dolls and the bandit in the woods. (I was so proud of myself for noticing that the Wanted poster had changed!) And then the extra activities like selling things in the store and having Ingrid join a coven. And the riddles! I actually happened on the goodie cave with all the food objects in it, and realized (I think) that those were all the items to solve the riddles (after getting the pumpkin key), so that didn't take me too long. Still, a great idea!


Other things I liked: being able to call the ship to you rather than track back to where you left it. Forthwrong's dungeon (hilarious!). Random little goodies to reward exploration (money in the trees, that extra little port of call). makes me wonder what else I may have missed. The overall sense of humour. Puzzles that were interesting but not too time-consuming to figure out.


Very few negatives: No option to speed up walking. Lagging in certain areas (my computer is pretty old, though). Some of Myst's expression were kind of scary. :blink: Oh, and for those complaining about the portals in the mist realm, it took me ages to figure out that they are grouped roughly to approximate their position in the World Map. Duh!



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Well, just finished the game last night. Now I understand why the other Aveyond games weighed only 100MBs or so, but this game is third time larger  :lol:


So, after many years playing RPG games, Aveyond 4 has pretty much broke a lot of my records. It's the longest game I've ever played. It took me roughly 23hrs and a half in Easy Mode (I've completed most of the side quests, aside from getting to the Busybeak Hills). While some other games I've played only took me 15hrs or so. I can see why this is such a huge game since it's been 5 years since The Darkthrop Prophecy, and things changed.


I fought my final battle with the levels around 52 - 55, I think. It wasn't terribly difficult but the monsters lurking around the Skull Mountain are really a pain :( The ending was... well, happy, I guess. Though I couldn't say that I'm completely satisfied with it. Ingrid ended up with Boyle and I was expecting something more. I had hoped that Boyle would acknowledge his companies as friends or things like that, or accepted that he's the hero.


Anyway, Aveyond 4 is totally different from other Aveyonds. Most notably that some features that presented in other games such as Thais isn't there. The battle system is still turn-based, but different in its way too. It doesn't bother me much, but the item system is a bit tiresome to use :P


Some of the puzzles like Halaina's Castle Dungeon one really gets me there. After Blossomsoft's Eternal Eden, there hasn't been a game whose puzzles can trouble me that much. And sometimes, the maps can get really annoyingly puzzled too. I have to search high and low a map just to finish a quest. I thought that Aldorlea's Millennium series has the most labyrinth-like maps already, but this game is on a whole different level, because it was pretty lagged.


My favorite character would be Phye. He looks like a real baddies but it turns out that he was really cool. Wish that he'd appeared sooner in the game. Rowen is cool too. The team that I used the most in the game was Boyle - Ingrid - Myst - Robin, since they were the only ones who appeared in the first half of the game. But my dream team would be Boyle - Ingrid - Phye - Rowen :D 


I'm pretty much missing the sprites and UI from the previous Aveyonds. This game brings back an Aveyond 1's feel and it wasn't that bad. The soundtrack was cool as always, and it was nice of you to put the previous games' battle themes in the arena battles :D I missed the track Field of Wind of the World Map though. The Myst Realm system was okay, I think. Walking around a bit wasn't a problem (and it's free, while the Expresses in the previous games needed a pay) 


I'm not really the one to grind and fight a whole lot to gain levels, so in the previous games, I mostly used Goodies Caves to just enjoy the story. There are Goodies Caves in this game too, but they didn't give the best stuffs and highest level. So I really have to fight my way up.


Well, that's all :D In a way, Aveyond 4 was fun and it was worth waiting for 5 years. I would give it an 8. Hope that there's going to be news about Aveyond 5 soon  ;)


P/s: That squirrel really gets me xD 

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Okay this Aveyond is officially 5/5 - so much fun scenes :D

It lasted 34 hours - longest game not counting whole Aveyond 3 series.


Also I jokingly suggested "Bolye's Quest" as subtitle on forums ;^)

Ending was priceless.

Looks like game happened at least 200 or 300 years after Aveyond 3... or 500 because there was no mention of Edward and Stella.

Squirrels finally took over something :D

And looks like I sold Aveyond 2 weapon blueprints to them XD

I believe there was a mention of Edward at the ending, when the was a two card flip game in Tor.

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05. Myst: I have found SOMETHING sinister between Myst and Boyle. It's like Myst is the ~mistress~ who wants Boyle? It's like she had this ~dark side~ and I liked the fact that she has some sort of *attitude*. It even made me wonder if MYST CAN STEAL BOYLE D: D: D: from Ingrid. It seemed like a plausible idea at first, and I was feeling pretty sad for Ingrid or something. It's just every time there's a broomstick/potion-making, Myst and Boyle talks about things and they're left ~ALONE~ and Boyle tells ~STORIES~ which makes this little girl wraith FALL IN LOVE. It's probably my own imagination working but I LOVED IT ANYWAYS. I love Myst's DARK SIDE *devilhorns*

Oh good, I'm not alone in this. I was afraid I would have to declare myself the lonely king of crackships.


Longer review when I ain't mobile. But just a couple of points:

1) Oh dear, the mist realm is the most tedious portal system ever!! I didn't mind it, but it's a bit of a hassle.

2) YES FOR THE OLD MEN IN THE CREW!!! Although I was kinda surprised to find that Boyle isn't even 30 yet. He looked about 45.

3) Those cheekis are really cute. I want one. In real life.

4) I love the puzzles. It's reminiscent of John WIzard stuff, actually. Was this a collab, by any chance?

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1. Story - It's unique, and refreshingly so. I like the way it doesn't take itself too seriously and stays mostly in the humourous side of things, because that's precisely my main problem with the previous titles -- it fancies itself as this great, epic journey, but frequently falls back to the stock Hero's Journey trope, and when it does try to subvert some of those cliches, it's very forced, or rushed, or weirdly executed. The story feels much less contrived here, and I'm much more inclined to forgive unexplained plot holes when they're played for laughs.


2. Characters - A much better cast than its predecessor, offering a wide array of interesting personalities and better dialogues between the party members. The roles of each character in the quest is also much better established, and I find myself asking less "What are you doing here again?" to these people than I did in the previous titles. My favourite characters are Myst and Hi'beru. Sadly, the latter is quite underused, and there's a lot of missed opportunities with his development, especially with him being from a far away land. I'd really like to know more about the world outside Aia, especially since the setting as we know it already has a very diverse range of cultures that seem to undergo very large changes in a short amount of time, and I want to know how much more alien the other continents could be.


3. Graphics - The tilesets and backgrounds are very nice to look at, but the maps are otherwise difficult to navigate. At least the animal props no longer block your path, else it would be even more infuriating to get around places. The menu interface is also confusing and needlessly complicated. The layouts in AV3 was more organized and neat. As for the character art, I appreciate the unique design concept, but I don't actually care for the art style very much (too cartoonish and oddly proportioned for my tastes).


4. Performance - Here's where I have the most issue. The more polished graphics makes the game a lot heavier to run, so there's a lot of lags, especially when climbing up/down ladders and walking across bridges. The fact that there's no feature to boost the movement speed (like the speed crystal) and the inconvenient portal system (the mist realm, as opposed to the mule express and magic mirror in the previous games) makes this problem all the more glaring. Also, this creates a weird anachronism with the universe's timeline - one would think that the technology for travel would improve with time, instead of getting worse.



Overall score: 7/10



Difficulty - Medium

Time - 22 h 41 m

Levels - 57 to 62

Ending - No Marriage

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I have been a fan of Aveyond since the very first one came out and loved all of them and have played them over several times.  I think Mel is my favorite and hoping a follow up with that one comes out with her two twins.  As for Aveyond 4, I waited so long for it to come out.  This one was definitely one of the hardest and quite entertaining.  I was just really disappointed with the ending.  It left me short, maybe it's the romantic in me, but I was really hoping to see Boyle and Ingrid get married.  I still love the game though.



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maybe it's the romantic in me, but I was really hoping to see Boyle and Ingrid get married.


You can see them get married, if you get the required attraction points and create the love potion.  :)

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I don't think the game was bad, so much as terribly disappointing.  I do appreciate the obvious amount of creativity and work put into the game, but it just never did "grab" me.  While I enjoyed some of the humor, I found the storyline overly silly.  The one thing that really ruined the game's enjoyment for me was getting from place to place.  It was simply too complicated and burdensome.  The one thing I used the strategy guide for was the world map, but even that didn't help me get from point A to point B.  I'm having trouble forcing myself to finish the game and am fairly positive I won't be replaying it.  I so loved all the previous Aveyond games and have replayed each of them multiple times, so this has been a major letdown for me.  I'm delighted that so many people are enjoying this one. . . I guess no game is fun for everyone.

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You can see them get married, if you get the required attraction points and create the love potion.  :)

I thought so.. I knew they didn't do those for nothing.  I got the one from the crab and the tournament.  How do you get the love potion.  I tried and she keeps saying something like your not ready yet ...  Good thing I saved in several places.  Time retrace my steps.



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Another wonderful game from Aveyond! It is completely different than the previous Aveyond series, and doesn't follow that story, so if you're looking for that, this isn't it. It is a completely stand alone game, although there are many references to the previous games here.


The game is very fun to play - lots of side quests, some are in your quest journal, others you have to discover and remember to continue. All are worth doing, b/c (outside of the fact that it's just fun and gives you a challenge) you get some great rewards.


Each character is unique, and comes with their own personality and skills. I managed to get Boyle and Ingrid married. Next time, I'll chose another suitor! 


One thing I really enjoyed was the story, and the humor. Very enjoyable. The artwork is wonderful too.


If I'd have anything negative to say, it's only that in the beginning, I felt like I was walking around incessantly. Once I opened up the mist portals, it got easier to get around.


A lovely game! Thank you!


edit: I finished the game in 31 hours, and all my characters were in the high 50s, 60s.

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