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This review is very BRIEF:


Music - I dunno, I didn't feel the charm like in the previous AV games. Although the BGS' were amazing, the music itself failed to draw me deeper in the game world. A few pieces were very promising though. The Mist Realm's soundtrack is a perfect substitute for Field of Wind. 


Maps/Art - They were amazing. They had this nostalgic vibe found in Aveyond 1. The maps were very detailed, they were of the correct size (exploration was never boring). The graphics were eye-candy. 


Gameplay - I think the footsteps were okay. The menu screen was confusing to navigate at first but you'll get it eventually, I did hate the lags but I can't complain because I only have Intel Pentium (though playing the previous AV games were smooth), the battle system was very unique and every character's battle strategies are different.


Story - very catchy... but the humor somehow made it feel like it's not an AV game but a John Wizard game. The concept was nice though. It... it just didn't feel like an AV game for me.


The thing I really love in this game: Interraction between characters (Phye excluded. He didn't really fit in with the group, considering the fact that you get him just before the game ends) especially between Boyle and Myst.


The thing I hate in this game: Walking back and forth to places for a quest. It becomes repetitive and eventually becomes boring. It was painful to enter a coven for Ingrid because I had to walk around too much.


Still, this game is a great addition to the Aveyond Saga. :D


Fingers crossed: I really hope we are getting an AV5 :) :) :) But take your time Amanda :) No rush. Just enjoy life and your job right now! :D

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I'm playing this game presently

And i was played the other aveyond games

and i felt it was different , I mean i loved aveyond rhen's quest

and ean's quest was the best game ever, and orbs of magic , mel's quest was interesting

I loved all so so much , and i expected the new game will be interesting and fun like the other but i felt this game needs more work , like the talking between characters and other people was unnecessary and long , and I liked the characters of the past games more than this game and there are another things I disliked in this game ..

In one word I feel it is a good game , but I had expected better .

And i hope the next game would be better


Thanks a lot

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Just finished the game the other day--took me about 34 hours on casual mode. I loved it! The problem is, you make the games so good I already can't wait for the 5th!


In terms of battles, Rowen was my favorite, as she had the strongest hits as a sword singer. I feel that Myst, to me at least, was the weakest in battle, though she was my favorite character overall. :)


I enjoyed this more than the 3rd series (still loved it though), but somehow the first Aveyond remains my favorite. Maybe that's simply nostalgia, or just the way it was set up. Every installment adds its own unique facet to the series. 


The only elements I wish had been there were more relationship options (it's fun to do the side quests to get rps and see who ends up with who), and when the party had its own dwelling. I loved the character interaction, and the fact that you could sleep for free. :) 


Overall, it was well worth the wait, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for always making these wonderful games!

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Amazing. I played and laughed well hahaha. from the day I played Ahriman Propechy and other games, this is the best rpg games I've ever played. sorry, I'm just a beginner when playing games, so please be easy with me ^__^


I like Myst. but mostly I found myself fonding over Boyle and Ingrid as a couple. 


for the music, Aaron Waltz truly the best with rpg :)

for the character, the first word came out its funny and wow. really. and I really like Myst.

when battling, I often used Myst. and Boyle. and Ingrid. those trio are the must-have party for me, hehe. 


Its really worth the wait. really. I wish there is AV5, but no hurry, because I know, 'its really worth the wait' hehe


thank you, 

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Just finished playing. 



1. Some areas were very annoying to navigate because the tile graphics did not make clear whether an area was impassable or not. for example the ginger woods

2. i hated how the characters had a catch phrase after battle

3. i killed every ghast in the boppity woods 4 times (ie left, came back) and still only got 1 extract for preserves


1. ooh, how i regret buying boyle the totally useless skill sacrifice life, if i hadn't i could have afforded the final staff upgrade

Good stuff:

1. Lots of different skill systems and battle styles, really enjoyed that. Had difficulty choosing characters for final battle, which i consider a good thing. (my final team was boyle, ingrid, hiberu, rowen. ingrid's lfie curse was too useful to miss, hiberu's healign was better than all the healing alternatives, imo rowen with full skills is strongest character. boyle, because minion bonus is significant.)

2. loooved the cheekis

3. LOVED robin. ALL CAPS.

4. the backstories were intriguing



1. Was totally uninvested in all the romantic options. loved the boyle redeemed by the unconditional love of a priestess, though, that was great.

2. what was up with some of those cutscenes at the end? buncha characters i couldn't care less about and not enough meat to the ones i did.


Removed profanity, even acronyms aren't allowed. Please look at the forum rules if you need a refresher.


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Review isn't my thing but I think I feel that my opinion on this game needs to be express.

Characters [7/10]

A new cast of rather intriguing personalities. We have Boyle who thought of becoming a hero is inferior, Myst- a snarky wanna be fun-loving character perhaps my favorite as well and so forth. I could explain everyone on the cast but that's not my cup of tea^_^. Special mention for Hi'beru and Rowen also the party interaction is something near fun.

Overall the cast is a hybrid of fun like Aveyond I, and overwhelming. Why overwhelming?- personal taste is too opinionated for me but  some characters tries too hard to execute impression, I won't give names.


Music [8.5/10]

The music isn't a 9 worthy or 8 worthy, something in  between is satisfaction.

My favourite soundtrack is Halaina- I just love the medieval feels when I am hearing it while ambling around the town. Also, Halaina is near Byzantium or Venice when it comes to details.

The music for this games is soothing. That's it, ran out of words this time.


Gameplay [5/10]

Not a fan of the footsteps, incredibly irritating, and the back-and-forth situation.

The enemies seems repetitive, sorry if I'm being mean-spirited, and kinda gets boring after a while (Goblin here, goblin there) tho there is some positive effects of this like not having weird creatures out on a forest.

The menu screen is alright, seems John Wizard-y for me.

The battle? Good overall, everyone in the cast is begotten though their own ways. 

Art [4/10]

Monotonous. Doesn't really wowed me unlike Aveond III plus it kinda looses the charm of an Aveyond game.


Story [7.5]

A villain tending to be a hero? This seems fun. Not much to say about this. I'm not really vocal like the pessimistic impatient critiques, I try to be optimistic as I can.

Of course we have Myst to continue the plot, LOL:D

Overall: 6/10~above average while maintaining its quality.

"How to be social?" - Hi'beru

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On ‎12‎/‎11‎/‎2015 at 6:24 PM, AuntIggy said:

Well I guess I'm going to be the bad and the green.  The game is made very well and I can tell a lot of effort and love have been put in to it.  But, I am so completely disappointed.  I was expecting something more like the other Aveyond games and this just is so different.  It just doesn't seem to me an Amaranth game but more of a John Wizard game.  I like John Wizard games but again wasn't expecting here in this game. If it weren't for my own expectations I would have to say the game is absolutely wonderful.  But until my disappointment subsides I can't even finish the demo.  I'm sorry I know this isn't what anyone wants to hear but I have to be honest.  I've been playing the other Aveyond games getting revved up for this one and I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy that doesn't care for change or surprises.

Your comment kind of made me chuckle the last line lol. I myself didn't get into it as much as I immediately always became engrossed into the other Aveyond games. But I believe in giving things a second try and will make another attempt. 

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I Have had the pleasure of playing all the Aveyond Games I found the humor in this game to be the best yet though Aveyond 2 is my Favorite I Really enjoyed playing

through it I really like how you went into so much detail on creating Ingrid And Boyle In particularly stood out as well written character's and a good 

foil.  one question I did have is why i haven't run into ny of the other Nymphs in the Aveyond series besides the Nymph of Wickedness  after Aveyond  2.

This game overall animation Improved story well developed fun experience i would recommend to people who normally would not play rpgs.

I have really enjoyed the Aveyond series so far. I hope many more great Aveyond Tittles come in the future. 

The Story (8/10)      The Art ( 6/10)  The Charactors ( 8/10)  Special features ( like potion brewing ) (7/10) Humor (9.8/10)  overall  gaming experience (8.2/10)

Aveyond Rankings all games my opinion 

1st Aveyond  2 Eans Quest (9.6/10)

2nd Aveyond 3-4 Darkthrop Phrophecy  (9/10)

3rd Aveyond 3-2 Gates of Night (8.5/10)

4th Aveyond 4 Shadows of the Mist (8.2/10) great game but graphics did not feal like an aveyond game.

5th aveyond 1 Rhens Quest (7.5/10) only because of a few bugs or would be (8.7/10)

6th The Lost Orb (7/10) because no healer. and i got stuck in the worm cave as a child for 4 hours. and only finished the game on the second playthrough.

7th The Lord Of Twilight (7/10) Interesting plot 

8th Arimahns Prophecy (6/10) it was ok .

One fianl things did all the Nymphs die from aveyond 2 because you never see them unless i'm just missing them by mistake.


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Ayyy its me here everybody

I really love playing aveyond, its a great game.

First lets start with my first aveyond game which is Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, The concept of sword singer is very interesting as well as the skill learning system at the academy. Trying to become an official sorcerer and sword singer, Collecting orb for Lars staff. The druids. Agas and stuff. So overall it was great 11/10

Then my second Aveyond game which is Ean's Quest. It was also very fantastic. I mean if you look at the configurine idea it was very attractive and was probably the reason I love Aveyond 2 and Ean so much after found out that he could turn into a epic beast. And the storyline  about Iya and her hidden singer abilities, gosh so wonderful. Plus the journey to find the Nymph, together with Ava one eye and Jack with his unique commentaries and of course Nicholas and Gavin too which mesh up together and boom... 13/10.

since Mel' adventure was long and imma lazy to type so i wont review it but overall its a solid 9/10

And since Ahriman's Phrophecy is funny coz i beat Ahriman using the Death pendant that i bought from the elven kingdom and varios fun adventure 8/10

finally,  Shadow of the mist, well tbh this one is a little bit complicated. See at first i really felt it was fun, then after meeting ingrid it felt a lil bit downer because i think that her transformation skill (the to obtain them ) is anti climatic. Same goes with the sword singer. imean i was very excited when i meet the Elder Oak. i am finnaly meeting the long lost sword singer, then Rowan came and just ask.Just like that.It feels weird.Furthermore Hercules and his idiocy. Thats all the downer for this one. On the bright side, the minion system is very fun and the scene of Fang and boyle reunited again is very heartwarming. My perspective of this game had become better with the presence of Fang although i occasionally use Son of Cannon(poor Fang didn't mean to not use him.There were also that night warden thingy with innocent robin and Myst figthing against the werebear or squirrel LOL XDXDXD. Plus there were the funny puzzle with forthwrong and forthrigth and finally the best part which Boyle Himself.the reason why i did not dislike but instead love Shadow of the mist with passionate is because of Boyle. Look at his character its Golden, funny and relatable. God, i sure am grateful for having Boyle as the protag. His figthing menu was also unique and powerful . Plus the mysteriuos Chester... 8/9

HAHAHA soryy 4 making these long review

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