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Little Bug in Hanalia cave (by castle)

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When I first arrived in Hanalia, I wandered up to the castle and decided to peek in the cave before going to visit the King.  


I go in and click on the gate.  Boyle says, "It's locked."


Then, Myst says, "Robin!  Why don't we use the key we found in the Gingernut Cave?"


I thought, "Who the heck is Robin?"


And nothing happened.


So I shrugged and went on.


Eventually, I found Robin and did the whole Gingernut Cave thing (and got a bunch of keys).


But now when I go back to the cave in Hanalia, Boyle just says, "It's locked."


So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to unlock that door at this point?  Am I missing a key?  Or did I somehow lose the ability to use that key after the first weird conversation with a character I didn't have in my party yet?  

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In the Gingernut cave system where you find the keys, there are four locked cages that can be opened. However, there are five keys in the cave itself. If you collected all the keys, you will have one left for the cave in Halaina.

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