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Okay, this was tricky at first. So you found the key to the archer's house, right? And you should have picked up the Archer and Thief cards?


Go into the Vault (the big building.) On the table that's right in front of you, put down the Archer and Thief cards. I know it looks like there's room for three--there IS room for three--but for now, you only need the two. The first elemental barrier should break, and you can go through and find either the next key or the next card, I don't remember which.


There are four houses--Archer, Thief, King and Beggar--and (I think) eight cards. Each house has a different riddle in it, and I recall usually not being able to solve those riddles when I first went into the house.


In any case, you'll be running between the Vault and the Houses a lot to gather the keys and the cards. There are also chapters you'll find--walk up to the book in the front and center of the Vault to add the chapters and view the next riddle in the Vault. (That was the part that tripped me up the most, I didn't realize what the chapters were for XD)


Good luck! Shout if you need anything else :)

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got stuck at riddle


1. The Thief pays the archer a hefty sum, and vanishes into the night.


2.  The Archer fires an arrow at the king, felling him with one blow.



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Is the house Rowen refused to enter (where Miles is supposed to be) the one she keeps saying is locked?  I can't get past that dialogue.  Is there something that needs doing before she will go in?

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