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Blabbermouth potion

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Why would you NOT tell us how to prepare the Blabbermouth recipe?  First, someone asks ... then says "nevermind ... i figured it out" and then NO ONE indicates how or what to do.


I have the mineral man ... the leaves ...  the recipe ... and I am at Ingrid's house.




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Do you have hot spice, or just the leaves? Because you need to collect all the leaves to make hot spice.


If you have hot spice, then just add the recipe to the cauldron. Then add the hot spice. Then add based use the potion's book and add whatever you need based on what the color of the potion is.

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This is the procedure to making "Blabbermouth Potion"

FIRST ... you must have Blabbermouth Recipe, Hot Spice, Rock Powder (which is already in the room), and Mandrake Man (which is a funny man-shaped plant)

AFTER YOU HAVE ASSEMBLED these four things, you do the following:

1) walk up to the cauldron and click on cauldron, and Ingrid says "this will be good"

2) then, Ingrid says "do I have the secret ingredient?" and screen says "choose secret ingredient"

which turns out to be "Hot Spice" (which is in your ITEMS)

3) after clicking on Hot Spice, Ingrid will then say "Kaboom!" and then Ingrid also says "Its gone green, what will I do?"

4) you walk over to recipe book and find GREEN potion where you are told to add "Rock Powder"

5) you must now walk to lower left side of screen and pick up "Rock Powder" (this item is simply sitting there for you to use), click on it, and take it to cauldron and click on the cauldron "Ingrid shaves off some Rock Powder" and says "This is wrong.  It shouldn't be orange"

6) you must again go to the recipe book and find ORANGE potion where you are told to use "Man of Minerals"

7) you walk over to the left side of the screen where a strange man-shaped plant is laying and click on it

8) "Ingrid picks up Mineral Man" and walk over to cauldron again and click

9) "Ingrid breaks off a piece of the mineral man" and Potion now changes to BLUE

10) Ingrid says "That's it! Perfect" as well as "My creation is complete"

The screen now tells you "you made "Blabbermouth Potion" and it will appear in your ITEMS


You must do the above ... otherwise it becomes confusing and you will have to start over.

I hope this helps you because the "guide" does not indicate the steps that I have just listed.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!

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I need to get back to Ingrids house to make the bladder potion, but i cant find the broom in my items. I go to my items and all i see are the the clothes they can wear in battle and their weponds. help!

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I think you're viewing the equipable items only. Look at the tabs at the top and click on 'key items' or just 'items. Then you should be able to find the broom.

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