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locked red door in tor and dragon wasteland

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I must be very stupid because I cannot find the route to the last red door in the Dragon Wastelands. And yes, I already have the key to unlock the red doors and I have already unlocked the one in Tor in the other one in the Wastelands. I only have this one last door left.


I know it is the southwest bottom part because when I am in that direction, I can see the very top part of this last door. But try as I might, I cannot find the path that will take me to very, very, very bottom of the map where I can enter the door. The furthest south I can go is where I can see the top of the red door.


In case you don't know what I mean, this picture shows you the furthest south I can go (http://i.imgur.com/GuWDyHh.jpg). As you can see, I can see the red door, but I can't go down any further to get to the door, nor can I get the path to that money bag. I have gone over all the map but I still cannot find the path to the door. I must be very stupid and very blind because I have tried for the past 5 hours and can't get further south. Help!


Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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You'll gain the key when you've advanced in the plot enough. What is your main quest right now? Have you been to Skull Mountain?



Also, you may want to have a look at the forum rules, since you have been breaking them.

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