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Script Template (offer)

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I have developed a set of scripts to be used for RPG Maker XP. It includes a wide variety of features, including:


  > Reformatted menus:
    - Menu
       Added bars to indicate amounts of HP, SP, and EXP.
       Rearranged menu allows space for up to 6 party members.
    - Status
       Added biographies.
       Added good/evil meter (see below).
       Added party member relationships (see below).
    - Equip
       Added details of each weapon/piece of armor.
    - Shop
       Added separate listings for PDEF and MDEF.
    - Item
       Weapons and armor shown in yellow and equippable.
       This and the Skill window now allow more items than fit on-screen.
  > Time and date system:
    - Day/night.
    - Snow in winter.
  > Active and inactive party members (only actives take part in battles).
  > Changeable party leader (the party member shown on-screen).
  > Questbook/journal:
    - Multi-page system if there are too many quests for one page.
  > Party member graphic customization:
    - Requires a graphic for every combination of features.
  > Sideview battle system.
  > Good/Evil meter for each party member, shown in Status (see above).
  > Difficulty modes:
    - Easy has 25% stronger party, 25% weaker enemies, and healing on level-up.
    - Normal does not include healing on level-up.
    - Hard has 25% weaker party, 25% stronger enemies, and no healing on level-up.
  > Additional message window features:
    - Bold
    - Italics
    - Shadow text
    - Icons
    - Name windows
    - Resizing window to match size of text.
    - Face graphics.
  > Left-hand weapons (weapons in the shield slot).
  > Two-handed weapons (automatically unequip the shield slot).
  > Blood/pain mages (use HP instead of SP for spells).
  > Party member relationships, shown in Status (see above).
  > Vehicle system.
    - Features three depths of water and three types of vehicle: boat, big boat
       and flight.


This is free to download and use for any RPG made with RMXP. If you use it, please credit me as either hawkeye5366 or MagykMagus (whichever you prefer). Feel free to repost it anywhere you like, as long as I am credited and a link is included to this thread.


Download Here (screenshots included)


-Demo coming soon-



After unzipping the folder, take the Scripts file (from in the Data subfolder) and copy-paste it into the preexisting Data folder for your game (replacing the preexisting Scripts file). Copy-paste the various included graphics into the appropriate folders.

WARNING: This will replace every script you have, including ones you have added that are not default. If you have any scripts outside of this that you would prefer to keep, I suggest saving them in different games so you can copy them back in after setting up my template. (Additional warning: I have no idea if this is compatible with anything else, I haven't tested it with anything.)

I would recommend against setting this up with a game you've started already; it would be very difficult to retrofit it to the stuff you've already set up. If you don't mind the extra effort, though, I don't think it would cause any serious problems.

Further instructions are included in the scripts.


Future features:

I plan to, at some point, add a party-switcher and an equip menu to the battle screen. However, I have largely run out of ideas. Any ideas or requests anyone comes up with are welcome; just post them here. If you have a feature you want that you don't think others would want, feel free to post anyway or PM me; maybe I can create a custom version or mod just for you.


Additionally, if you encounter any errors or problems, please post them here and I'll fix them ASAP.

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