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Things I wish I'd known before I started playing

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I tend to find the "Wish I'd known" posts for games quite helpful as a general rule, so I figured I'd start one for AV4.


1. The majority of your time will be spent travelling and there are no accessories to increase your walking speed. *sadness*


2. Fruit drinks (apple, grape, and pineapple) and the super carrot permanently increase various aspects for all party members, so save them until you get everybody. Also, the Priestess Collection quest increases stats for the whole party, so while finding them all can be done at any time, wait to turn in the quest until you have everyone (or even when you turn in Boyle's Bad Luck to save yourself an extra trip.) [Thanks to HunterReese for mentioning the quest]


3. Similarly, level eggs are best used after you have a full roster, though don't worry about the power yams around Delamere because Rowen automatically eats them all and you can't get there without her.


4. The vampire doll in Windshire can be given to someone in Wyrmwood, which starts a chain of doll trading ending in a pretty awesome accessory for Myst. This doesn't appear in your journal, but it's worth doing.


5. Single target multi-hit spells/skills will randomly target other enemies if the initial target dies during the spell/skill.


6. Rowen needs to be taken to the elder oak in Briar Woods to gain sword singer skills from the golden statues. Similarly,

taking Hi'beru back to the sleepless dragon in Whisper Woods will get him a spell book, and Rowen can help the crab guy with his raft.



7. Pay attention when someone says they are the greatest or have the best, they usually do. If they suggest that they need something to create it, make sure to get those items for them.


8. There are more Cheekis in the game than are required to buy all of the upgrades, but not by much.


9. Attraction points are easy to get accidentally and missing one (or giving it to the wrong person) will prevent Ingrid from being able to buy the love potion recipe for that character. Additionally, completing a quest or action that will get you an attraction point with only Boyle in your party will automatically give that attraction point to Boyle rather than giving you the option to get it for someone else and give it to them later.

Beware the Expert tournament.



 10. Circles in the water allow Ingrid to turn Boyle into a frog to search them. She can also turn Myst into a snake to search cracks in the walls.


11. Demons you fight with Phye always drop good equipment, but the drops can be very hard to see. Luckily, the drops stay even after you leave the area.


12. New party members will start at much lower levels than your current ones, but they tend to catch up rather quickly. Party members in reserve still gain xp and levels despite not being shown in dialog bubbles at the end of combat.


That's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to add to the list with things you wish you'd known.

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I believe you're right about there being at least one in the Dragon Wasteland.  I think there may have been a second in the southern area after you can go through the red doors.  I also seem to remember one in Delamere.  I know there were several throughout the game.


You can also add the priestess collection quest to the list of things that give all members a permanent stat boost; so, it's best to wait to collect your reward for that as well.  

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