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Happy New Year everyone!!  :wub:


Could somebody make a list of the customers' requests and the items they need from me? I have some difficulty in finding the correct items for certain requests. Thanks a lot!

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Here's the list of items, where they're found, and some key words from what the customers ask.  


Jade Dragon (Windy Hills) -  what dragons look like

Piggy Bank (Briar Caves) - place to hide money

Ghost Puppet (Windmill) - paranormal puppet show

Vampire Fangs (Wyrmwood) - bloody good time at secret convention

Actor's Guild Card (Wyrmwood) - best actor in city

Vintage Doll (Tor Arena) - play with and take care of

Handsome Quill (Halaina Treasure Key Shop) - handsome with royal tastes

Glass Slipper (Halaina Castle) - prove she's a real princess

Lost Sock (Halaina Armadeus HQ Night Watch) - one foot is cold

Torture Device (Halaina Dungeon) - pure anger and frustration

Super Balm (Tor) - regular balm is not enough

Fan (Halaina) - stylish way to keep cool

Ingrid's Old Hat (join a coven) - unique item for outfit

Ship in a Bottle (End of the World) - big fish in small pond

Shawl of Sorts (Mudsludge Swamp) - something she could have made herself

Chateau Wine (Delamere) - diet of fermented fruit

Orb of Prettyness (Daintree) - into orbs 

Shell Carving (Daintree - Mystery Item) - elf artifact

Beige Llama (Daintree) - something plain

Fossil (Shadow Isles) - something new, something blue ...

Weapon Blueprint (Tor - red door) - ultimate weapon

Globe of Ai (Ulrock) - hold the world in palm

Ruby Gem (Depths of the Fire) - tarnished by fire

Sparkling Gem (Shadow Isles) - propose

Red Egg (Busybeak Hills) - red bird

Snowglobe (Snow Island) - girl from Shaenlir

*Jinx's Dress - only if you join Jinx's coven* - needs a new dress

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I don't have all the exact dialogues but hopefully this helps.



1. Someone wants to know what a baby dragon looks like - Jade Dragon

2. "I gots to have somewhere to hide my moneys." - Piggy Bank

3. "My puppet show I do lacks the element of the paranormal. Do you have anything that can help make it scarier? " - Ghost Puppet

4. "I'm going to this killer secret convention. It's going to be a bloody good time. Do you see my eyes simply sparkle with excitement? I just need to make sure I fit in." - Vampire Fangs

5. "I would be the best actor in the city...if they weren't so picky with those guild cards." - Actor's Guild Card

6. "I just want somefing to play wif and take care of." - Vintage Doll

7. "Do you have anything handsome to suit those with royal tastes" - Handsome Quill

8. "No one believe that I'm a real princess. I need some way to prove it." - Glass Slipper

9. "My foot's cold. But just one of them." - Lost Sock

10. Torture Device

11. "When you're a businessman like me, regular balm just isn't enough." - Super Balm

12. "There has to be a more stylish way of keeping cool than dumping water on my head." - Fan

13. "There's something missing from my outfit but none of the stores around here have anything quite...unique enough." - Ingrid's Old Hat

14. Ship in a Bottle

15. "I don't like to come across as materialistic.I just want something I could have made myself." - Shawl of Sorts

16. "I'd like something really plain." - Beige Llama

17. "I'm on this new diet where I only eat fruit. Fermented, liquefied fruit. It's very relaxing." - Chateau Wine

18. Orb of Pettyness

19. "I'm studying elf artifacts so I shall like to acquire anything you may have to that effect." - Shell Carving

20. "Let's see...I've got something new, something blue, and something borrowed...I just need one more thing." - Fossil

21. A militant squirrel looking to make a weapon - Weapon Blueprint

22. "I want to hold the world in the palm of my hand." - Globe of Ai

23. Ruby Gem

24. Sparkling Gem

25. "Where on earth can I find a red bird?" - Red Egg

26. A woman from Shaenlir who wants something that reminds her of her hometown - Snowglobe



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Super Balm (Tor) - regular balm is not enough.


Oooops... I remember selling that to a regular shop almost immediately after finding it. Guess he's never getting that balm. Perhaps that item should be made to be unsellale/unusable.

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But it is unusable/unsellable.  :huh:    Are you sure it was the Super Balm you sold?  You have to buy it from the Miscellaneous Shop in Tor, and it only appears in your key items list.

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 I wondered about Flip Card, Jade dragon usefulness.

I came here and wondered why the customers of the items weren't mentioned.They are at Robin's shop! I didn't make the link with the topic's title.

Envoyé de mon P023 avec Aveyond Kingdom

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