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How to defeat Kubaba?

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Either use attacks that hit multiple enemies, or if your party is using single-enemy attacks, have each party member attack a different Kubaba.  It will take a while, but the real Kubaba will get hit at least once every round.

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A little trick I've noticed with Kubaba often lets you know which of the three is the real him. You have to carefully notice if, at any turn, one of the sprites is lying behind both the remaining sprites - that will be the real Kubaba. It kind of made sense that he was hiding behind his clones. However, it doesn't always work. I'll provide examples.


xXX - x would be the real Kubaba

XXx - x will be the real Kubaba

XxX , xXx - in these cases, the above tactic doesn't work. You'll just have to use AoE spells or go by Argoyle's advice.


I had to sort of squint to see which sprites were overlapping the others, but I was able to hit the right Kubaba every time they arranged themselves that way. Not sure if I just happened to get lucky multiple times, but if it works for you too, let me know xD

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