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Calcu-late (to Study Now When The Test is Tomorrow) [Commercial]

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Calcu-Late is a game about a boy named James that need to participate in a godly olympics tournament as a representative for the goddess of mathematics, Seshat. The tournament will grant the participant a wish that they stated before the tournament starts. James is gonna take a final exam of math in his school, yet he forgot to study for it. His wish is just to pass the math finals.

The game is written in English and will consist of several puzzle and Versus-AI games.






The game consist of several stage which involves different puzzle with story cut-scenes in between. The game itself is quite linear and has auto-save feature in each stage so if you failed in a certain puzzle, you can try again by clicking continue.

On every stage there will be a trial phase and a battle phase. In the trial phase, the player will be given a puzzle that can be solved alone by thinking or calculating it and it will be continued to the next phase. In the next phase, which is the battle phase, the player will have a match against the computer or AI. It will be a battle of wits which require concentration and patience.













James is just an ordinary student in an ordinary world, but things suddenly change when there's a test tomorrow and he's not studied yet. It maybe just a common thing in everyday life, but not for James.



Seshat, The Goddess of Mathematics
Seshat is the only reason James has a chance on his test tomorrow. While she said that she's the Goddess of Mathematics, it's not clear what she actually in capable of.







Other Screenshots









  Hi there :)

We're from Blazing Fanfish Studio and this is our game Calcu-late! Have you ever in a situation where there's a test tomorrow but you haven't study anything? Well the same thing happen to our protagonist, James, but the thing is... Is it too late for him to study?


Enjoy a mind twisting mathematic-ish puzzle in this game! It will sure make a great exercise for your brain. :D


We also need your help to vote our game Calcu-late on steam greenlight.


And thank you for all your support, Calcu-late is now live on steam!


We are open to critique and advice, so feel free to comment and ask about anything about our game!

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