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Question about [ Aaron Walz: From Another Shore ]

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Hey guys! I've fallen in love with the Aveyond 1 soundtrack and to my delight, there's an actual album of it so I checked it out on Amazon. Luckily there were samples and I was just grinning ear to ear listening to some of them. Oh I was SO READY to purchase said album!




I realised some tracks that were in the game were not in the album, hmm, for eg: Ghalarah, Clearwater, Veldarah, Battle Music and my favourite one, the Final Boss music :( and a few others.


Just wondering why is this so? Were they not composed by Aaron? Would love to hear back from you guys. (also if I have posted in the wrong forum, do tell me/ move it to the correct one, thanks friends!)


I really, REALLY want to buy the album so I can listen to it in my car (my car's kinda my personal space) but I don't want to buy it if it doesn't contain all the music. I'm seriously willing to pay more than the stated $8.99 if it means you guys put all of the OST in it :D


this is the link I was looking at btw:



Also, is there a difference in the number of tracks in the CD version and the mp3 version? I don't really need the physical CD so mp3 would be fine for me, but IF the CD has the extra/complete tracks then I'll be getting the CD. Anyhoo, thanks in advance!

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actually , they were composed by Aaron . i don't know why they're not sold . btw , i hope Walz Music will sell soundtrack from Aveyond Darkthrop Prophecy cause there're some tracks from Aveyond 1 used there , and they were also remade or remastered so the sound quality is much better .

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Ah!! That's good to know! Thanks for clearing my doubts! I do wish it contained the complete OST though. I just managed to save up some spare cash and am extremely eager to purchase the album. But I guess I'll have to wait and see what he says!


I was quite surprised that the major ones like Clearwater/ Battle Music / Final Boss music were not in the album. :(


Oh, the Darkthrop Prophecy OST! So far the only AV3 albums I saw released from Aaron are the LOT and GON ones. I hope he does release it too :)

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Hiya Rosetyler and Callmedan!

Years later, and he appears, haha. I did indeed compose all the music for Aveyond, Aveyond 2, and Aveyond 3. I actually am going to release the ENTIRE Aveyond 1 soundtrack very soon. This will include the battle themes and all the towns. From Another Shore was never meant to be an OST. It included all the relaxing, non gamey sounding tracks mostly, as well as a few other compositions. That being said I think it is a great album and you should get it! I also did an OST for Aveyond 3, parts 1 and 2. And I am working on the Aveyond 2 OST as well. And last will do the remainder of Aveyond 3.

If you haven't already found me online, I have a YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/walzmusic (please subscribe!) I also have the company Facebook page at www.facebook.com/walzmusic . I do live stream concerts from there lately. I likely will first release the soundtrack on walzmusic.bandcamp.com, my website www.walzmusic.com, and then iTunes, as that process takes awhile. I did a GoFundMe some years back, and those backers will get the album first.

Any more questions, let me know! I actually am not 100% sure where all the music goes (what town etc), so I may have some questions haha. This is because sometimes music was used for another place, different from what it was originally intended for.



walz music pete version two colors.jpg

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