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Hello! I love Aveyond 1, it's my favourite, and have always wanted to write fanfiction about it. Never had the courage to do it but recently something prompted me and I decided to post them here! I tried ff.net but it was too complicated for a first timer like me, so I decided to post them onto none other than the official website itself!

I will update this first post with the titles I've written every time I post a new drabble in this thread. Also, there will be character names so you can know who to expect.


Author's Updates:
- (12 April) Hey guys, I've just gotten a job in real life + I'm helping to edit a game so I might not be posting any short fics as often anymore. I'm still writing but just won't be updating as often. I'm sorry!

Fics Written (click on the titles to jump straight to the posts!):

Welcome to Ghed'ahre (Te'ijal, Rhen, Lars)
You're Bleeding (Rhen, Lars)
The Right Way (Lars, Dameon)
Lord Gavin's Ball (Rhen, Lars)
One Last Night (Rhen x Lars) might be too mushy for some

Trouble At Sea (Everyone) I feel like this one is the best out of all the short fics I've written
A Moment Of Solace (Rhen)
I Know (Rhen x Lars)
A Bad Idea (Rhen, Lars)

Challenge Accepted (Rhen, Lars)
Today was supposed to be good day (coming soon)

Heights (coming soon)

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Welcome to Ghed'ahre

Characters: Rhen D., Lars T., Te’ijal R.

Idea: I'm pretty sure the party faced conflict when they first entered Ghed'ahre :) also tweaked a bit of things, such as not buying the garlic necklace. This happened after they defeated Nanghaithya, so their relationship would've improved after realising that they shouldn't take their lives for granted.


The town was quiet when they reached its gates. Rhen Darzon thought it odd and surveyed her surroundings. She nudged at a weathered signboard, the words "Ghed'ahre" hastily scribbled across it in drippy red paint.

Her companion, Lars Tenobor, looked up at the sky.

"Since when did it get so dark?" he asked.

Rhen followed his gaze. She stared up into the sky then back to the road from where they came from. They'd left the tavern just a little after morning, she was sure of it, and then trekked across Halloween Hills. It had been a bumpy journey but it couldn't, shouldn't, have taken them the entire afternoon.

At most, they'd travelled three hours, maybe four, tops. So for it to be dark so quickly, it was indeed strange.

"It's the hills," she said, pointing, "they cast really long shadows, and we've been going downhill, maybe that's why it feels like night." Sure enough, if they'd paid attention earlier they'd realise that the town was nestled away in the dark shadows at the foot of Halloween Hills, on a downward terrain that made it difficult for the sun to shine across, even in the hottest of afternoons.

"Well... this place gives me the creeps," Lars said behind her. He kicked a rock, sending it flying.

She nodded.

"Yeah. It's so strange. Where is everybody? Vohu Manah said the druid Rashnu resided in this town, didn't he?" Rhen looked around the quiet town again, frowning.

Lars didn't reply.

Rhen suddenly felt uneasy and swiftly unsheathed her sword, whirling around in the process, only to see Lars' arms held behind his back in a tight one-arm grip, his silent captor's other hand clamped firmly on his mouth. Rhen saw Lars' eyes widen in a wild panic and his irises darting about as if to warn her of something. The warning came a tad bit too late and Rhen felt someone kick the sword out of her hand. The sword went clattering to the ground and before she could go after it she felt the sharp tip of a blade pressing against her neck.

"Don't go having any ideas, missy," a voice said from behind her.

Rhen stood completely still; the blade was extremely close to severing her neck and she didn't want to risk anything. The person holding the blade against her throat laughed, and it wasn't a pleasant one.

"What's this... Overlanders?"

Rhen saw two, then three, and then a huge number of people approach them from the shadows of the houses. They emerged as if they were the shadows themselves, soundlessly and wordlessly. Their skin were stretched and pale to the point of being grey and their eyes, hooded in their sockets, were now staring intensely, with an uncomfortable interest, at the newcomers.

A woman stepped forward from the crowd, smiling. Her hair was black as night and her skin was a pasty, sickly grey. She laughed and said, "Overlanders again. Do you people never give up?"

"It seems they never do, Eva," a man in the crowd said.

"What are you talking about?" Lars growled, managing to free his mouth but not his arms. Rhen struggled too but quickly she realised it was no use. She saw Lars' staff lying a distance away from him and her sword laying nowhere near her.

They were done for.

Ignoring Lars, Eva laughed a high, chilling laugh and turned to Rhen, smiling.

Rhen decided instantly that she did not like that smile.

The woman waved at the person behind Rhen to move the blade away from her throat. The person complied, then grabbed Rhen's arms and gripped them tightly behind her back.

"Look at you... so beautiful, so alive..."

"Listen, we're not here to harm anybody, we swear, we just-" Rhen started, but the woman cut her off.

"Ahh yes, yes, I'm sure you're not, whatever," Eva replied absently, tracing a cold finger down Rhen's temple to the base of her neck, the action sending chills down Rhen's spine, "... you see, girl, we were always, ALWAYS caught off guard. But this time... we were READY."

"What are you talking about?" Rhen cried.

"It matters not, now," Eva said, grinning. Then, quick as lightning, she gripped Rhen's cheeks and tilted her head up, exposing Rhen's neck. The milky white skin of Rhen's throat, flushed red with her struggles and anger, seemed to glow bright in the low light, and Eva was not displeased.

"Mm... it's killing me that I can hear your blood rushing through your skin so clearly... what torture. And it's also not helping that you smell... so... tasty," she murmured, bending close and sniffing Rhen's exposed skin.

"What are you doing-"

Rhen felt the woman lick her neck and she flinched.

"Don't you DARE try anything," Rhen spat. She struggled, again, to fight off her captor but was held back by the same extraordinarily heavy grip, one she couldn't understand.

Rhen knew she wasn't THAT physically tough, but the countless training at the Academy under Lorad had made her not only strong but had also heightened her agility and speed. She knew she could've easily taken one person down, even with a blade pressed against her neck, if she were quick enough. She did, after all, defeat the demon Nanghaithya with Lars... so why was it so hard this time for this bunch of crooks?

"Hey, leave her alone!" Lars said angrily. "What do you want with us?"

The woman straightened herself and laughed, revealing two elongated canines, sharp and eager.

Rhen gaped, realisation dawning upon her.

They’re not crooks; they're Vampires!

"Vampires!" Rhen echoed her thoughts.

"Vampires," Lars repeated faintly, all colour leaving his face.

The woman narrowed her eyes, which Rhen now realised, were blood red.

"Oh, as if you didn't know, Overlanders. Drop the act; we know you're here to stake us... one by one," Eva snarled.

"Stake you? Why would we do that?" Rhen said incredulously.

Eva hissed. "Isn't that what all of you Overlanders do? Come into tiny little Ghed'ahre, kill us and make us your trophies. Is that not what you're here for? Too many times have we been unprepared, too many times have we lost our brothers and sisters. Well, not this time, right?" Eva directed the last sentence to the crowd, who murmured in agreement, eyes glittering.

"Are you crazy?!" Lars cried.

"Yes, are you crazy?" Rhen repeated, glaring at Eva. She let her temper get a hold of her, a grave mistake Rhen later learns she should not have made. "Why would we do that? Trust me when I say this; we're not here to kill anybody! We're here on a mission and I'd like very much for you and your friends to let us go or I swear to the Goddess I will-"

"You will... what?" Eva interrupted quietly.

The atmosphere changed and Rhen immediately regretted her words. The vampires did not like and did not take to threats lightly; it was obvious in Eva's steel-like gaze. Rhen's heartbeat quickened.

"Oh, oh it's not good, dearie, to throw threats when you are so pitifully outnumbered and helpless, you know," Eva drawled.

"No, wait! I didn't mean I was going to kill you. I'm sorry! I swear we are on a mission! We're here to see-"

"Lies!" Eva hissed, cutting Rhen off. Deciding she was done speaking to Rhen, the woman turned away and focused on the struggling Lars. Smiling, Eva gripped his face firmly.

"Hey, don't touch me," Lars snapped, but Eva ignored him and pressed her lips against his. Lars made an inaudible sound and Eva released him, licking her lips. Then, without any warning, the woman threw a lightning quick punch at him, hitting him hard in the gut.

Lars fell to his knees, the wind having knocked out of him. With his arms still held behind his back, Lars was unable to do anything but wheeze and double over in pain.

Seeing this, Rhen panicked.


Immediately, all the training and lessons she learned with her professors back at the Academy on how to face or react during tense situations like these flew out of the window. She turned to Eva just as the woman was about to throw another punch.

"Stop! Stop it! Don't do it! Why can't you just believe us when we say we come in peace?"

She paused, but when Rhen saw that Eva was not listening and was in fact, lifting her arm up to give Lars another hit, she panicked again. She started talking again, words flying out of her mouth.

"We're not here to kill you! We're sent by the Oracle! On a quest, on a mission! Ahriman! Demons! Attacking the druids! Must warn them, must save them! We're here to see the druid Rashnu!" Rhen exclaimed in a rush. Then, taking a deep breath, she screamed, "AND HE MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE!"

For a moment a heavy silence hung in the air.

Breathing heavily, Rhen risked a glance over to the crowd. Mention of the druid's name seemed to have an effect on them for they started murmuring. Even Eva lowered her hand and turned around to face her.

"Don't lie. You're just saying this so we'll let you go," Eva said, voice dripping with malice, "And then when we let you go, you'll turn around and stab us in the back with a stake when you think we're not looking. Don't think we don't know these tricks of yours."

"It's the truth!" Rhen pleaded.

"Nice try. Oh well, it's been good knowing you like this, girl, but I think it'd be greater knowing you as my dinner."


Eva approached Rhen, baring her fangs, and Rhen squeezed her eyes shut.

"That's enough, Eva," a clear voice rang out from behind them.

Another silence hung in the air.

Rhen opened her eyes but in her position, was unable to turn around to put a face to the voice but the look on Eva's face made her wonder who it was, for the person made Eva sneer, and if Rhen hadn’t been so close to death just a moment ago, she would’ve smiled at that.

"Oh, you."

"Let them go. I believe that they are speaking the truth," the voice said again.

"Oh, you're so sure, are you," Eva replied sarcastically, "...but then again, someone like you would believe all the hogwash escaping from this girl's mouth."

The owner of the voice stepped into view, and the first thing that Rhen noticed was the lone streak of white in the shocking red of the woman's hair.

"Let them go, Eva. Seriously, do they look dangerous to you? They're children. And are they even carrying stakes with them? Go on, go ahead, check their things," the red-haired woman said. Two men stepped forward and ransacked Rhen and Lars' knapsacks eagerly, only to be disappointed when they found nothing but bread, folded cloaks and aquifolium.

"Well, then, there you go," the red-haired woman said, with a smile.

The crowd, Rhen noticed, had slowly started disperse when the two men could find no stakes in their knapsack. Eva noticed this too, and turned back to the red-haired woman.

There seemed to be a moment of uncertainty, but finally she spoke.

"Alright then, fine. I don't believe a word she says but I'll let it go, just this time, just this one time. If anyone dies today at the hands of these two humans, it will be on you, Te'ijal, remember that," Eva said, then turning to Rhen, "How unfortunate, girl... and I was looking quite forward to knowing you better... as my dinner. Don't think I've let you off the hook; I'll be watching you, oh yes, I'll be watching you very closely indeed." At this Eva stalked off and Rhen felt the grip on her arms loosen as her captor ran after Eva.

In front of her, Lars was also released and the man disappeared off into the shadows silently. Lars fell to his feet, groaning.

Heart in her throat, Rhen grabbed her sword, tucking it in her scabbard. She then grabbed Lars' staff and ran over to him.

"Lars! Speak to me!"

Lars laid down on the grass, turning onto his back. "Damn that woman... she's crazy," he muttered, "and that hurt like hell." Groaning, he placed his hands over his abdomen and started murmuring the words of white healing magic. A faint white glow emitted from his palms, swirling and wavering as it came in contact with his clothing. It then absorbed into him and disappeared. Rhen watched quietly, still gripping his staff.

When he was done, Rhen handed him his staff and Lars accepted it gratefully.

"Feel better?" she asked.

"No... just numbed the pain. Pretty sure she broke my rib," he said, getting to his feet.

"I'm sorry, Lars, it was because I threatened her she did this to you."

He was just about to wave off her apology when someone cleared their voice. Rhen turned to see the red-haired woman, standing in the same spot. Suddenly feeling awkward, Rhen got to her feet and slowly approached their saviour.

"Thank you... for saving us. If you hadn't come, I do not know what would've become of us," Rhen said, gesturing to herself and to Lars.

"Well, I believe you, humans. Besides, you don't look like the usual vampire hunters we see. You're much too... soft," the red-haired woman said, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Te'ijal Ravenfoot."

"Rhen. And he's Lars."

"Hi," Lars said, giving a feeble wave.

"Well then, Rhen and Lars, best you be off on your mission, what is it, to warn Rashnu? To save the druids?" Te'ijal said, starting to walk away.

Rhen frowned.

"Wait! Why do you believe us?"

"I know Rashnu. In fact, the whole town does. He's a good person. He protects this town. And if he's in trouble, as you said, we would want him to get all the help he needs. Speaking of which, we haven't been seeing him around, so he might have landed himself in some trouble. That's why I believe you."

"Thank you," Rhen said, "wait, please, how do we repay you? We don't have much gold, and well, we don't have much actually but..."

Te'ijal laughed.

Rhen decided instantly that while she did not particularly like this woman’s laughter, she did not hate it either, and she was fine with that.

"Foolish human, I have no interest in gold. I do however, long to walk the lands of the Overworld," she said, looking up into the dark sky, "but the sun will surely kill me." Turning to Rhen, Te'ijal continued, "But I have heard of a lotion that deflects the sun; if you find such lotion and give it to me, I'll consider that as repayment. How's that?"

Rhen grinned in relief. "I will! I'll keep a lookout for it."

"Great, looking forward to it, human. Oh, and, Rashnu’s shrine can be found in that cathedral, over there," Te'ijal said, pointing to a distant church in the middle of the town. She then turned her back and walked away.

Rhen watched until Te'ijal disappeared into shadows, then turned around to see Lars shaking his head.

“I don’t trust her either,” he said.

“She saved us. She saved our lives. You and I would’ve been vampire dinner if it wasn’t for her."

"But still, vampires. I only read about them in books; never expected to encounter one in my entire life," Lars muttered, as they began making their way into town. They didn't meet any more of the vampires on the way but curtains twitched and shadows flickered, making Rhen feel uncomfortable. She knew the locals were watching them, watching their every move.

"Yeah, I still can't believe it."

"Well, believe it. She almost ate you," Lars said.

"Don't you think I know that," Rhen snapped, recalling the moment where Eva licked her neck. Instinctively, she pulled up the collar of her uniform around her throat, hiding any exposed skin. "That was very, very close. Much too close for comfort. I really thought I was going to die.”

“Imagine that, the Chosen One, dying at the hands, at the fangs, of vampires.”

Rhen made an annoyed sound. “I didn’t know they were so hostile about Overlanders. I also didn’t know about the whole staking of vampires being an issue in these parts. How barbaric. You know, now that I think of it, I don’t really blame them for behaving the way they did.”

“Ever the kind-hearted one,” Lars said, rolling his eyes, “After what she did to me? I’m never letting that go.”

“That was because I threatened her first. I’m sorry, Lars. But, er, you know, she kissed you," Rhen said, looking around absently. She noticed, not for the first time, at how quiet Ghed’ahre was, not a sign of crickets or critters alike as they approached the looming Cathedral.

"Don't. Don't remind me. Her lips were cold. It felt like death, actually. You know what, let's just rescue the druid and get out of this place. Like I said, it gives me the creeps."

"Couldn't agree more, Lars."

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You're Bleeding

Characters: Rhen D., Lars T.

Idea: What happens when Rhen gets seriously injured?


“I’m fine. Seriously, I am,” she said.

“No, you’re not. You’re bleeding.”

“I’m fine. It’s fine. Just a scratch; shut up about it.”

“No, you shut up. And stop squirming!” Lars Tenobor exclaimed, pushing the lilac-haired girl down onto the wooden stool by the shoulder.

“Ouch! Why’d you do that for?” Rhen Darzon cried, rubbing her hip. She made a move to get up, but was stopped again by the same hand on her shoulder, this time with an iron-like grip.

Lars glared at her. “Sit down.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do. Besides, like I said, it’s just a scratch. I get it all the-”

Lars ignored her and pushed the front of her hair aside. His fingers grazed the bloody wound at her temple and Rhen winced, automatically recoiling from his fingers, glaring at him. “Ow! What are you doing?”

“Stop moving about so much. You’re losing blood.”

Rhen narrowed her eyes. She quickly patted her hair and then stared, fascinated, at the blood on her fingers. “Whoa. But I didn’t feel a thing. When did I get this?”

Lars shrugged. “Determination, maybe. I saw Saurva hit you right here,” he said, pointing to Rhen’s injury, earning another wince and glare from her, “but you carried on as if nothing had happened, so I assumed… I didn’t realise it was this bad. Hold still.”

Rhen obeyed his orders, only because she was starting to feel a little light-headed. She watched as Lars covered her head wound with his palm, his lips moving to the ancient spells of old arcane magic. The throbbing pain subsided into a weird tingling sensation but Rhen still felt faint.

“What did you do?”

Lars reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of tinctura and a few cassia herbs from the table. He then fashioned a poultice mix with the two ingredients and slathered it onto a folded cloth. Satisfied, he pressed the cloth against Rhen’s head wound firmly, making her wince again.

“Hold it firmly. And what I did was close the wound. Numbed the pain and stopped the bleeding in the process too. You lost blood, a lot of blood. I can’t heal you completely; there’s only so much a healing spell can do, sorry. And do you know that you’re really pale right now? What you need is proper rest and a lot of liquids," he replied, turning away to gather up various bottles and herbs and stuffing them into his knapsack. "Also, your hair’s an ugly mess.”

Rhen rolled her eyes and replied, “As if you look any better.”

“At least I wasn’t all clumsy and got hurt by a demon,” Lars snapped.

“I wasn’t clumsy! I had a mission! And that was to destroy him; so what did you think I was doing?”

“Well, you should’ve been more careful then!” Lars retorted, raising his voice. “We don’t want the Princess of Thais getting hurt, no, getting killed before-”

Rhen clamped a hand over his mouth, her eyes wide. “Shh! Shut up! Someone might hear you, idiot!”

Lars stared daggers at her until she removed her hand, sighing.

“You’re right. Sorry… and thank you,” she said sincerely, “Didn’t know you cared though.”

“Well… you’re right, I don’t. I don’t care. But I just didn’t want the fun to end so early for me, you know?” Lars said. The edge of his mouth twitched.

Rhen felt herself smiling as well. “Why didn’t you call for Dameon? He’s more of the healer, not you. He could probably zap me back to full health in an instant. Where ARE the rest anyways?”

Lars’ shoulders tensed.

“They’re at the inn. Probably getting Galahad’s shoulder tended. Dameon… he didn’t notice your wound and I didn’t want to wait until we were at the inn to look at your injury; you might’ve lost even more blood,” he replied, turning away from her. “Also… healing magic doesn’t work that way. I don’t think Dameon could’ve done much himself anyways.”

Rhen felt the tone of his voice change. There was tension in the air as Lars continued packing bottles into his knapsack.

“Lars…?” She started, hesitantly.

“What?” He snapped, turning around. There was fire in his eyes she had never seen before.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“Because you’re acting this way. What’s bothering you? Just tell me.”

“Seriously, it’s nothing, everything’s fine,” he muttered, mirroring her earlier words.

Rhen dropped the soggy cloth onto the table and looked up at him. The action brought about another wave of dizziness but she ignored it. “No, it’s not. So tell me, what is going on?”

Lars glared at her. Rhen kept his gaze coolly, challenging him. And then, suddenly as if all life was drained from him, his shoulders slumped dejectedly and his stare softened.

“I just… I just don’t… don’t… I just don’t trust him okay?”

Rhen widened her eyes. “Dameon? Why?”

“There’s something about him. Some vibe I get from him. Don’t you feel it? Something’s not right. I don’t trust him. I feel like he’s up to something. I don’t know what, but I don’t like this feeling. I don’t like not knowing.”

“I… didn’t know you felt that way.”

“Well… it’s nothing, really. It’s nothing. In fact, you know what, this was a mistake, talking about this. We’re wasting time. We should’ve been heading to the inn instead of all this rubbish talk,” Lars said. He mounted Rhen’s shield and sword onto his back and grabbed his staff from the table. “Can you stand?”

Rhen gingerly lifted herself up from the stool. “Yeah.”

“Can you walk?”

“I think so. Yeah, I’m good,” she replied, taking a few steps. She stopped, suddenly dizzy. “Ugh, what did Saurva do to me?”

“He hurt you pretty bad. It’s a deep wound. Come on,” Lars draped her arm around his shoulders and wrapped his free arm around her waist.

They headed for the door.

“By the way, your hair’s all bloody,” he said pointedly.

“Well, your hair stinks.”

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.”

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These are really great! I love your descriptions and the atmosphere the characters create.
Please, please, please write more of these, I can't get enough ! ^^

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The Right Way
Characters: Lars T., Dameon M.
Idea: I started laughing when I got this idea. I'll post the rest after the story because I want ya'll to read it first heehee.
Nobody knew how it really happened.
If you asked the locals, they would mumble and give different interpretations of the incident; one would say the hot-headed sorcerer started it, another would say the patronising sun priest started it, and some others would scoff, saying that it never really had a starting at all and they were already at each other's throats before anybody could say "by the Goddess".
Which one should you believe?
Well, dear reader, let me tell you what exactly happened.
You see, having just bought their only means of transport over deep waters and having no experience of handling a ship among them, the group of Northerners (with the exception of an extremely powerful demon-summoning Southerner) soon grew sick and docked at the nearest land, after having only sailed a pathetic amount of distance, and that is between the Veniara Islands and the Western Isle. Had a pirate been travelling with them he would've shaken his head in disbelief and, in his or her own words, called them a bunch of "weak louts".
Heck, had a pirate travelled with them, they would've docked at their intended destination, the Southern Isle, without anyone being sick or green in the face, before the day ended.
But, of course they didn't, and they came stumbling out of the ship, with their leader, the sword singer, rushing to the nearest bush to empty her stomach.
The odd party, having regained the stability in their legs, then proceeded to make their way into town, or what you call, the settlement, since there weren't many buildings around to be called a town to begin with.
And, as with every town (or settlement) they visited, they argued and insisted on doing things their own way.
The sword singer insisted on checking what new supplies the local market offered while the paladin insisted on staying by her side, muttering about how "a maiden should not be allowed to traipse around, alone and unescorted, in such a sleazy place", much to the sword singer's annoyance. The vampire, on the other hand, was unwilling to do anything else but explore every nook and corner of the newfound town. The sorcerer insisted that finding an inn should be their first priority and the sun priest, as always, said nothing. And as usual, without the others realising, the demon-summoner had disappeared without a word, off on her own extremely personal and important quest to find a new husband.
Anyways, arguing brought them nowhere and the frustrated sword singer gave up and headed toward the market, with the paladin hot on her heels. The vampire wandered off and the sorcerer entered the nearest inn. The sun priest remained on his spot and watched the party disperse.
At that moment, had the sun priest decide to follow the sword singer, things would've gone on as normal, dear reader, and this would've been nothing but a boring tale, and deemed unworthy of retelling. However, on that day, Fate herself was feeling mischievous, and the sun priest decided that he was tired and wanted to rest at the inn… although the sorcerer he disliked, and who in turn disliked him, had just done the same.
The sun priest entered the inn and headed straight to the innkeeper to enquire about a room.
What the odd party didn't know when they docked is that the Veniara Islands were not ashamed of their availability to mead and ale and of their loot of illegal wares and items. The Islands were after all, heaven for pirates, and crowded with said loud-mouthed pirates and ill-mannered locals. The inn the sun priest entered had a bar and when there was a bar, it was usually followed with a crowd of sweaty rowdy customers, occasional fist fights and loud drunken laughter.
This, dear reader, was where it all started.
The inn had no available rooms. That caused the sun priest to take a seat miserably at one of the sticky tables, coincidentally next to the equally miserable sorcerer, who was also unsuccessful in getting a room.
What happened next was unclear, but witnesses said both men started "being snarky" and sarcastic and things escalated fast between the two Northerners as tempers flared and spells were casted. Mugs, plates and chairs went flying and crashing into walls and the rowdy crowd sobered and went fleeing for cover under the tables, with the exception of the burly innkeeper, who did not appreciate the two Northerners' disruption of his business. He made his way in big strides toward the Northerners amidst the spell-casting and punched them both squarely in the faces.
"Ya wanna fight loike magical pansies, ya do it outside ma place. Ya wanna do it in ma place then ya gotta do it... the right way."
At that he roughly shoved the sorcerer and the sun priest down onto the rickety chairs and slammed two large, tall mugs of steaming ale in front of their bleeding noses. The Northerners did nothing but glared angrily, defiantly, at each other over the top of their foamy mugs.
"Here, ya do it our way, Northerners. May the best man win."
The crowd (who had emerged from their hiding spots and had circled around the newcomers) vigorously chanted: "Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!" while slamming their meaty fists into every available table and countertop surface.
The sorcerer, fire in his eyes, was the first to grab his mug and down his ale.
Meanwhile the sun priest crossed his arms and refused to touch anything. He thought himself to be above such petty things. But he gave in eventually, due to the increasing pressure from the rowdy crowd and had taken a huge swig from his mug, choking on the foul-tasting ale in the process.
The sorcerer, ale dripping down his chin causing his robes to stain a darker blue, slammed his empty mug down on the table, earning another choke from the sun priest. The crowd roared with approval and the innkeeper placed another ale-filled mug down in front of the sorcerer, who took to it like a moth to a flame.
The sun priest, whose ale mainly ended up on the front of his robes, clearly struggled and the crowd egged him on, with occasional smacks on his back.
This went on and the sorcerer had downed six, maybe seven mugs of ale and the sun priest had downed five when suddenly, she appeared.
It is said that the door to the inn slammed open with a loud bang, sending vibrations off the walls. Every head, with the exception of the two Northerners', turned to see a beautiful but extremely furious sword singer glaring at them all, taking in everything; from the smashed chairs to the empty mugs then to the two idiotic Northerners who were clearly much too out of it to notice.
The woman stepped in, seething, and the crowd parted and backed off as if she were the plague. She headed straight for the men.
"R-Rhen... what are- urk!"
"M... m'lady... how beautiful you lo- yah!"
The sword singer pinched both of them on their ear and twisted hard, cutting them off mid-sentence.
"What. Do. You. Think. You're. Doing?!" she said through gritted teeth.
Still boiling, she pulled them, both of them, by the ear and dragged them away from the sticky table, with surprising strength. Spent and heavily drunk, both men tried to keep up with her, stumbling over their own feet. Their robes were drenched and sticky and their faces were flushed red from the ale and the punch they had earned earlier from the innkeeper. The stunned crowd roared with laughter and cheered as the sword singer and two idiots exited the inn.
Oh, it was indeed a funny sight, dear reader. If only you were there to witness it.
It isn't clear what happened to the Northerners outside the inn after the incident; some people reportedly heard a woman screaming about being "in top shape", "defeating demons" and "we don't have time for this", followed by the sound of someone retching and emptying their stomach.
But what is known is that the odd party left the next morning, some of them sluggish and stumbling as they boarded the weird-looking ship.
After that life returned to the usual on the Veniara Islands and they never saw the Northerners again. "Whadda shame though, they was fun and t'was one helluva night. Best fun we got ina looooong time," a local told me, finger rooting around in her nose.
So... believe me when I say that this is the true version of what really happened that night, dear reader, about how two idiotic Northerners stirred up some short-lived fun for the Veniaran locals and how they were taught to fight it out the right way.
What do you mean? 
Of course that's what really happened. I was there, at the back, taking a break from my important search. Now, I'd love to tell you more, but alas, I do not have the time. We did not stop by Veldt for a holiday; we have urgent things to do… so, please excuse me, I have to look for my friends and continue on my search for a fourth husband. 
Perhaps I will tell you more when I return, and hopefully with the husband I am looking for.
Goodbye, for now, dear reader.


Idea (continued): I figured Lars would've had a higher tolerance for alcohol than Dameon (being a noble and socialising and stuff) and so when this idea came to me I couldn't resist it... but ended up making them both drunk anyways!

(Galahad was supposed to be in there somewhere but I decided to remove him from the story because it didn't fit)

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Lord Gavin's Ball
Characters: Rhen D., Lars T.
Idea: I just wanted to write something light-hearted and fluffy, also to finally use the "fake relationship" trope I've been wanting to use for a long time. I might have accidentally made them OOC, I don't even know, sorry

Note: Imagine "Minuwaltz" playing as you read this.
"Enjoy the ball, Rhen," Elini said, amused.
"Yeah, and make sure you come out with the key to the manor," Lars added, snickering.
"I hate you," Rhen replied, frowning, "I hate you, and you, and you, and most definitely you." She huffed, tugging at the figure-hugging gown. "Why is this so tight?!"
"Cheer up, lamb, I'm pretty sure it's not that bad," Te'ijal drawled.
"Not that bad? Do you not see what I'm wearing? This... this monstrosity is restricting my movements and it's covering my tattoo... Hey," Rhen cried, "Where's my sword?"
Elini held the sword up but stepped back when the sword singer attempted to grab it. "You are most definitely not bringing this into the ball, Northerner. But, you may borrow this." She held out a lacey fan and the sword singer snatched it.
Rhen studied the frills and lace and frowned in disbelief.
"A fan?! Now, this is ridiculous," Rhen complained. She made a frustrated sound, flinging her gloved hands in the air.
"Perhaps we shouldn't force her," Dameon said suddenly.
"Yes, yes!  Finally! Thank you! Somebody is actually making sense, and very good sense, that is!" Rhen exclaimed.
Lars let out an obnoxious bark of laughter.
"Nah... she'll be fine. She's not a pansy," he said, side-eyeing Dameon.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Dameon replied, almost angrily.
"Shut up! Both of you," Rhen cried out, "Just shut up. Don't start anything, shut up. My head hurts enough as it is. Why did you have to tie my hair up so tightly, Elini?"
"It is all part of the show, Northerner, and you have your own part to play. You have to look like a noble for this ball. And yes, you look the part, so don't worry," Elini replied, still amused.
"But what do I actually do?" Rhen asked as they headed toward Lord Gavin's manor. "In case you've all forgotten, I am not a noble and I've never attended functions like this before."
Lars handed her a leather pouch containing gold and said, "Just butter Pemberlin up. Get him to lower the price. Do whatever it takes. Use your womanly wiles - although I highly doubt that would work -" At this Rhen gave Lars a hard whack on the arm, earning a strangled cry from him.

The party stopped in front of the manor. A butler was standing at the door, looking bored. The words "Lord Gavin" were etched across a golden plaque in the garden, surrounded by tulips.
"How tacky," Elini muttered.
"Good luck," Te'ijal whispered.
"You can do it, Rhen," Dameon added.
“Imagine, a warm and soft bed,” Lars said, grinning, “and an actual fire.”
Rhen rolled her eyes. “I’m starting to think sleeping on the ground and freezing to death is better than pretending I’m a noble and attending a dumb ball just to purchase a manor.”
Lars tried not to laugh. "Gee, what a killjoy. Anyways, remember, womanly wiles. And don't leave the ball without the keys, Rhen. Think about the soft, lovely bed you'll be sleeping in tonight. That should keep you going."
Rhen scowled at him and he gave her a push toward the butler with a grin. She stumbled into an abrupt stop in front of the old man and quickly straightened herself, patting her dress. She cleared her throat nervously.
The butler stared at them. "Yes, may I help you?"
"Just escorting this lovely young lady to the ball, my good man," Lars replied smoothly.
"Ah, I see. Ticket, please?"
"Oh, um... right," she stuttered, handing him the ticket.
"Enjoy the ball, m'lady," the butler said in a bored tone.
"Yes, enjoy the ball, my lady," Lars mocked, laughing to himself.
“Why you little…” Rhen glared at him. “This’ll be good to see,” he continued, still laughing under his breath. He made a move to join the others but Rhen, extremely annoyed, grabbed his arm and yanked him back. "Oh no, you don't, Lars Tenobor," she growled, "I am not going in there alone."
"What are you doing!" he cried, but she ignored him. Instead, she flashed her sweetest smile at the butler.
"He's with me, we came together."
"What?! No! No, don't listen to her. Wait, I am just her escort-"
Rhen slipped her arm tightly around Lars' and gave the butler a forceful laugh. "He does this all the time; he thinks it's sooo funny! Oh darling, it is getting so tiring indeed," she exclaimed, directing the last sentence at Lars and rolling her eyes in mock exasperation.
The butler stared at Lars, who desperately shook his head and mouthed "No, no, no". Then he stared at Rhen, whose smile never wavered. There was a moment of awkward hesitation before the butler shrugged and waved them in.


"You are so dead, Rhen Darzon," Lars hissed into her ear as they entered the manor.
"All's fair in love, war and dumb elitist balls," she replied with a smirk.
"Are you listening? You are going to pay for this."
"Make me, sorcerer."
"Oh, I will, just you wait, sword singer."
"Looking forward to it," Rhen replied with a satisfied smirk.
A burly, moustached man and a dainty woman approached them. Getting an idea, Lars faked a bright smile. "Good. You don’t have to wait long now," he said, a sly smile on his face.
"Welcome! Welcome to the grandest ball Sedona has ever seen! I am Lord Gavin, and this is my wife, Lady Gavin. And you are...?" the man exclaimed, arms extended and looking at them expectantly.
Flashing them a charming grin, Lars replied, "I am Lord Lars Tenobor and this is my wife, Lady Rhen Tenobor."
"What?!" Rhen sputtered.
"It is so nice to meet you, Lord Gavin, and you Lady Gavin, so very nice indeed," Lars continued.
Seething and controlling the urge to strangle him on the spot, Rhen plastered a smile on her face and did an awkward curtsy. "Yes... nice... nice to meet you," she said in a strained voice.
"What a lovely couple. So young," Lady Gavin drawled.
Lars wrapped an arm around Rhen's waist and pulled her close. "Yes, we were married a few sunsets ago."
"Ah, young love," Lord Gavin said.
"Yes, it is lovely," Lady Gavin added, nodding her head. Then she frowned. "Enjoy the time while it lasts, though, before the children start arriving." Her upper lip turned up in a sneer at the word 'children'.
Lars smugly placed a hand on Rhen's abdomen. "Ah, about that... well, my wife is already expecting, so we will be sure to take your advice, Lady Gavin."
Rhen's strained smile slipped a notch and Lord Gavin threw his head back in laughter.
"Splendid! Absolutely splendid! Well, congratulations again, Lord and Lady Tenobor," he said, then turning to his wife, "Darling, I think I just saw Rupert walking in. Let us meet with him."
Rhen waited, with a polite smile on her face, until their hosts were out of earshot before turning angrily to Lars.
"Your... wife? Married? Expecting?" Rhen hissed.
Lars gave her a nonchalant shrug, a satisfied crooked smile on his face. He bent close and faced her, their foreheads almost touching. "All's fair in love, war and... what was it... 'dumb elitist balls', you said?"
Rhen glared at him.
"Cat got your tongue?" Lars said, provoking her.
"Fine!" she said, huffing.
"Truce it is, then," he agreed, "and since we're already here, we might as well enjoy it."
"I still mean it, though. Stupid, dumb elitist ball," Rhen muttered. A waiter walked past, carrying a silver tray of various fruits and tarts. "Ooh, tidbits," she said, snatching a few and stuffing them into her mouth, "the only good thing about this ball."
"You're disgusting," Lars said, watching her.
She rolled her eyes and swallowed. "What? I'm hungry."
"Well, hurry up with that," he urged, eyes on the dancefloor, "because, I think, there is going to be a dance."
Rhen choked on her tart, her eyes watering.
"What? I don't know how to dance!"
"I do."
"Well then, you go ahead, Lord Lars Tenobor."
"I can't be dancing by myself!"
"Then ask a girl! I don't know!"
"I can't do that! We've introduced ourselves as a couple, a married couple, and tongues will wag if you are not out there dancing with me. And we really don't want to bring any attention to ourselves and risk not being able to buy that manor."
"Well why can't we just stay here? It's out of the way and we don't have to dance with anybody and all we have to do is look out for Pemberlin-"
"Yes, and risk having people looking at us, this weird couple, this weird married couple, wondering why they're not dancing when they’re at a ball. Remember, Rhen? We’re at a ball?"
Rhen groaned and let Lars lead her out onto the dancefloor.
"I really don't know how to dance," she said through gritted teeth.
"Just follow me," he replied, slipping an arm around her waist.

A couple of dances and sore feet later, they found themselves stumbling toward the table of refreshments. Breathing heavily, Rhen fanned herself with Elini's fan and clung onto Lars' sleeve. "I am never... don't ever... not... good dancer... can't," she said in between gasps.
Nodding, Lars grimaced as he rubbed his bruised feet. "Yes, I can see that. I can feel it too.”
Rhen suddenly tugged at his sleeve.
She pointed to an old man dressed in bright red in the crowd, surrounded by nobles. "That's him! Pemberlin! He's the one who's selling the manor! Lars! Now is the time for you to shine and get us a sparkly new manor. Don't disappoint me!” She pushed him toward the direction of Pemberlin but Lars grabbed her hand and pulled her with him.
"Now wait a minute, you're supposed to be the one doing it. Let's go."
They approached the crowd, just in time to hear Pemberlin announce, “And… sold!”
“Wait, what?” Rhen said, stopping in her tracks.
A pink-haired woman exclaimed, "Oh thank you, Sir Pemberlin. It is such a lovely house!"
"What… It's been sold?!" Rhen cried. She groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose. "We're too late! All of this, for nothing!"
"You're forgetting something, Rhen," Lars said smugly, with the familiar crooked smile on his face, "I'm a noble, remember? I know how to handle this."
"Oh, good," she replied, almost sarcastically.
Lars interrupted the crowd easily. "Excuse me," he said. All eyes turned on them and Rhen felt her face heating up.
"And who might you be, young man?" Pemberlin asked.
Lars flashed them a charming smile and bowed graciously. "My name is Lars Tenobor, of the noble Tenobor house in Ghalarah, on the Eastern Isle. This is my wife, Rhen. I'd like very much to purchase your manor, Sir Pemberlin."
"Oh, I'm sorry, young man, but I've just sold it to that lovely lady over there."
"That's a shame," Lars said, shaking his head and feigning disappointment, "you see, my wife and I have just gotten married a while ago and have always been interested in settling down in this beautiful city. Sedona and Veldarah have always been on good diplomatic terms and my cousin, the Empress, have told me nothing but lovely stories about this city."
"The... Empress? The Empress of Veldarah?" Pemberlin choked.
Lars nodded curtly. "Also, with the little one on the way..."
At this everyone looked at Rhen and she gaped, frozen in place.
He nudged her. She stared at him.
Lars tilted his head urgently, mouthing "Your turn".
"Oh! Er... um... yeah!" she said, clearing her throat. Rhen puffed out her cheeks. She held her breath and tried to look as bloated as possible. She arched her back and placed a gloved hand on her hip, topping everything off with an exaggerated wince.
Choking back his laughter, Lars continued, "... we thought it would've been amazing if we had our family grow up with the Sedonian environment. But alas, I see it isn't to be."
Pemberlin's mouth opened and closed like a goldfish's as Lars made a move to leave. "W-wait! Young man!" he cried. The old man quickly snatched the manor key from the pink-haired woman's hand and pressed it into Lars'.
"It's yours! The manor is yours!"
Lars plastered a smug and satisfied smile on his face. "Oh, you really shouldn't..."
"Oh, yes I really should; who am I to deny the cousin of the Empress of Veldarah and his growing family a lovely manor to live in? Take it, Lord Tenobor, the manor is yours," Pemberlin gushed.
"Hey!" the woman cried.
"You'll get your gold back!" Pemberlin snapped.
"Well then, if you insist. Here's your payment. Thank you again for the manor, Lord Pemberlin," Lars said, dropping the leather pouch of gold into the old man's hand. Turning to Rhen, he said with an exaggerated drawl, "Come, darling wife, we must check out our new home."
Hearts beating fast in their chests, they nimbly headed toward the front doors.

"Call me 'wife' one more time and I'll perform Blade Waltz on you," Rhen whispered once they were a distance away. "Also, that was the dumbest and most humiliating thing I’ve ever done.”
Lars laughed hard, clutching at his sides. “Y-yes… your face when you… when you puffed out your cheeks… did you think that by doing that you’ll, somehow, convince people?” he exclaimed, gasping between barks of laughter.
“Shut up! I’d like to see you do better.”
“I did. And I got us a sparkly, new manor, even without your womanly wiles. Try topping that, Rhen.”
She crossed her arms and increased her speed, walking past him. “You cheated," Rhen simply said.
Lars caught up with her and smirked. He dangled the keys in her face. "Yes, I did. But, mission accomplished, no? That's the elitist way for you. It got the job done. And anyways we need it more than that woman. I heard she's got other manors in Veldt."
"Yes. Now let's go and check out our manor."
"Gladly," Rhen said, removing her gloves, "I can't wait to get out of this stupid dress."
"Yeah, you look like a cake in it."
"I do not!"

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Omg your stories are fun to read they are light and lovable *-* I enjoyed them so much and I like Lars x Rhen its refreshing to read them xD


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:lol: oh my god, this was a delight to read. i loved rhen's clumsiness, most of all. 


Hahaha! Thank you! I love it too and I really wanted to elaborate more on that, for comedic purposes lol, BUT I know next to nothing about dances and balls and stuff, so I didn't. :( maybe I should've researched more haha


Omg your stories are fun to read they are light and lovable *-* I enjoyed them so much and I like Lars x Rhen its refreshing to read them xD


Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk


Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed them hehehehe and yes, Lars x Rhen are :wub:  forever in my eyes! 


Also, if anyone notices any grammar mistakes/game inconsistencies eg: name of places, name of people, do let me know, thank you :D

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One Last Night
Characters: Rhen D., Lars T.

Idea: I wrote this in under 3 hours because I had sudden RxL feels. This happens the night before they face Ahriman for the first time. Rhen has a tiny moment of weakness but i got carried away and added more 

Note: Ahem... suggestive themes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) they are human after all ehehe I was trying SO HARD to cover the fact that I was a hardcore Rhen x Lars shipper but as you can see from the titles I've written, well, not doing a very good job at that lol


The sorcerer sat on a ledge by a window, staring out into the dark Southern night. They'd retired to an inn in Veldt just a while ago and as always, the party separated and had gone about their own business. Lars chose to watch the sky and brood about what they were to face the next morning.

Escorting the last druid to Aveyond had been exhilarating. But the quest wasn't over and he knew it. They all knew it. The real danger was out there; ready for them to face it, ready for them to face him. Rhen was handed the legendary Sword of Shadows and Eithera had given them the location of Ahriman's Lair, and then they were promptly kicked out of Aveyond to finish the job. It turned out the demon's lair was in the basement of Eithera's Temple, which was in the Southern Isle, and the party headed there (perhaps for the last time) with heavy hearts. And as he stared out into the purple night, Lars couldn't help but feel as if the end had come.

The sound of footsteps echoed in the corridor and Lars looked up to Rhen turning the corner. She hadn't noticed him.

He watched silently as she approached him, her feet dragging against the floor. Then she looked up and blinked, surprised to see him.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," Rhen replied.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked, then quickly rephrasing his sentence, "I mean, what's the matter?"

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you, Lars."

"I've seen a lot of unbelievable things throughout this journey, Rhen. Try me."

She sighed, almost sadly, and clasped her hands together. "I am afraid, Lars. We've come so far. We defeated daevas, we saved druids. We encountered goblins, wyverns, werewolves, three-headed snakes, demons... we've met the Elf people, we've seen vampires, we've been into the nightmare realm..." Rhen trailed off.

Lars said nothing and waited patiently for her to continue.

"We've done all of that and yet, I've never felt afraid. Scared, yes, I've felt scared. I felt scared when this quest was bestowed upon me. I felt scared when we faced Nanghaithya for the first time. I felt scared when I found out I was the lost Pendragon. I felt scared when I thought the clock was a fluke and couldn't slow Aesma down."

Lars laughed. "Yeah, I remember that."

Rhen smiled a distracted smile. "But that was nothing, nothing compared to the fear I got when I held the Sword of Shadows, Lars."

"What happened in that room?" he asked gently, referring to the secret room Rhen had entered to retrieve the legendary sword.

"Fear, fear is what happened. I saw it on the pedestal and I reached out for it. The minute my fingers curled around its hilt I felt this immense fear within me, Lars. I was afraid. I mean, this is it. We are finally about to face him. Ahriman. But what if we fail? What if we are not able to stop him, to bring him down? All of the things we've done up until now will be, would be, for nothing," Rhen exclaimed, flinging her hands up in the air in exasperation.

"At this point, I truly understand if any of you were to back out of this quest. You can leave too, Lars, please, I don't and won't hold it against you. Ever."

By now Rhen's eyes had gone as wide as saucers and had filled up with tears.

"Rhen. Stop it. Listen to me. You are not alone and won't ever be. We are with you, all of us. We will face him and bring him down together. You're the Chosen One. You will be able to finish this. You were prophesied to bring down the Dark Lord himself. Please don't think of yourself that way."

"I am also human. This is a matter of life and death. We might die, Lars. We might die, right there, in his lair and that scares me. No, it terrifies me. What about you? Doesn't that scare you?"

"It... it does. But we would have done our best. So if we fail - if we die - then so be it; we die together."

Rhen looked down. "Why are you doing this? I'm giving you a way out. Please don't make this any harder," she whispered.

"A way out?" Lars gave a soft laugh, shaking his head. "I've been with you since the very beginning and trust me when I say this: I will continue doing just that, every step of the way, until we kick Ahriman's ass. Besides," he said, winking, "I don't want you hogging all the glory to yourself."

Rhen let out a sad, relieved laugh, her tears finally spilling down her cheeks from the corner of her eyes.

In a sudden bold move, Lars got off the ledge and placed a hand on her cheek, cupping her face. Rhen closed her eyes (causing more tears to spill out) and pressed her face against his hand, saying nothing.

"Please don't cry," he whispered.

Rhen continued to say nothing. Watching her cry reminded him of the old days. Pained, Lars hesitated, then opened his mouth to speak. "I- I am sorry, Rhen, for what I did to you in the past," he said in a broken voice.

She opened her eyes and gazed at him curiously, tiny teardrops stuck onto her eyelashes.

"Lars... why this again? You've apologised in Sedona. And you've done so much more to prove that it wasn't mere words."

"Because... because I think about it every day. Every single damn time I think about the abuse and the torture I inflicted on you, every time I think about how I did nothing while my mother hit you - oh God, Rhen, I am so sorry..." Trailing off, Lars looked away painfully, unable to meet her gaze.

Rhen reached up to touch his face. "The slave trader captured me, not you. It wasn't something you could've controlled."

"But after that, Rhen! After that! When you came to our house..."

"Back then, you were a child, Lars. An ignorant child, but a child nonetheless."

"That is not an excuse, Rhen, and you know it."

"Okay. Yeah. That was... pretty bad. Horrible, actually," she said in a low voice. She held his face so that she could look at him. "But I've forgiven you for that. Yes, it was traumatising, it was painful, but I've forgiven you. You changed. You apologised. You're my friend now. Please don't beat yourself like this up anymore."

Lars held her gaze, giving her a small nod.

"In a way, in a weird kind of way, if the kidnapping hadn't happened, I wouldn't have met you. All of this wouldn't have happened," Rhen continued.

Then, on a sudden impulse, she tiptoed and pressed her lips against his'.

Lars remained still and she pulled away to find him gaping at her in stunned silence, his lips parted and his eyes wide.

"Oh. Oh. Oh shit. I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did that," Rhen stammered. She pulled away from him, wringing her hands nervously. "I... I'll leave now. I am so sorry."

She started heading down the corridor.

Lars quickly grabbed her wrist, stopping her. "No, wait," he said, "don't go."

"I shouldn't have done that," she said, avoiding his gaze.

"No, you should've, and sooner, too," he replied. He slipped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips on hers. Rhen returned his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. Hidden longings and desires were affirmed as the teenagers enveloped into an affectionate embrace. The sorcerer deepened the kiss and the sword singer tightened her hold around him, as if afraid he would slip from her grasp.

"I've... I've been wanting to do that for a very long time," Lars said breathlessly, once they broke apart for air. He pressed his forehead against Rhen's and closed his eyes, his arms never leaving her waist. Sighing, he whispered, "Rhen Darzon, I trust you with my life."

Being so close to him for the first time, Rhen studied his open, honest face. His brown skin was tanned a few shades darker (thanks to the vicious Southern sun) and he had a scar on his eyebrow, given to him by a wild bat when they ventured into Halloween Hills. His brow was strong and his jaw was firm and rough under her fingertips. He had a slight frown on his face and his thumb rubbed the small of her back. Exhaling and closing her eyes, Rhen placed her hand on his heart. "Lars Tenobor, I, too, trust you with mine," she replied sincerely.

Lars pulled his face away, an amused laugh escaping his lips. "That... that sounded like we were exchanging vows of some sort," he said playfully, his face pink.

Rhen laughed and her cheeks turned red. "It does, doesn't it."

"Yeah," he replied, then lowering his face for another kiss. Rhen stood on her toes, her lips meeting his. Then she pulled away despite his protest.

"So, um..." she whispered.


"What do you suppose people do after exchanging vows?"

"I don't know," he replied, impatient to kiss her again.

Rhen smiled and murmured, "Well, they..." She left the sentence hanging and leaned forward to kiss Lars, slowly and surely, on the neck. His skin was warm. Her hands moved up his chest and he did not stop her; instead, he inhaled sharply at the unexpected move and made an inaudible sound. Gathering all self-control, he gripped her shoulders and looked at her, wildly searching her face for a clue to her thoughts. "Rhen... surely you don't mean..."

If Rhen's face was red before then it was burning now. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hid her face in his chest, blushing furiously. That alone gave him confirmation on her thoughts and all doubts he had were gone in an instant.

"Are you sure...?" he asked carefully, sincerely, in a low voice.

"Only... only if you want to," she replied.

Lars didn't need to be asked twice. Assertively, he pinned her against the wall and kissed her hungrily. Rhen giggled against his lips. "Is that... is that your answer, Lars Tenobor?" He responded by tightening his grip around her waist. Then he pulled away, eyes heavy-lidded. "Let's find someplace more... comfortable," he said. He turned away from her.

"Wait!" Rhen cried, grabbing the front of his robes. He stopped and watched her, wondering about the sudden redness in her cheeks and ears. Lars pressed his forehead against hers once again, cupping her face.

"What? Having second thoughts?" he asked, amused.

"No! Not that," Rhen said huffily. She patted his robes, stalling. Lars waited patiently, watching her with a crooked smile on his face.

"Um... this is, this is really dumb - and not at all relevant - but uh... this... this..." she stammered.

"Yes?" he cajoled.

"Well, this... this is my... uh... my first time," she blurted out, rushing the words. Groaning in frustration, Rhen buried her face in his chest.

Lars' mouth turned up into a wicked grin.

He enveloped her in an embrace and whispered in her ear, "This is my first time too."

"Really?" she asked curiously.

"Really," he confirmed, "and... thank you for telling me. You told me it wasn't relevant but your face said otherwise. If it is relevant to you, then it is relevant to me. And by the way, you look absolutely dashing with those pink cheeks."

Rhen groaned again. "Let's go," she whispered, breaking away from him and walking down the corridor.

Lars went after her and linked his hand with hers.

Grinning, they ran down the corridor with their linked arms swinging between them, their anxieties and burdens disappearing for the night.

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I'll admit it was a bit too..... mushy.... too much sudden emotion... ..bt then again they were going to a big face off and the dying thing can b an excuse ........


Yup! It IS mushy. I was trying to portray that they were scared before the final confrontation and they thought IF they died, might as well let those hidden feelings be known ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .... we must remember that they were only 17 when they faced Ahriman. Imagine that burden! XD

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Trouble At Sea

Characters: Rhen D., Lars T., Dameon M., Elini A., Te'ijal R., Galahad T., P. John, M. Marge

Idea: Just wanted to flesh out their journey a little bit. Like Welcome To Ghed'ahre, I wanted to add a little more something to the story which wouldn't affect the main game.

Note: I was watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and the sea serpent scene came on and I was thinking, cool, that makes a great prompt!


The party was in good spirits as they sailed from the Southern Isle. Pirate John manned the helm, whistling. Fair winds struck them as soon as they were out of the bay and the ship sailed smoothly over the Southern Sea. They spotted land days later and got excited, until the pirate explained that they've just sailed past the Eastern Isle.

For days they sailed East and saw nothing but sea and sky, seeing neither fish nor gull. This caused them to become restless, their leader more than the others, and she decided to get some fresh air and made her way to the main deck.

"Spot anything?" asked Rhen, shielding her eyes against the sun as she directed the question at their captain.

"None yet," Pirate John replied from the wheel.

They sailed for another four days and the party began to feel that things were different.

First it was the humidity; there was too much moisture in the air. The light, on the other hand, there was too little of it. The sun came up looking smaller and smaller with each morning. The clear blue in the sky that accompanied them when they left the Southern Isle had turned dull grey. Ominous-looking storm clouds filled the horizons as far as the eye can see and the deep blue of the water was now black, void of any living being. They were sailing on dangerous waters and the party knew it.

The entire party - except for the sorcerer and the druid - was standing on the main deck, looking out at the strange black water.

"These are strange seas we're sailin' on," said Pirate John, concerned.

"I don't think anyone has sailed this far out in a very long time," Galahad said gravely.

Their leader nodded.

"You're right. A woman in Veldt gave me a map and I've studied it. The waters beyond the Eastern Isle are uncharted; the map is blank in the Far East," Rhen said, "We might just be the first travelers after a very long time."

"That is not comforting to know, Sword Singer," Elini said.

Suddenly Te'ijal hissed, baring her fangs.

"What is it?" Elini asked.

"We are not alone out here, Overlander," the vampire replied.

"Then we best be prepared," the demon-summoner said, uncoiling her whip, "who knows what we might encounter."

"Over there!" Galahad shouted, pointing into the distance. They saw three black rocks (or was it dark green?) breaking through the surface of the water.

"They're... rocks, Paladin," Elini said slowly, puzzled.

The Paladin, offended, made an annoyed sound. "I am certain they weren't there before, lady. And even if they were rocks, I highly doubt there would be any this far out at sea," Galahad replied. He looked up at the pirate and continued, "Pirate John! Am I right?"

The pirate, a slight frown on his face, gave a curt nod, his eye never leaving the "rocks".

For a moment the "rocks" remained static - and Galahad was almost made the fool - when suddenly they disappeared under the surface of the black sea. They watched as it descended and left ripples of water in its wake.

Elini whipped her head around to face the rest. "Are... are my eyes tricking me?" she asked, astonished.

Te'ijal said nothing but continued to stare out at the water, her eyes narrowing.

"No, they're not tricking you. I saw that too... I think," Rhen said, unsure of herself. Somebody's abrupt shout interrupted her. It was Galahad and he was pointing frantically at the same spot again. "There it is again!" he yelled.

"Not a mirage then," Rhen said, heart beating fast in her chest.

"And it's getting closer," Elini added.

True enough, the "rocks" reappeared from the water's surface looking exactly the same as before, except being a little closer (and bigger, they noted uncomfortably) to the ship. And as they watched, the "rocks" disappeared - once again - into the dark water. Galahad and Rhen ran to the side of the deck to inspect the waters, quite certain it would resurface again.

"Get away from there!" yelled Pirate John, his eyes wide.

There was something in the pirate's voice that made them freeze in their tracks. He was a pirate after all, and he was most at home at sea. He knew the waters, and by the Goddess, if he told them to move away from the side, move away they did. And right now as they looked up at him, the pirate was visibly shocked, no, terrified; his eyes were wide and his legs frozen to the ground.

"They're not rocks!" Pirate John yelled, his voice a few octaves higher than usual, "that's the sea serpent!"

The party turned to look at each other with wide eyes. Mostly brushed off as a myth, men of land have always wondered and foolishly dreamed of capturing - or at least, catching a glimpse of - the legendary sea serpent. Some sailors have even boasted of sightings and went as far as providing "proof" of encounters with the creature (with "proof" being decapitated chunks of squid or large fish). None have ever been verified. Some even said the creature died and the seas were rid of it forever. But right now as they came face to face with the serpent, they found that it was certainly no myth and was in fact, very, very much alive.

The sea serpent, having resurfaced again, was now bigger and closer than before. They could see it clearly now; the weakening sunlight reflected off its dark green body. Its flattened head was a weird cylindrical shape - a mutilated cross between a horse and a dragon - and appendages (too many to count) that looked to be tentacles lined its head and all the way down its neck until they disappeared into the black water. Mouldy scales covered its hide; seaweed and assorted sea critters stuck and hung from its body as it neared the ship. What they mistook earlier for rocks was actually the serpent's body disappearing and appearing on the water surface; it was now heading - and heading FAST - towards them.

Rhen and Galahad swiftly unsheathed their swords.

"All hands on deck!" Rhen screamed.

Lars, holding a heavy book, rushed out from the captain's quarters. He froze at the sight of the creature and inhaled sharply. "That's new," he said. He ran back into the quarters and came out again, this time gripping his orb staff, without the book.

He was joined by Dameon, who watched the sea serpent with a slight frown on his face.

"Brace yourselves!" Pirate John yelled. He turned the wheel desperately, trying to steer the ship away. But, as fate would have it, the winds died and the ship was horribly stuck in place with the approaching sea creature gaining fast on them. Abandoning his post, the pirate joined them on deck, rapier in hand.

"Te'ijal! Can you hit it?" Rhen asked.

Te'ijal raised her bow with her arrow in place and pulled back gracefully. She narrowed her eyes at her target and released the bow string. They watched, disappointed, as the speeding arrow bounced off the creature's scales, doing next to no damage. The vampire hissed in anger and cursed beneath her breath. She raised her bow again.

As if angered, the sea serpent increased its speed, now being just a mere distance away.

"Come on!" Mad Marge growled, gripping her sharpened sword, "come on, ya ugly worm!"

Rhen braced herself and lifted her sword in the air, the song to call forth the force of the mountains ready on her lips. To her right she saw Lars lifting his staff, also ready to strike. Elini cracked her whip, her irises turning and glowing white as she prepared to summon forth a demon creature to aid in their battle. Galahad and Pirate John were off to the left, jaws set and faces grim.

The sea serpent was now upon them, its neck stretching longer and longer, until it was almost as tall as the main mast. It looked down at the party with murky red eyes, ready to smash the ship into pieces.

Reciting a quick spell, Lars pointed his staff in the air and the orb, fastened on the tip of the staff, glowed a striking blue. A single bolt of lightning formed from the storm clouds above them and hit the creature squarely on the head. It gave out a chilling, ear-piercing shriek and thrashed its head about wildly. Recovering and bellowing in rage, it swooped down to attack.

"Look out!" Galahad shouted. He grabbed Pirate John by the collar and threw himself to the side, bringing the pirate with him. They moved away just a second before the sea serpent's head crashed through the deck, on the very spot they were standing on a moment ago. The floor cracked open with a loud explosion and the ship shook violently. Pieces of wood went flying in all directions. Losing her balance, Rhen fell to the ground. 

The creature - dissatisfied - retracted and a wet, bubbly hiss escaped its mouth.

Te'ijal nimbly stepped back and ran up to the sterncastle deck, away from the threat. She raised her bow again, this time aiming for the creature's eye. But it moved away the second she released her string, and the arrow uselessly bounced off its scales once again. "Curses!" she cried.

Shrieking, the sea serpent made another attempt at the party. They braced themselves for the hit but it never came. Looking up, they saw a humming, translucent shield around the ship, glowing a myriad of various faint colours. The humming grew louder with each hit and the shield glowed white where the creature hit it as the sea serpent tried, again and again, to penetrate it by smashing its head against the magical shield.

Rhen looked to her left and saw Dameon holding his staff and his free hand in the air, lips moving fast to a spell. With every strike of the sea serpent the Druid grimaced and was forced a step backwards, sweat appearing on his brow from the exertion.

Taking this opportunity, the sword singer swung her sword in the air and sang. Her blade sang with her as energy gathered from the surrounding atmosphere. It swirled around the blade and merged with the sword, turning its blade red. She ran to the edge of the ship - as close to the sea serpent as she possibly could - and thrust her sword forward.

The sharp blade pierced the creature's flesh, just barely, but it worked.

"... calling forth the Mountain's Yawn!" Rhen cried, ending her song. The red from her blade dissipated and spread rapidly throughout the sea serpent's hide from the wound she created. The creature's scales glowed hot and bright red where the energy spread, burning it beneath its skin. At the same time Lars conjured yet another blinding lightning strike, striking the creature on its neck. Crackling electricity met and merged with red energy and the mixture combusted into a fire. The sea serpent recoiled, roaring in pain.

Relentless, the sea serpent lunged at them with its burning neck, this time breaking the shield. The force sent Dameon and his staff flying backwards on the ground.

Off to the right, Elini cracked her whip. "Distract it, demon," she ordered, her eyes glowing white. The ice elemental she had summoned, known as Indra, floated above the sea serpent and conjured a blue, flaming iceball, sending it flying toward the water. The water surrounding the creature immediately hardened and turned to ice, hindering its movements.

"Now!" the demon-summoner yelled to Pirate John and Galahad, but the sea serpent broke through the ice with a burst of strength, retreating fast into the water.

"It went away!" Pirate John cried.

"Be on your guard, pirate! It is not over yet!" Te'ijal yelled over her bow.

As if on cue, the sea serpent broke through the water, resurfacing on the other side of the ship. It rose high above the vessel with a deafening roar, sending a huge spray of seawater on the party. Drenched, they turned around to see the creature form an arch with its body, between the main mast and the foremast, before diving into the water on the other side, its body forming a loop around the ship.

"It means to crush the ship!" Galahad shouted.

"Find its weakness! It has to have a weakness!" Rhen cried desperately between gasps, "we have to find it before it breaks the ship!"

Dameon, having regained stability in his legs, raised his hand and sang a Lullaby, trying his best to interfere with the creature's consciousness. But the serpent easily shook him off and the party watched in horror as the serpent reemerged again from behind, arched over the ship and dived back into the water in front of them, creating a double loop.

The loops then began to decrease in size.

Yelling, Mad Marge, Pirate John and Galahad rushed forward and hacked at the creature's body. But swords and rapiers did little to its tough hide and hard scales. The tiny tentacles lining its neck reached out for them. One coiled itself around Galahad's arm and he let out a pained scream.

"Watch out for the tentacles! There are teeth on them!" he yelled. He gave the tentacle a hard punch and it released its grip. Blood dripped down his arm from the tiny puncture wounds.

Reciting soundlessly, Lars raised his staff and conjured up the Plague. Dark purple energy filled his orb and swirled around the glass sphere. The staff shook as the energy escaped the orb in the shape of a twister and rained down upon the sea serpent.

The effect was immediate. The creature's scales started rotting in on themselves, eating away its skin.

Dismissing Indra, Elini summoned the energy of a red dragon, of which she infused into her whip, making it glow orange. She lashed out repeatedly at the serpent's body, her whip leaving burning blisters on its already rotting skin. Galahad and Mad Marge took the opportunity to stab the open wounds, its rotting scales no longer protecting the flesh.

Undeterred, the sea serpent's head emerged once again behind them, intending to create a third loop. By now the sizes of the double loops had decreased horribly, one of which bending, breaking and finally snapping off the top of the main mast.

Rhen looked up to see falling debris. "Look out!" she called, pushing Lars - who was the nearest to her - to the side, holding up her shield in the process. The others also jumped for cover to avoid getting hit.

"Thanks," Lars said breathlessly, getting up but falling again as the sea serpent gave the vessel the first squeeze, resulting in a loud crunch. The ship rocked and swayed dangerously, sending more sprays of seawater onto them. It was getting harder to maintain their balance and to fight the serpent off at the same time.

"Are you alright?" Rhen shouted over the noise, noting the lack of colour in the sorcerer's face.

"Don't think I can hold out much longer," he replied with a grim smile. Conjuring the Plague had been extremely draining on Lars, and it was visible in his pale face and shaking hands.

"Me too. Hang in there," she said to him. Then she looked at the serpent.

"Every creature has its weakness," Rhen said, more to herself. She brushed her wet hair away from her face, eyeing the sea serpent critically.

And then she saw it.

There was a soft, gill-like spot beneath the sea serpent's throat, which it used to breathe in air. But it was too high up for any sword to reach and definitely too dangerous for magic to be casted on, as the swaying ship could easily make the wielder miss its target. There was only one person who could hit it.

"Te'ijal!" Rhen shouted.

Te'ijal turned at the sound of her name. "What is it, sword singer?" she called out.

"The throat! Hit its throat!"

"The creature is thrashing about too much! I cannot get a clear shot!"

Shaking her head, Rhen raised her sword in the air again. "We'll distract it! Watch out for my command!" She then sang and her blade turned red again with the force of the mountains.

Joining her, Lars got up, and using what's left of his strength, conjured up another lightning strike. They struck the sea serpent together, setting its flesh on fire. Attracted to the acidic blisters formed from Elini's whips, the flames spread eagerly across - and beneath - the creature's skin.

The sea serpent roared and tried to shake itself away. However it was heavily weakened by the Plague, the flames and burning blisters, and the continuous sword-hacking. It arched its neck in pain, exposing its gill.

"Now, Te'ijal!" Rhen shouted.

Te'ijal nocked an arrow, swiftly raising her bow and pointing it the serpent's throat, her red lips pursing in concentration as she aimed for its gill.

The sea serpent seemed to sense this and turned its head on the vampire. It lunged for her but was stopped by yet another humming shield surrounding her, conjured by the druid.

Smiling smugly, Teijal murmured, "Bye, creature," and released the string. The arrow flew past her face and whizzed through the air.

It did not miss its target.

The arrow pierced the soft gill and the sea serpent let out a monstrous howl. It thrashed about wildly, splashing seawater and breaking the foremast. That caused the ship to rock violently, knocking everyone to the ground.

"Hold on tight!" Pirate John yelled.

Rhen grabbed on to the side of the ship as the creature continued to struggle, roaring as it did so. She watched as Te'ijal calmly raised her bow again; she aimed at the creature's throat and released. Once again the arrow hit its target with sharp precision.

The second shot proved fatal as the sea serpent ceased struggling and fell, dead, onto the ship deck with a loud crash. Slowly the body uncoiled and slid off the ship, dragging half of the foremast deck and what remained of the splintered main mast with it. It landed into the black water with a huge splash which sent another burst of seawater onto the party again.

Blinking the water from her eyes, Rhen got up and ran to the side of the ship, leaning over. She was joined by Pirate John and Galahad. They watched as the sea serpent's bloody corpse sank slowly amongst ship debris into the deep water until it was nothing but a blur and out of sight.

"It's... it's dead!" she cried out victoriously.

At that, Lars collapsed, passing out.

Knowing that Te'ijal was no longer in any danger, Dameon ceased his conjuring of the shield and he too, collapsed, eyes rolling up their sockets as his body hit the ground.

Elini's eyes stopped glowing and the acidic, orange glow disappeared from her whip. She staggered to the stump of the main mast and sat herself down, leaning against it and breathing heavily.

Mad Marge sat near the door to the captain's quarters, a gash on her forehead causing one side of her face and the front of her garment to be drenched in red.

"Lars! Dameon!" Rhen cried, running to them. She pressed her ear to the sorcerer's chest, relief flooding her body as she heard the steady beating of his heart. She then did the same for Dameon. The Druid was also alive. Sighing and wiping away the sudden, unwanted tears from her face, Rhen lay down between the two men, the adrenaline finally leaving her body; she closed her eyes in exhaustion.

Te'ijal jumped off the sterncastle deck and landed on her feet. She headed for Galahad. "Are you hurt, crumpet?"

"I am fine," the paladin replied gruffly.

Pirate John ran to the demon-summoner, tossing his dented rapier to the side. She interrupted the pirate before he could open his mouth. "I am drained but I am fine. Worry not, pirate," Elini said. She then turned to Mad Marge. "Barmaid, what about you?"

"Nothin' ya should care about," Mad Marge grunted. Elini's lips spread into a wry smile and she closed her eyes, leaning her head against the stump.

As they spoke, the ship stopped rocking and slowly stabilised. The winds picked up but the broken sails flapped uselessly. In the distance a hawk cried out.

"A sea serpent," Galahad said in disbelief, water dripping down his face.

"The legendary sea serpent," Pirate John chimed in, a smile on his face despite having a close brush with death.

"We were lucky. Those were my last two arrows," Te'ijal said, "and our vessel is ruined." She shook her bow, sending droplets of water flying.

"We have a lot of work to do," Galahad agreed.

"Not now," Elini said, annoyed, "we are spent. Look at the children; they are so pathetically pale they could pass off as vampires. And the druid. He exerted himself with that shield."

All eyes turned to look at the perspiring, pale sun priest.

"But what do we do next? Do we continue East or set course for the Southern Isle? Sword singer," Pirate John said, directing the questions at Rhen. "Sword singer?"

"My lady," Galahad joined in.

Rhen gave no response and Elini laughed weakly. "The child has passed out. She did well, don't you think?"

"A good leader. And she is graceful with the sword, I give you that," the pirate agreed.

"The Goddess couldn't have chosen a better person to save the world than her," Galahad added.

Rhen groaned.

"Please, I'm still conscious and I can hear you. All of you make it sound like I killed the serpent all on my own," she said, opening her eyes and propping herself up on an elbow, "I may be the Chosen One but I couldn't have done it without all of you. We are a team. We all did well."

Te'ijal grinned.

Groaning, the sword singer laid back down again, closing her eyes. "And as for your questions, Pirate John, let us rest for now, I'm exhausted..."

A few days after the interesting encounter with the mythical sea serpent, the party decided that it was wise to set course back to the Southern Isle for replenishing and repairing. The fight with the creature had destroyed most of their supplies and food stock and had rendered their ship almost useless.

The journey back took longer than usual due to the ship's weakened state and the injured members - Lars, Dameon, Mad Marge and Elini - were tended to as best they could with their limited supplies. Rhen, Galahad and Pirate John made do with whatever debris and objects they could find and fixed the ship up as best as they could (Te'ijal's strength and agility proving extremely useful in that situation), fashioning covers and blankets into a temporary sail.

As they approached the Southern Isle, the party then decided that they would not be using the ship to explore the unknown seas of the far East anymore.

In fact, they decided that they'd be better off on a dragon, and - having fully recovered and replenished - left their ship with Veldt's top repairmen and went off into the desert to look for one in good spirits.


Note (continued): I imagined Mountain Yawn to be as eruptive as a volcano + related to fire, because we find the Sword in the Demon Caves, surrounded by fire :D

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omg the RhenxLars fanfic o//////o

awaah xD


Anyway for me I always felt that Lars liked her and like teased her cuz he likes her u.u maybee thats what I always imagine then I go thinking owww he is cute but mean.. but cute and stuff xD

anyway this last fanfic is also amazing *-*

teamwork and fighting~

I can almost imagine the scenes infront of me *0*

ur really great at writing fanfics~

I wonder if u will write one about dragons too :P

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omg the RhenxLars fanfic o//////o

awaah xD


Anyway for me I always felt that Lars liked her and like teased her cuz he likes her u.u maybee thats what I always imagine then I go thinking owww he is cute but mean.. but cute and stuff xD

anyway this last fanfic is also amazing *-*

teamwork and fighting~

I can almost imagine the scenes infront of me *0*

ur really great at writing fanfics~

I wonder if u will write one about dragons too :P

Aww, thanks! Actually I feel the same way too!


For me, my headcanon is that he started having respect for her after defeating Nanghaithya. Before that he was his miserable, mean self. And then by the time Zarich came, they were friends. By the time they defeat Tawrich he has feelings for her :P but he just doesn't know it! So he just teases her and insults her! Then he apologises in Sedona.


But, ahem, when they leave for the Southern Isle, it turned into full out crush mode! XD (In the game, before getting bridle, when you interact with the dragon, Lars actually says "Stay back, Rhen! That dragon looks dangerous!" or something like that) THAT GAVE ME SO MUCH FEELS


And thank you for the review on Trouble At Sea! I know nothing about ships and how they work so I had to do a bit of research D: and the whole sea serpent's description was made up ahaha.


Thanks for the prompt! Maybe I SHOULD write about dragons.. hehe


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One last night: 
:^) haaaa I find myself so guilty for enjoying that one so damn much 

*probably shouldn't but is STILL hoping for a continuation on a more child-friendly site*

Trouble at sea: 

He knew the waters, and by the Goddess, if he told them to move away from the side, move away they did. 

It may be the fact that it's almost 3 am when I read it, but this made me laugh for a flat 5 minutes.


I loved the whole battle scene description and detail. Loved it!

EDIT: OMG ok creepy off-topic time. because i love to stalk and snoop around people's businesses, I only just now realised you are THE rhendarzon on tumblr who reblogged my Myst sketch a while ago. I'm currently crying thank you so much. lmao

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EDIT: OMG ok creepy off-topic time. because i love to stalk and snoop around people's businesses, I only just now realised you are THE rhendarzon on tumblr who reblogged my Myst sketch a while ago. I'm currently crying thank you so much. lmao

Hahaha! SO that's YOU! YOUR MYST SKETCH IS AMAZING! I should be crying because I've seen your "Remember The Magic" sketches and did not recognise that it was from the same artist arrgrh >_<


and lol the continuation of One Last Night will be up to the reader's imagination hehe

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A Moment Of Solace


Characters: Rhen D.


Idea: In the game, Rhen was constantly seen rejecting the idea of being Queen, so for her to choose being Queen at the end of the game felt a bit off. I decided to flesh out a little scene. Also, it gives me a chance to explore Rhen's character a little, seeing as I hardly write her in such a serious tone.


Note: I was interested in Rhen and Alicia's dynamic, or how they would've gotten along as mother and daughter.




The royal burial grounds were eerily still and quiet. Rows of tombstones stood erect in the silent fog, not unlike a sea of the dead. Weak sunlight peeked through the yew trees, giving the place a surreal atmosphere.


It did not frighten her, however, and Rhen Darzon laid her shield and sword down on the grass. She knelt down on one knee, head bent in respect. After a moment of silence, she looked up and brushed several dead leaves off the top of a granite headstone that was in front of her. Frowning, she flicked a dead bug away. Her fingers paused and hovered over the name, expertly chiseled and engraved into its rough surface.



Rhen let her fingers come in contact with the name and closed her eyes. The stone was cool beneath her fingertips. She traced the name gently and gave out a small sigh.


"It's me, Your Majesty," she said finally, opening her eyes. She flicked another dried twig off the stone, sending it flying into the grass. "I'm your daughter... but I'm sure you know that."


A hawk cried out and Rhen looked up at the cloudy, grey sky. Thunder rumbled faintly in the distance. She paused a while before speaking again.


"I was so young when you - when you died. Pa told me I was barely a week old when he brought me to Clearwater." A cricket hopped onto Rhen's arm but she barely registered its presence.


"I have no memory of you at all. I can't remember if you kissed me. I can't remember if you held me in your arms, or if you sang to me, or if you smiled at me."


A blue centipede emerged from the loose soil near her knees and Rhen ignored it. It wriggled away, disappearing into the tall, unkempt weeds.


"Seventeen years. Seventeen years I grew up without knowing you. I don't know what you like to eat. I don't know your favourite colour. I don't even know if you like marionbells."


A small smile touched Rhen's lips.


"Do you? Do you like marionbells? I do. They're pretty." Her sword caught her eye. Rhen stared at the shiny blade, recalling a memory.


“I do know one thing about you though," she said softly. "Your citizens told me you never liked being Queen of Thais. They said you hated the responsibility, that you always wanted to get away from the castle. They said you were hot-headed and was as stubborn as a mule. Turns out, we're not so different after all," she continued, laughing to herself.


"But then again, I'm sure you know that too."


A peal of thunder rolled overhead. The first raindrop fell onto the tombstone, turning its surface a darker shade of grey. Still smiling, Rhen slipped her hand into her pouch and let her fingers curl around a ring. She pulled it out and held it in the air, studying it. A fat raindrop landed on the ring's green gem, encasing the world in its tiny dome.


"I found out, just weeks ago, that I was your daughter and Princess of Thais. This... Sigma ring is apparently proof of that. Pa told me this ring is the only link I have left of you, of my lineage, of Thais. All I have to do is present this ring to the Chancellor and the throne is mine to ascend."


At that moment the skies opened and rain began to pour.


Rhen gingerly placed the ring on top of the wet tombstone. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head toward the sky and let the cold water cool her skin.


"But you know what I think?"


"I think I should throw this ring away, where nobody can find it. Let it sink forever in the middle of the Eldredth Ocean or something," she said grimly. The freezing fog wrapped around her like a blanket and she shivered, wet to the bone.


Blinking rain water from her eyes, Rhen rubbed her bare forearms and looked around. The tombstones stood mysterious, looming out at her through the rain in their whitened haze like images from a half-forgotten dream. It was as if the Pendragons of old were watching her, whispering to her.


Judging her.


Rhen took a deep breath, sudden unwanted tears stinging her eyes. "Forgive me, Your Majesty, but I just don't want to claim the throne. I don't want to be Queen of Thais."


"I was raised by a shoemaker and a seamstress. I was raised a peasant girl and I liked it. I had a great life back in my village before I came to know about this prophecy. I was going to marry a village boy. I was going to be an apple farmer and grow different types of apples and have children and grow old. Not... this."


Rhen squeezed her eyes shut, but couldn't prevent the tears from rolling down her cheeks. Sadness overtook her and her slender shoulders shook slightly, her silent tears mixing with the rain and dripping into her open palms.


"You had it easier than me, I think. At least you grew up knowing that you were the Princess, that you were next in line for the throne, even if you didn't want it. It's different for me."


Rhen roughly wiped her wet face with the back of her hand and sniffled.


"I am exhausted. I am just seventeen. I should be playing with my friends or helping Ma out with her sewing or even preparing myself for marriage. Instead I was captured and made a slave. Then I find out I have sword magic. And then I am told I have to save the world. And then I have to recognise my lineage as Princess of Thais and ascend the throne as Queen."


"That is madness. Doing that will mean I leave everything I've known, everything I love behind... Clearwater, my childhood, my parents... I can't bear to do that."


A sudden anger welled up within her. Rhen glared at the tombstone through her tears and lunged forward rashly. She gripped the tombstone hard, her knuckles turning white at the effort.


"Why me?!" she cried, breathing hard. "Why did it have to be me?"


You were supposed to stop Ahriman. Talia, Devin and you were supposed to stop the prophecy in its infancy. You were supposed to rid Aia of the demon, once and for all. But you did not!"


Rhen gave up trying to stifle the sobs within her. Her pent-up frustration overcame her body in the form of a silent scream and her shoulders trembled. Now sobbing openly, she embodied the picture of grief, anger and denial.


"You failed!" she cried brokenly, hitting the wet tombstone. Her careless action resulted in scraped skin, but Rhen hardly noticed.


"You failed. And then you died! You left me behind to pick up the pieces..."


Lips quivering, Rhen released the tombstone and sank dejectedly to her knees. She pressed her forehead to the cool stone, sobbing quietly. The rain continued to pour, hitting her rhythmically on the back and rolling off in tiny streams.


"You left me behind..."


Sighing, she let the sentence trail off.


Rhen felt a heavy weight lift from her chest as her sobs subsided into weak sniffles. She took a deep breath and straightened herself, pushing her matted hair away from her face.


"I'm sorry," she whispered weakly. She lifted her face toward the sky again, relishing in the feeling of heavy raindrops hitting her skin.


There was a long pause before she spoke again.


"I didn't mean any disrespect," Rhen murmured. She looked down, eyes pink with exhaustion. Reaching for the sigma ring, she dropped it back into her leather pouch.


"I'm not going to throw it in the Eldredth Ocean, as much as I want to. I can't do it. I'll keep it with me, for now."


Rhen mounted her shield onto her back and reached for her sword. She wiped her wet face again with her free hand. "I have to go. We have yet to save Vata. He's the last Druid before we - before we face Ahriman," she said, getting up.


Hesitating, Rhen touched the engraved name once more. "Goodbye, Mother," she said softly. She knelt in respect, then turned on her heel and headed for the steel gates.




The downpour intensified, but Rhen took her time as she made her way out of the burial grounds. A biting wind blew and she shivered. Feeling chilled to the bone, Rhen hugged herself and headed in the direction of the Thais castle.


Lightning flashed in the sky just as she approached the castle doors. She stumbled into the Chancellor upon entering the warm interior of the castle and he stared at her.


"I hope you don't mind me asking this, Outlander, but..." he started.




"What relation do you have with the late Queen Alicia Pendragon that you had to visit her final resting place?"


"I am... just an adventurer paying her respects to the fallen Queen of Thais."

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this gives me so much feels q.q

tbh whenever I read one of your oneshots I feel like replaying the game over again .. xD

its so tempting... if it wasnt the most annoying time of the year for uni students... e,e"

ah and congratz on ur job :3


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congrats on ur job! don't b sorry. u don't HAVE 2 be often.

ur right about the 'queen' thing. I agree. ur story fits almost perfectly!

Thank you <3 and I wish we had a proper novelisation of AV1 ;_; we might learn more about Rhen! I would totally buy the books!


this gives me so much feels q.q

tbh whenever I read one of your oneshots I feel like replaying the game over again .. xD

its so tempting... if it wasnt the most annoying time of the year for uni students... e,e"

ah and congratz on ur job :3


You're gonna make me cry ;_; Thank you so much <3 that is so touching! And rawrrrr at Uni! You'll just have to wait for your break/ holidays then XD




Aaaaaaand I have one more short fic before I go on hiatus again! Starring, you guessed it, our heroine and problematic fave I can't seem to stop writing about them

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